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  1. Organic meat (Hubers) at Aldi's... is it really organic?

    Does it really matter? You still want it killed so you can eat it.
  2. Some women are never happy...according to some men

    That I'm a fan of your dating posts.
  3. Some women are never happy...according to some men

    I like how innocent your dates and encounters are. None of  this
  4. Obligation to pay alimony under German law

    Hey, I have a similar question for a friend. He is an EU Citizen (Balkan) living in NRW, he met a girl on holiday (in Asia) whom he fell for. When he got back to Germany, he arranged for her to come study. They broke up a few months after her arrival in Germany. She is currently pregnant. She is non-EU (Vietnamese). He still pays for everything for her, rent, shopping, studienkolleg etc. He gives her almost 1,000 euros a month since he commited to it legally (700 direct bank debit and occasional cash grant). He is willing to give another 1,000 for his child to be and pay for any other expenses strictly incurred by the child. Would she have legal grounds to demand more money than this from him after the birth of the child? His net income is several times more than what he wants to commit to.
  5. I hope you find a solution Dave. Many have asked if you have tried talking to your neighbour. I've probably missed the reply if you gave one as I skimmed through rather than read through.
  6. @TraceKira, sounds like it might be good for your mental health to leave Germany. You clearly detest the place. 
  7. How to open a bank account without a permanent address?

      I'm cringeing at the choise of phrase I used there.
  8. How to open a bank account without a permanent address?

    I think you explained it very well in your previous post. There are those who value their society and the stability of their society and there are those who don't.
  9. Annoying MLPD posters

    In a country like Germany where the mainstream political parties more or less appear to have a pulse on the political mood of the people and guide political and economic agenda with reasonable sensibilities to these moods then parties like MLPD will continue to remain fringe parties. It is when large constituencies of people start to feel that the center left or center right are ignoring them that shit starts to hit the fan and people start listening to ideologies that drift further and further away from the center. In yet other countries, an irresponsible media can push the political conversation to one extreme so much that the center shifts. And when this happens polarisation is likely. Particularly because the constituents on the wrong side of the new artificial divide start to feel voiceless, frustrated and eventually angry. Parties like the MLPD can potentially start to look attractive with their calls for revolution.
  10. Chances of getting employed at the age of 36 with a PhD degree?

      All the best man. I don't think you are full of bullshit. It's not always about ego for everyone. So don't worry you wont hurt mine.
  11. Tenant refuses to pay rent...quick resolution?

    remove him from your property.
  12. Taking care of elderly parents in Germany

    I am suggesting nothing. People can do as they wish
  13. How to open a bank account without a permanent address?

    He wants a bank account but has no registered address. There are many ways to solve that.
  14. Tenant refuses to pay rent...quick resolution?

    I would choose police over tt
  15. How to open a bank account without a permanent address?

    When dealing with a government it generally depends on what their objectives are against your own. If they want to achieve something that you are trying to avoid... it may not be a good idea to feed them info against your position.