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  1.   Well, Richard Head, the problem was caused not by the teachers in the slightest. The problem was the poor teacher/pupil ratio.   Isn't it Youporn time?
  2. Yeah - both our kids went through the local State schools from kindergarden to high school (gymnasium - not a fitness place, a school!). All were pretty good but gymnasium does get tougher. Be warned however, your child may break a leg on the school ski holiday.... ;)
  3.   Most unfair of me, i only included summer pics. So to remedy that...     Last winter the snow was two metres high and my wife ski'd on the roof of one building. (Karwendel)       This places serves fresh buttermilk from the cow in season. My wife loves this ghastly stuff for some reason, so I just have a beer.        
  4. I can recommend Holzkirchen. Halfway between the Alps for the skiing/mountain biking and the city itself (quite why everyone is crazy about living inside Munich escapes me).   if you like views like this a short drive away, then there you go...     The beergarden beneath this Kloster gets packed even midweek.   The of course there's the biking...      
  5. What made you laugh today?

      I wanna be like that! And get to grab the nurses in the home! :)
  6.   Calm down Jeff. Do we so-called "alties" look stressed? as they say #trusttheplan. It's awesome and beautiful God wins.   Go get a dog...  
  7. Why are you happy today?

    I'm proud to say I have reached Week Five of the Couch to 5k Running Podcast. A few false starts wearing pretty crap clothing then a trip to the sports shop to buy an arm band to hold a smartphone and some decent shorts, and that is all one needs. The first few times you go out you are wide eyed, frightened of looking daft and very self conscious, but now it seems normal to get out there.   The early runs are very easy, mostly walking with short 90 second runs so almost anyone can start. Week Five changes the pace and you start to run five and eight minute stretches. I deeply recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit. The first step is to buy good pair of running shoes - mine are for forest and trail running as I don't want to run in towns. I've already lost 2-3kg.    It is very British but there are other languages including American accented ones!
  8. What made you smile today?

    I have to bring this up. One of the most moving, sad moments in history.   Watch and listen to every word.    
  9.   From the far right Guardian...    
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Any of you had an experience when you love a tune but could never find it for ages?    This tune:     eluded me for years. I first heard it on a ski bus in Lech Austria ten years ago (awesome skiing) and later on some post midnight porn telly. While the sweet lady disrobed, this was playing in the background. I no longer watch these channels now I'm a family many (though I know a man who does! Incessantly!)   Aha were way better than I thought.
  11.   Hmmmm now east of Thule Air Base, lies a Cold War Tunnel US Army base which had 200 soldiers in it during the Cold War:     Having mapped Cold War sites in Germany for a living, this is naturally interesting. Way more to the Greenland story than anyone thinks.
  12.   Something like 21 Trillion:    
  13. Climate change discussion

      Poor Greta. Poor Sparkles and Harry.
  14.   wrong! Racism Racism Racism! :)
  15.   I'd say actually none of the above Balti, even though we rad from the same songsheet, and add 6. Use of the airbases there for extraordinary rendition to shitholes like Egypt and Libya.    If only people knew just how many old bases the US has. I was a part of that when I worked for the DoD. Amazing land holdings...