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  1. Oh dear...    
  2.   But this time Snopes is actually incorrect. And that link was 2018.   Clare Bronfman et al plead guilty:   Tho show that the court appearance is real and not ZH:   Oh dear...
  3. Some idiot on TT once said having an independent server from SoS is legal. As a military contractor who was bugged constantly when I worked for them even pre-911 I can categorically say that she broke the law. That issue is now coming back:   And this secret sex cult NXIVM:   And their donations:  
  4.   Mr Melga - you are welcome to ignore. it's your choice. I'm free to post what I wish, just as the Marxists do. 
  5. Oh dear...    
  6. Oh dear...
  7.   B-b-but the Russian spy is still there!
  8. Oh dear...    
  9.   All on purpose. It's known in Intel circles as a Barium Meal, to flush out leakers. The Soviets were masters at it.
  10. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

      The beer in Germany is nice but not amazing that Reinheitsgebot is a load of codswallop, it stops innovation. British bitters vary from brand to brand even pub to pub, huge variation. American beers - the ones I've slurped in the US are very varied and I reckon their craft beer thing has potential, more than the Germans.    As for the telly here, Jesus if they ever wanna torture Julian Assange let him sit through an entire Traumschiff and he'll tell all...
  11. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      John here's a little ditty I wrote earlier. originally written for me but I think you can have it.     Oh no I'm gonna be told off for singing this while wheelbarrowing soil round the garden now...
  12. Notre Dame is on fire

    Gonna be rebuilt:    
  13. Notre Dame is on fire   CNN, not right wing, from 2016.