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  1. Oh dear... Italy is the source of the entire Spygate story and the Italians have happily cooperated.    
  2. Poor Adam Schitt of Liddle Kidz Infant Massage:      
  3. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Have you seen the newest?   Divorced Dad in Dallas is fighting his ex wife who wants to turn their seven year old boy into a girl. The court has ruled that the woman go ahead.   Jeff, I look forward to seeing you buying Bodyshop for your son. Suppose he wants a bath with candles one evening?
  4.   May or may not happen. It was meant to happen in Dallas last week but they tried to take him out.
  5. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Zwieb, how dare you disparage the cause. We shall not rest until everything is equal.   Now the special product which the ladies use is no longer to be known as the product which ladies use:   The female symbol must be removed as it offends those who aren't ladies. Now then, if the product can be bought now by men, perhaps I ought to buy some of them. The problem is, what do I do with my exciting new product? Where do I put it?
  6. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Rejoice Rainbow lovers! Now you can make a statement with your breakfast cereal! Kelloggs is "raising awareness" and enforcing our tolerance. Now the question is, is Tony the tiger an appropriate role model for a breakfast food and is he an oppressive patriarch?      
  7. Question for you all: Who is or rather was Donald Trump's uncle? Which famous scientist did that uncle know?
  8.   "You get my wife Hilary off the hook for the email scandal and you get the Supreme Court position after Ruth Bader Ginsberg leaves.". Quid pro quo. All recorded.
  9. This is a turkey shoot...   Bigoted Joe in action...     DJT -> Lynch -> Loretta Lynch -> Tarmac meeting with BC. Trolling at its finest.
  10. What made you laugh today?

    Greta is the gift that keeps on giving!    
  11. Climate change discussion

    Apparently methane is one of the worst causes of climate change. If so these guys need hanging from trees:    
  12. "Where is Hunter Biden?"      
  13. Climate change discussion

    Here Jeff, did you catch your friends in action blocking bridges and hospitals this week?     1975 global cooling...      
  14. Oh dear...    
  15. Ah! Ignorance is bliss!
  16.   Oh dear...                
  17.   Pelosi's Impeachment inquiry is non transparent and reminiscent of Nazi Germany's show trials. The tin of Peaches won't happen.
  18. Thomas Paine: Osama bin Laden was hiding in Iran: Story is a year old though.
  19. Don't know if any of you noticed but there was police movement at the Vatican a few days ago. I'm not on top of it but it seems there is a move to unseat Francis. Steve Bannon - a guy I've never trusted somehow is behind it:   There are two orgs many of you may not have heard of. Opus Dei is familiar to any who have read the Da Vinci Code and SMOM which has the authority to issue its own diplo passports. 
  20. The conversation was set up to include Crowdstrike and the Server. This guy gets it.    
  21. Oh dear...   Trump wants the Dems to impeach him so he bring up Uranium Once.