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  1. What made you smile today?

    Yawn. I've not only done that trip, but two more to Gufferthütte and Rotwandhaus. Why oh why would I lie about that? Tell you what. I'll ask my right knee. Knee did you climb those 2000 feet trails? "Oh bloody hell you did! That's why you are in sports therapy for iliotibial band syndrome or runners knee you tit - you went from 2 hour forest rides to major Alpine trips too fast! Classic middle aged ambition!"   Been there got the Goretex T shirt and the buggered knee.
  2. What made you smile today?

      Jonny - it's far worse out in the Alps. There you go mountain biking to sip a cold one high up after a 2000 ft climb, then all of a sudden there comes a thunderstorm and you have to ride down to beat the storm! Downright dangerous and worse than bombs eh?    
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    @AlexTr Condolences. I know how that feels.
  4. Create a new conspiracy theory

  5. Politics Gen XYZ

  6. Right then,   This story is now simply too huge to dip into the Trump threads. It needs light. Some believe DJT was actually with young girls, but there is also evidence from flight logs that Bill Clinton flew 27 times on the so called Lolita Express. This scandal is about to blow wide open about the activities of the elite, not only on Little St James Island, but New York Florida and Arizona where Epstein had his mansions. Must be also noted that Richard Branson has his Neckar Island right next to Little St James. He also connected to the blow story...   Also involved in a very weird sex cult named NXIVM, where the leader called "Vanguard" tattooed his name on ladies nether regions. The court has sentenced quite famous actresses and actors in this case. These have immediately told all they know of the higher people in the case.   Two brave/mad guys managed to land on Epstein Island a few weeks back and film. Here is the footage: