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  1. Not sure if any of you ever had the New York Times as a pullout from the Süddeutsche. i really used to like to read some English news ten years ago especially when the Iraq War was criticised during the Bush years. Fox News is mostly shite as it is owned by James Murdoch but only Hannity and Tucker remain, thank God:     At 2:02: "You know these angry agenda-driven keyboard warriors on social media in their basements wearing their underwear" Brilliant!
  2.   Concur that Munich Bayern water is chalk with water added. Horrible. Messes up your skin.    i was down in Sudtirol recently camping. The showers were not only awesome for a campsite, but had a strange white stuff which I remembered as foam. it was like being in one of those girly shower commercials.
  3. Oh dear...this from mainstream CNBC:    
  4. Why are you happy today?

    Got one of these new stand up paddles for the holidays. We tried it out on the beach near San Tropez earlier this year and my son lost the tiny bloody screws which holds the fin on the board. I was scraping through the sand to no avail.    Bought another screw last week so we can use it again in Croatia soon and today we tested the whole board out in the inlaws pool. Perfect. This SUP may be fun...
  5. Climate change discussion

      We all need to improve ourselves. Some more than others, especially with regard to losing weight...    
  6.   Certainly I am blessed with marrying in to a very lively family. They are anything but quiet especially when they take over a restaurant - they have fun, chat about the last/next holidays, and do take the piss when anyone gets above their station.
  7. Climate change discussion

      What, that I'm anti-war? Yeah that's evil.,  
  8. I hereby accuse you of plagiarising what I was about to put! Social incompetence - yep that's a catch all.
  9.   Someone called Germany a Swedish Open Prison when I first came here in 2001. I also like the Ordnung but yearn for some decent chaos! Yup that's what you get in France and Italy and I always find Germans way nicer and more calm down there!
  10.   Did it have a basket on the front John? By 'eck!     Couldn't resist that. Who was the snob who called out "Dvorak" when it came on and who else said "it's the bloody Hovis music!"
  11. Keefy - you'd make a great stand-in for Bill Bryson!
  12. Germany still has its small shops. Are there still any small shops like this in Blighty or did Tesco kill them off?     One thing I would not miss about Germany is the general uptightness of the people here. This "Ordnung" comes at a price. Or maybe that's Oberbayern. i always found Oberpfalz people way more chilled in north Bayern.   Edit: I was just outside trying to weed my veg bed (first ever carrots!) when I had to come in owing to the local tribals yelling at each other. The German language is at its best when screamed, in fact it is a purpose built language to invade other countries. Thank God we never lost the war or we'd also be wrestling with derdiedas nonsense.
  13. Climate change discussion

      Then he gives the game away that the entire backstory is Marxism under the guise of the Green movement.    This is the co-founder of Greenpeace:     The environmental problems we have are other than global warming - biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, insect extinction, but AGW isn't a problem.
  14. Climate change discussion

    So this girl is sailing across the Atlantic, not in a wooden natural boat but a carbon fibre* vessel, to say some stuff about global warming, but five people are flying over to bring the boat back!       *No trees were harmed in the making of this trip. Er, actually there were!
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Is it time to make Satan cool again? The Graun thinks so...