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  1. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    John, you are a unique man. Seems it is time to celebrate the humble canines whose lives you have made great then cut and run. My best nomad friend said there's a time to come, a time to stay and a time to go.    I did similar to you in the Gulf. Arabs were nice people but animal care was their weak point. I rescued two stray cats and gave them a good life - flew them home to the UK with six months in quarantine - the buggers cost me 2,500 pounds in all. I was an active member of an animal rescue charity PAWS out there helping drive cats to the vet from time to time, stuff like that. 
  2. President Donald J. Trump

      If you listen to the non Bloombergy types (mostly goldbugs) the plates are spinning yet wobbling like mad. The repo crisis is unreported in the media but it is a disaster. Any one of the big banks could crash, maybe Credit Suisse or Deutsche. Trump does not want a crisis like that with contagion on his watch until November.
  3. President Donald J. Trump

      Au contraire Jeff. I fully admitted to getting that wrong. Not all the stuff is correct.    Okay then, what does that yellow fringe mean? Explain. It contradicts the EO of 1959.   Another one - who owns your Federal Reserve bank?   Is the US a republic or a democracy?
  4. President Donald J. Trump

    Here is btw the Transcript of the phone call between Trump and Zelinsky. Find the Quid Pro Quo therein. Correlate the transcript with what Liddle Adam Schiff said. Also, why did Trump say "Liddle"? 
  5. President Donald J. Trump

      Does it say anything else may be on that flag? Any other colours (sorry colors)?
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    My dear Alex, answer my question. Give me the flag or be quiet!
  7. President Donald J. Trump

      Oh yes it does. Hunter is the tip of the iceberg.   Okay then, here's one. Give me the actual legal flag of the United States.
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    Why was John Bolton in Qatar?     Given that Burisma Holdings was investigated by the UK Serious Fraud Office for money laundering in 2014 wiki:    
  9. President Donald J. Trump

    Moscow Mitch? Alt-bicus? Poor Jeffo. 3 years in and no action. All mouth and no trousers. 
  10. President Donald J. Trump

      Oh dear.   They only need five years for the  mission anyway.
  11. Coronavirus

    Two biowarfare labs exist in Wuhan...
  12. President Donald J. Trump

    Who said that?   Why was Epstein so important?
  13. President Donald J. Trump

    2 of 4 FISA warrants proven to be invalid, 2 to go...
  14. President Donald J. Trump

      Jolly good. If you do, then why haven't you thrown this evil corrupt man in prison within days of arriving in the WH?
  15. President Donald J. Trump

    Oh dear...