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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Greta is the gift that keeps on giving!    
  2. Climate change discussion

    Apparently methane is one of the worst causes of climate change. If so these guys need hanging from trees:    
  3. "Where is Hunter Biden?"      
  4. Climate change discussion

    Here Jeff, did you catch your friends in action blocking bridges and hospitals this week?     1975 global cooling...      
  5. Oh dear...    
  6.   Oh dear...                
  7.   Pelosi's Impeachment inquiry is non transparent and reminiscent of Nazi Germany's show trials. The tin of Peaches won't happen.
  8. Thomas Paine: Osama bin Laden was hiding in Iran: Story is a year old though.
  9. Don't know if any of you noticed but there was police movement at the Vatican a few days ago. I'm not on top of it but it seems there is a move to unseat Francis. Steve Bannon - a guy I've never trusted somehow is behind it:   There are two orgs many of you may not have heard of. Opus Dei is familiar to any who have read the Da Vinci Code and SMOM which has the authority to issue its own diplo passports. 
  10. The conversation was set up to include Crowdstrike and the Server. This guy gets it.    
  11. Oh dear...   Trump wants the Dems to impeach him so he bring up Uranium Once.
  12.   Correction. It's a preliminary step, not an activation.
  13.   US withdrawal means Syria and Russia will take over. Turkey is stumped. Quiet alliance between Trump and Putin.