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  1. Coronavirus

    Israel hater? Where did that come from? Here is the well known "evil" Jewish Pastor Dave Scarlett who leads trips to Bethlehem annually, with an update on the news:      We are at war between Biblical Israel and Babylon. Israel must win it.    
  2. Coronavirus   These "vaccines" are not vaccines as defined, they are gene therapies. Experimental, and the nurse must in law inform the patient these are untested. Failure to do so is a war crime since the Nuremburg Nazi War Trials.
  3. Oh dear, seems Jen Psaki doesn't know what Space Force actually is...     Seems she changed her tune at light speed:         Why has the incoming administration not yet met Space Force? Those of you who ridicule Space Force may like to check it out:   Anyone who uses a clock, satnav, or in future will use the Quantum Financial System will utilise Space Force technology.
  4.   No he won by a landslide. Even Joe himself admitted to fraud. Everyone is waiting till he gets the 25th amendment then they try to swap him for Kamala, who will be a riot. No way will he last 4 years.       
  5. Coronavirus

      So...440,000 dead denied access to this drug. Thousands of restaurants closed. 250,000 restaurant employees out of work. Entire businesses destroyed.    Win.   btw the results via Space Force watching the entire fraud say Trump won 49 out of 50 states, even California. 
  6. Coronavirus

      john - seems those of us who promoted HCQ last spring were right:   The AMJ Med has just published this. No need for any vaccine. HCQ cures all respiratory illnesses.
  7. Gonna be rich when  they find out that Burma's elections were held with those wonderfully bent Dominion voting machines! :)
  8. What made you laugh today?

  9. "DJT incited the ERECTION"      
  10. Oh dear...
  11. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Be good to get rid of him and get back to all those wars eh? What a failure.  
  12. US Presidential Election Fallout

      A chick and a gun eh? Good enough.   I'll see your pic and raise you a JIDF Israeli calendar girl pic:     I'll wager you never trekked in the Himalaya with girls like that! 
  13. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Wrong Jeffrey. Just a humble contractor who worked for a Swamp company.
  14. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Sorry that's unclear. I've seen another pic showing the barbed wire facing inwards, not outwards. The final number of troops deployed will be about 40,000. There are sniffer helos flying above in case dirty bombs used. These toys are also in use. They are Patriot anti-missile systems. I have been under the shelter of these in the Gulf in war:  
  15. US Presidential Election Fallout

      cb - that picture. Which way is the barbed wire facing? 
  16. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Well Italians have had enough of the face nappies! 50,000 business defied police and opened!     Time to partay!
  17. US Presidential Election Fallout

    This bloke here is Sec Defence Miller, now believed to be one of the 12 Horsemen who went into Afghanistan and subdued 50,000 Taliban in 2001.  Here he is to Trump's right in 2017:  
  18. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Oh dear...      
  19. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Trump will not be sworn in as President on Jan 20. He will be the 19th of the restored Republic ion 4 March.     The troops are in DC as part of COG, also known as Continuity of Government. There is a sort of shadow govt already running things through FEMA.
  20. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Does this look normal in DC before an Inauguragtion?    
  21. Dutch Govt resigns

    John - you know also that Renzi in Italy is on the brink? There is a huge scandal in the Vatican with Leonardo, Italy's Raytheon.
  22. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Obama pardoned a huge number of individuals. The number of pardons granted by Trump has been relatively small, limited to high profile people like General Flynn and Roger Stone. Under the Constitution the people who committed the crime in the 2016 election such as Comey, Clapper, Brennan were all pardoned, so were untouchable in law. During the 2018 midterms a trap was set to observe the fraud, which this time with the help of Space Force was observed from a SCIF the entire time. Satellite connections manipulated the voting through a Frankfurt CIA server farm, then when that wasn't enough the Vatican took over. There are 50,000 affidavits ready to go detailing the fraud.
  23. US Presidential Election Fallout

          Oh dear, here is Viking man with someone odd...          
  24. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Police actually opened the fences and allowed them in...