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  1. Right then,   This story is now simply too huge to dip into the Trump threads. It needs light. Some believe DJT was actually with young girls, but there is also evidence from flight logs that Bill Clinton flew 27 times on the so called Lolita Express. This scandal is about to blow wide open about the activities of the elite, not only on Little St James Island, but New York Florida and Arizona where Epstein had his mansions. Must be also noted that Richard Branson has his Neckar Island right next to Little St James. He also connected to the blow story...   Also involved in a very weird sex cult named NXIVM, where the leader called "Vanguard" tattooed his name on ladies nether regions. The court has sentenced quite famous actresses and actors in this case. These have immediately told all they know of the higher people in the case.   Two brave/mad guys managed to land on Epstein Island a few weeks back and film. Here is the footage:    
  2. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Breaking news! Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail and stays in Jail!     This will get very ugly and cans o'worms will open.  
  3. Has anyone any experience of working in the UAE?

      I had a houseboy in Saudi, and he ironed my shirts wile I went out desert camping/diving weekends. He was unbelievably keen to work for me. it was only when I left that I found out I had been paying him double the usual rate these guys get that I realized why. I was a hopeless colonial...   Someone in Bangladesh now owns a small farm which I paid for and I'm pretty happy about that.
  4. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Ghislaine was a Power Moderator on Reddit!      
  5. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Shaun Attwood expert on Epstein chats to George Galloway. Les Wexner of Victoria's Secret is next up the list.      
  6. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Dunno John. Is it some kind of warm winter jacket we oldies wear? 
  7. Is Prince Harry revolting?

  8. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Our Ghislaine has two degrees, is a helicopter pilot and submarine pilot. Submarines were a way to traffic kids into Little St James:   Even Stephen Hawking was on that lace, as was Bill Gates. So not only do we have the flight logs but also the submarine logs. Disney used to bring kids there also.   This confirms what I thought. Ghislaine was a cooperating witness for a year, to allow people to contact her. Every comm was recorded. A classic police sting.  
  9. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      I haven't seen the Netflix doc, but I heard they skim over the vast intelligence networks she inherited from her father Robert Maxwell. Little St. James was not the only island in the Caribbean used. They all were, and Venezuela is only a short jet flight away, which brings in that country into the puzzle.
  10. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    To Epstein Ghislaine or not to Epstein? That is the question:          
  11. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Shaun Attwood an expert on Epstein think Prince Andrew will not face prison but Ghislaine will go down.     Here is Prince Andrew's former royal protection officer Paul Page:          
  12. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    These individuals were on Epstein's flight logs...  
  13. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Oh dear SDNY Justice Berman was sitting on the Weiner Laptop until 2 weeks ago when he was rightly fired.      
  14. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      Er, this "conspiracy theory" is none other than the SDNY Police Department. 'here is the official list of charges:     Here is the official SDNY Indictment:   This painting hung inside Epstein's apartment:        
  15. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Oh dear. HCQ is now mentioned on CNN:     I love the smell of being correct in the morning.
  16. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      Well, it is actually irrelevant who prints the story. It is now a global issue with cross-state crimes and international implications. One of the biggest Youtubers to follow Epstein/Prince Andrew is Shaun Attwood.       If it is "far right" to be concerned about groping kids then so be it.
  17. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      The reason I don't post...I can't be arsed! Yesterday's Ghislaine/Epstein story got me back here.  
  18. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Oh dear...   Article copied from the Mail.   Do any of you know of the cult known as NXIVM? That's coming out September.
  19. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      There is a problem with ABC network however. Amy Robach was caught on a hot mike furious that the Epstein story was pulled in 2015:
  20. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Lorelei: the media has always attacked the victims since they mercilessly attacked Stephen Messham during the Newsnight McAlpine scandal. I'd suggest checking out Mike Tarraga's harrowing unglamorous account of what Ted Heath did to him. He wrote a book with the sole aim of being heard, not money. The profits from his book went to wards enabling other victims to come forward.
  21. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Oh dear! Ghislaine is in the Nick!   Prince Andrew and all those on the Lolita Express are gonna be sweating!
  22. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      I didn't get where I am today...with a CV!      
  23. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Q post 4538 "Another Chinese special delivery?"   BBC link:   Bog roll time again!  
  24. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      Can't use bond. He is a white patriarchal colonial oppressor remember?   Is there now a list of stuff we can't say anymore?
  25. Conspiracy theorists

      Here is the discussion he had with ex-BBC journalist Anna Brees recently.        Here is part two which aired yesterday:       Also discussing Pizzagate (which when one reads the word "debunked" begs the question "who debunked it") is the now 15 million hits docu "Out of Shadows (thanks to Youtube deliberately pulling the numbers down and people freely sharing it it's estimated 40 million have seen this now). "Out of Shadows":       This is an expose of paedophilia in Hollywood and the CIA's influence within it. Note that the Podesta emails were never "debunked", or at least as Robbie says, the content of those emails is downright suspect.