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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    The more hatred he gets the more the left look like bullies...      
  2. Er, it is Sadiq Khan in charge of London and he is Muslim and has done nothing to stop knife crime. Widely unpopular. Go check out the comments on this Twitter feed:    
  3. Climate change

      Ah, this is one of my fave actitivies in winter! A hard black run then on to the next Alm, a weissbier and this? Bliss!  
  4. Climate change

      Do you need all those tablet sweeties? Vitamin D? Go lie in the sun in the winter! 
  5. Climate change

    Don't you think some of this global warming (if it exists) might be brilliant for Gabs? Bring it on!.
  6. Climate change

      Mr Foul mouth displaying his usual troglodytic ignorance.    The climate "believers" have frequently trotted out the 97% figure which has been debunked. And if it merely a "belief" and not an established truth such as gravity, then it is up for debate.   Anyone see that ridiculous rock concert "for the planet" was in Berlin? how much electricity did that use up? Fucking hypocrites.        
  7. President Donald J. Trump

      Do you know where he is right now?      In fairness Obama was there 2010.
  8. President Donald J. Trump

      Apparently the film contains a fight where Rocky takes blow after blow then comes back right at the end.. Hmmmm..
  9. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Sorry I only skimmed it. Interesting that her father got custody. How times changed. It's all on the mother now. The woman can do no wrong (of course it must be 50/50).
  10. Happy American Thanksgiving

      Thank you Metall !That was interesting! :)
  11. Happy American Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Amis! When I was single I always had nice invites to that festival from American buddies. Isn't that the one where you all eat "Pumpkin Pah" ? My gay buddy used to cook all that stuff with veg from his garden (and a toke afterwards from his secret indoor plantation!).   Looks like this didn't go well however...     and these students think it celebrates Genocide 'n' stuff...      
  12. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Thank you for that link. Did you see whose daughter she was? Lord Byron! So she moved in aristocratic circles, so of course had the time to indulge in her passions. Ada was indeed an early language. I was raised on FORTRAN 77 back in the day. 
  13. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Hmmm, good question. I'll give you a reason. Sun was an amazing company back in the day. My buddy flew round the world for them and I'll admit i was a tad envious, so that's the reason. Their guys had awesome freedom to do what they wanted, and of course it was the home of the founder of Java James Gosling. I also loved working on Sun gear so yeah there's an affection tor that brand.    Then Oracle took over and I believe the whole style changed. Stricter corporate shite. Must've been suffocating to the guys there. Larry Ellison the joint-CEO went on the develop fast sailboats but Mark Hurd the other guy just died last month.