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  1. Degoogling, or deleting social media

    I'm sorry but this is the sort of selfish, self-centric view that is so endemic on this forum. The danger here is how short-sighted such an approach to life can be. First I'd say just about everyone has things to hide. That's why we have passwords, encryption, safes and what not. Second in the unlikely event that you truly have nothing to hide, what about those who do? Does it not bother you that your policy makers and leaders of industry are being spied on and are hence susceptible to manipulation? Or you still don't care because it is all about you having nothing to hide?
  2. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

  3. Jewish guy* films his own Antisemitic attack in Berlin

    Libya was much better under Gadaffi than it is now. Heck most of Africa loved Gadaffi. I'd dare say even Kenya was much better with Gadaffi around. When the United States of America was pestering our former president Mwai Kibaki to institute "structural reforms" meant to give American Businesses an upper hand to the detriment of Kenyan people interests, Gadaffi was among the strongest voices and actors in support of Kibaki. I for one was more enthusiastic about the entry of Libya Arab Africa Investment Company into Kenya than the meddling of the IMF and World Bank. Equal Partners for mutual benefit are much better than leeches and bullies. For example, the IMF lackey Patrick Ngugi Njoroge would never have become Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya with Gadaffi still having influence on African Politics. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-africa-summit-gaddafi/we-can-build-united-states-of-africa-gaddafi-says-idUSTRE66Q70620100727 Great Plans destroyed by meddling leeches.
  4. Opening German Bank Account from Overseas.

    I do not know how it is with Americans, but most other foreign nationals who want to Study in Germany are required to open a blocked bank account before they travel. It is a fairly easy and straightforward process. At least it was when I did it several years ago with Deutsche Bank.
  5. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    One thing people generally love Germany is that even though they get it wrong a lot of the times. They generally get it right a lot more times. It is not possible to please everyone all the time. But Merkel gets it right even when she is wrong. Germany saved my life.
  6. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    Kind of obvious that it's a he. And it seems the mods don't like whatever he wants to post.
  7. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    When Tiw talked of two opposing views he was talking of mine and yours.
  8. Jewish guy* films his own Antisemitic attack in Berlin

    Yourkeau you seem impermeable to the suffering of non-jews. Sums you up.
  9. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    @Le Cheese I read and agree with most of what you write generally, but on this we will disagree. I'm willing to agree that maybe I did not give Zwickau an open minded chance, but I'm not ok with you unequivocally denying that we have had different experiences due to our dfferent backgrounds. That's just hogwash. I take it you have a problem that I was on the defensive. But if you understood my experiences you would understand why. For example, I've been beaten up by a racist mob before to the point I had to get hospitalised. You probably havent. @Tiw Make the move, Germany certainly needs a few more of your kind.
  10. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    It's ok. Nothing personal against east Germany. With the exception of this instance the only other experience I have of east Germany is Berlin which I found to be full of life.
  11. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    @LeCheese https://www.thenational.ae/world/for-syrian-refugees-eastern-germany-is-not-the-safe-place-they-imagined-1.160462 Because it isn't happening to you doesn't mean it's not happening.    
  12. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    @Tiw, am not eastern european. I'm from east Africa. Kenya to be precise. Studienkollegs are preparatory schools for people whose pre-university educational background is less than Germany's 13 years. I think a Studienkolleg is worth its weight in Gold. People from Studienkolleg found the first year of Uni easier than even the Abi types and certainly better than other direct entry foreigners. This is because you have covered much of the same material in a more tuition-like style rather than the lecture style that is used at uni. http://www.studienkollegs.de/home.html Though with you coming from New Zealand, I don't think it would be a requirement for you to go through one. About girls, you wll be fine on that too. The selection is wide and from the whole world. If I didn't already have a gf when arriving in Germany, I could quite literally have ended up with a girl from just about anywhere in the world. At IIK (language school), we would have a Stammtisch in Dusseldorf Altstadt on Friday nights and it was truly a united nations gathering. South Koreans, Americans (south, central and north), Brits, Japanese, Africans... and the single among us would frequently do what single young men and women in a far away country where they feel they have unlimited freedom are likely to do. I think your biggest obstacles in Germany will be navigating the beauraucracy, legalities and other official snorefests that will keep popping up. As long as you honour whatever it is that your visa says you are doing and you avoid unfriendly letters from the foreignors office. Then you will find that Germany is very tolerant and will quite literally let you do anything else you please. At Uni Bochum for instance all sorts of drugs are openly advertised everywhere, there is always a party going on somewhere, political opinions and political posters voicing all manner of opinions are tolerated. It is not uncommon to be in the U-Bahn heading to class and some fellows walk into the U-Bahn carrying a crate of beer at 10am in the morning... etc etc.
  13. Syrian refugee convicted in Germany for defrauding Islamic State

    The wars in Libya and Syria were pre-planned many years before they broke out. The Libyan war broke out in Feb. 2011, Syrian War in March 2011. The video below was first published in 2007. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw
  14. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    Concerning the East of Germany. I got a report that there was a Kenyan working as an au pair in a village somewhere between Gera and Zwickau who was feeling depressed. So one weekend I decided to go over and see what her situation was like and maybe see what I could do to help. I took a mitfahr till Zwickau then a train to the village. The view from the train was barren. The plce seemed poor relative to the rest of Germany. The stop where I got off was deserted and depressing and it felt like everyone was staring at me. I certainly didn't feel safe and was on keen guard, keeping a watchful eye and maintaining a defensive position all through, constantly calculating escape routes should I need to remove myself from an arising situation. My friend's host-lady came to pick me from the stop. She was courteous and friendly and very hard working. Her husband too was friendly and welcoming though he seemed to be a bit of a lazy drunk. They were definitely having marital problems. Anyway, I had fun helping out on the farm and going out with the au-pair on Friday and Saturday night. Word had got round the village that a stranger was in town and they didn't hide their curiosity in coming out to see me. This time it wasn't a feeling, everyone was indeed staring. The au pair was too depressed. I tried talking her into changing families and going to a bigger city but she had already been fed up and had made up her mind to go back to Kenya. She went back to Kenya a month later and immediately got pregnant. It seems apart from the depression she was also missing her boyfriend.
  15. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

    Privet! Kak delo? I wouldn't say it worked well. In the end I never got the girl. After Uni she found a job in New York and moved. We tried the e-mail stuff but as a hot-blooded young man with raging testesterone I could not hack the long-distance.. The language course was fantastic. I was staying at the student hostel 20 footsteps away from class. The hostel and school were both very multi-national and lots of fun. I made quite a large number of friends. And my gfs circle of German friends took me in quite whole-heartedly. The language class was top-notch. I could not speak well but it was enough to do the mandatory Oral Presentations required to complete a T-Kurs and do the Feststellungsprüfung. The reason for the UPS Job is because I needed the money. I studied Machinenbau at the Ruhr Uni Bochum. I had initially wanted to study Renewable Energy but that would have meant going all the way to Oldenburg which would have been too far away from gf (she was studying in Mönchengladbach) so I settled for whatever I could get at the Ruhr Uni Bochum. scars are good, they carry lessons with them. You'll do ok in Germany, I'd say. It's a wonderful country, lots of cultures, lots of opportunities and the schools (at least in Bochum) are thoroughly committed to helping you succeed and in my case were willing to bend over backwords to help out. I was late for the placement test but they still took me in as a guest student. One week I missed school because of money problems. The Studienkolleg paid my rent, for the remaining 3 months and gave me 500 euros. I think the only time you will not like Germany is when you need to go extend your visa. You never know if you will meet a helpful person or the devil's cousin. Good luck and godspeed.