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  1. prejudice in the workplace

      Just curious, what is the difference between them? Or at least what does HR is Germany do?   We don’t have a workers council... it was HR who suggested to meet after I tried changing positions within the company (she asked why and I told her that the relationship was affecting my work).   
  2. prejudice in the workplace

    Thanks, everyone for your answers!   Interestingly enough, a new German colleague was recently hired for the same team and she also already noticed the same things - not only happening to me but already to herself and my other colleagues as well. She said the same as many of you, it's a typical case of bullying/mobbing as well as the fact that this person really seems to have a screw loose.   I did keep most of what happened in writing and asked HR to include this in our meeting minutes.    In a team of six, three of us ( with myself as Canadian, and two other Germans, including the new colleague) are now looking for work elsewhere! Breath of fresh air hearing and reading here that my worries had some base (harder to see from within the storm)... and also, very importantly, this new colleague also said that this is not characteristic of German work-culture. Big relief!  
  3. prejudice in the workplace

    Hello all,   I've been at this company for almost a year now. The first 6 months as a freelancer, then they hired me and I got a blue card. I was put on a team with a manager that has much less experience and drive than me... but I accepted because simply put, I was desperate to keep this job and stepping down (stepping below bachelor level capacity, I'm MSc with years of work experience) was the only way I could get a job in my field in the first place (not afraid of working my way up the ladder once more).   But this manager is killing me. She is a bully and has no self-awareness. She is condescending and micromanages me on my personal life (it's not even about the work!) - for example, overhearing my conversations with colleagues and using the info later to try and manipulate her way, or even, taking note of how much water I drink, when I drink, and how much I on average fill my cup.. etc. Withholding information that I need for work... creating problems with suppliers, where there were none, and giving them over to me to solve. Lots of double work and overtime covering up her mess. Her bad management is also noted by my co-workers.. but for some reason, I feel like I've become a primary target.   You could say this is simply a matter of bad management and that it happens all the time to people. I would agree. But here's where I need advice: I have tried a few things to passively and actively change/improve my situation. After trying to solve it out with her, to no avail, I tried switching positions within the company, seeking advice from discrete colleagues, even speaking to HR. The result from this last attempt left me dumbfounded... in this company, every time I ask for help it comes back to bite me. HR did not hear me, did not consider my concrete examples describing main issues, did not understand the high school bullying going on - but took my manager's generic 'how to be a good manager' answers given with characteristic imperial poise and accepted them as truth.   So, I'm apparently the problem: my C1 language skills are the reason for the communication gap. HR also said, this is how Germans do it.. this is how professionals in Germany do it... (do not show weakness by talking about team problems)?! One should not talk about difficulties... one should respect the faux-flat hierarchy even if the work is being affected... WTF   Please tell me this is just a bad job experience!