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  1. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Smurfbabe, do not worry. Even if you fail, thee is a lesson in there. I completely failed my A levels first time round, then next year resat them and went to University. No big deal. All my worries were for nothing back then. Good luck.
  2. Gender neutral toilets.

    She gave me a ride back this morning in her golf cart. I had a barbecue to carry back to my camp.    I think Im in there.
  3. Do you believe in telepathy

    Yeah I have heard about that book. They also tried and failed with MK Ultra. The whole history around those topics is fascinating though. 
  4. Do you believe in telepathy

    How on earth do I put hoopless on ignore using a tablet? It works on a pc but not on my Samsung. for a swim.
  5. Do you believe in telepathy

    Good point Optimista. I think we need to all collectively ignore them.    Thank you for this interesting thread. I have been reading a book Jungian Spirituality. He says that there is an entire chunk of the mental world we have been ignoring since as far back as the Renaissance which if we deny, it comes out in force. The male has a female element, and vice versa. They have to be expressed for the psyche to be whole.
  6. Do you believe in telepathy

    No, dont need a job. My German is also fluent enough.   I know man who is a dab hand at copy pasting though...
  7. Do you believe in telepathy

    He went over a car bonnet and almost passed out.
  8. Do you believe in telepathy

    There is a fascinating youtube channel Dark Journalist you may wish to listen in on. Around 1890 there was this theosophy movement featuring Rudolph Steiner, Edgar Cayce and Annie Besant. They influenced Aleister Crowley who took this in a dark direction.
  9. Do you believe in telepathy

    I once had a grave feeling about my brother, once off to Glastonbury Festival. He came back safe and I thought it was all nonsense. Then a week later he had an almost fatal motorbike accident.    A few months ago I had a similar deep emotion witbout reason about my son. Then a few days later he was in a helicopter en route to hospital from an Austrian ski slope.   Great thread!
  10. Which past members do you miss the most?

    I didnt get where I am today without don riinas cook tips
  11. Best bit about southern Germany is the Alps...skiing, biking, hiking. Then when you tire of Germans the Brenner is 6 hours away, to France, Italy and Croatia. Tons of money down here also!
  12. Do you believe in telepathy

    Smurf...check out a guy called Tim Rifat. He wrote a book on remote viewing. I believe the Russians were heavily into this during the Cold War. They managed to map in detail Amrrican military installations.
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    He is not allowed alcohol any more. His health is so poor. He has a long list of foods he is forbidden from eating.   Myself if I am forbidden from chocolate croissants I would curl up and cry...
  14. Farmhouse renovations..

    Ever thought of animal refuse?
  15. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

    Alone in that dusty barn again?   Forgive me two herons just flew past.