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  1. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    Thank you 💚
  2. My husband (employed in Germany) was on pre-agreed holiday to visit family in the uk. While here we married (which I think there may be one day allowed) but also his Mother became seriously ill and sadly passed away in hospital soon after. My husband is also the executor of the will. He's obviously very stressed and upset. His employer is demanding his return to work asap (he telephoned him less than 24 hours after his Mother had pased. Wondering what his rights are? If he gets signed off with sickness by a uk GP, does this carry in Germany? Does he have Compassionate Leave rights?   Any help appreciated.  Deborah 
  3. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    To update; we married in Scotland on 18th July. It was the easiest process ever, staff really friendly and cost £220. Really don't know why Germany make it so unbelievably difficult.  Wish I could have known the hoops I had to jump through before I wasted £1,000. 
  4. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    Can anyone explain why Germany require legalised documents for ALL previous marriages and divorces? In the UK, all you need is the last divorce certificate which clearly proves your are now free to marry.  What is the point of previous marriages before that? It makes no sense whatsoever.    I think we're resigned to getting married in Scotland now but we are really upset that we've spent so much money for absolutely nothing in translations, notarisations and legalisation of documents. The Standesamt have much to answer for because they had every opportunity to explain fully the process and requirements. If they'd done their job properly we could have made an informed decision and used the money to return to Scotland.    But thanks for everyones responses. At least nobody is ever out of employment with the amount of paperwork required here for everything (and that's coming from someone who worked for the NHS and Social Services!).        
  5. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    I have just found this on the uk government website and wonder if anyone can help me make sense of it?    From what I can understand,  I don't have to get a 'no impediment to marriage' certificate from Germany if my home country is able to issue me one under uk law (costs about £40 and is very easy to obtain). Under uk law I only have to submit my previous marriage divorce certificate, not every marriage and Divorce certificate.
  6. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    Hi Chris, this is very interesting and I've never heard of these forms. I've had a quick look around the internet and from what I can see the unfortunate aspect of this is that Germany,  or any other member eu state, does not have to accept these forms. Which kind of makes you wonder what the point of joining the eu is if you just get to pick and choose which regulations you wish to follow. 
  7.  Really need some advice asap regarding marriage in Germany.  As British citizens we have provided the Standesamt with all documents required; officially translated,  with Apostil stamps and in case of my previous marriage in uk also with Notarised divorce certificate.  So far this process has taken 4 months and cost us almost £1000 and many visits backwards and forwards. We thought the final hurdle was applying to the courts for a certificate of 'no impediment to marriage' (no longer issued by British Embassy.  Now they have said they want original certificates for ALL previous marriages and divorces (translated,  notarised and apostilled). I can't begin to explain the problems and disappointment we've experienced with what should have been a joyous event. It's felt that the bar has been raised every time we've returned with everything we were told was required and also experienced a bit of discrimination and a lot of unhelpfulness because we're British. As far as I can see, a notarised and Apostilled divorce certificate from the British Government should be enough to show we are free to marry? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We cannot afford the time or money to continue down this path.   Note: The letter recieved quoted 'EU Article 39'
  8. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Yes, I do understand that. However my previous insurance of over 2 years was also illegal unbeknown to me and the German government could still ask for a back-payment despite us paying nearly £400 month to the insurance company.  Hopefully when we return to the rathaus tomorrow everything will be in place to get married in the next week or so and then health insurance will be covered on my husbands.
  9. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

      It's amazing how some people on here seem to think they know everything about my life!  1. I asked for help on here about Kindergeld.  I got some advice, some was helpful. More than 2 years later my kindergeld is still not being processed correctly and as they moved my case "because I'm British"  to an office in Bavaria,  I have never been able to deal with the situation face to face. My german is not at a level I can hold a conversation on the telephone regarding tax and financial matters so I have given written authority to my boyfriend to discuss our case on my behalf. Not that it matters because they still insist on putting me on the phone and then abruptly end the call when I can't respond. Add this to failing to reply to any of my letters. I've recieved advice from a tax expert this week who as suspected,  confirmed that I should indeed have been in reciept of full benefit for the last 2 years. If I've been on here before about Kindergeld it's because the situation has evolved and I've needed further advice, not because I've ignored advice.    2. Health insurance - I recieved advice about health insurance on here.  I followed the advice and made further enquireies. I suspected that my insurance wasn't in accordance with German stipulations.  Unfortunately I had a serious problem with my knee requuring mri, x rays, osteopaths and finally a hospital stay for knee reconstruction.  I was in no position to start poking a wasp nest with thousands in medical bills hanging over my head and my health in a bad way for some time. Eventually after a lengthy complaints procedure the company admitted they had missold the policy and it was closed down. For the last 4 months my boyfriend and me have been trying to get married; not an easy process, but would mean me and my children could then access my boyfriends work health insurance.  At the moment we are without insurance, in no position to obtain any and hoping we all remain healthy or that I don't get a demand from the german government asking for a back payment.    So please, tell me again how badly prepared I am, or how I ignore advice, or how I've posted too many times or whatever else nonsense you can think of.   Honestly,  some of you who I don't need to name because everyone knows who I mean, really should take yourselves outside and have a word. Some of you are rude, arrogant and honestly remind me of children that don't get their own way. And to think I even disclosed I had mental health problems and was really struggling - that takes guts to do that by the way because there are so many judgemental b*stards out there that want to make you feel worse. Just as well I'm feeling stronger at the moment and not letting some of you kick me in the head while I'm on my knees asking for help.   Shame on you. Go on, carry on hiding behind your screen dishing out your vitriol. You really are pathetic.    To all you others who have tried to help me and also tried to stand up to the bullies; thank you.
  10. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    It's a good point. In uk situations they can take everything excluding anything that is the childrens,  and furniture that is not labelled with fire retardency warnings, laptops and pcs and any smart media that contains personal data, vehicle used for work, everyday machines for caring - cookers, fridges, hoovers, freezer etc. It's up to householders to prove who owns what and if you can't they take it until you can provide documents and then not so easy to get back. My only possession of value is my 'Guild' guitar which I bought for £500 but the reciept does not state the purchaser so I guess that's fair game. Also, if you buy items second hand you won't necessarily have a receipt but the item may still be expensive.  It's a complicated situation.   The strange, but positive side to this is that I really thought about my 'posessions ' and I actually realised there's not much that I couldn't walk away from. My things of value are photos and items I have from people I loved that have passed away. I suppose it's like when people suffer a house fire - the only real things of value are your family and your pets. Everything else is replaceable eventually.    Maybe a bit to deep for 9am on a Friday 😁
  11. Jeremy,

    I just wanted to give a more personal thank you for your comments on my post. They were really helpful. 


    1. jeremytwo

      Hi Deborah, if you need help on cheap living I am here to help. I do loads on practically no money. I used to help in a grocer's shop and got loads of free veg to make stews, soups etc. 


      I can give loads of advice when you are ready, and even help find places in your town where you can get help. Take care.

  12. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Hi, just wanted to update everyone that's been interested to know the outcome of seeing the solicitor.  Also I know other people will likely look at this thread in the future in similar circumstances and it's unhelpful when threads just reach a dead end without a solution.    My partner visited the solicitor today. He knows the baliff and told us that she's presently on holiday but he is going to make contact with her asap to explain that he is now working for bf and trying to reach a resoltion. Unfortunately for me, the bailiff is quite entitled to visit our home without first offering notification so she may possibly return. This is because it is to do with court orders from many years ago. So now he must visit the local court to obtain full information about the debt because apparently this is not detailed on the bailiffs letter. Then my bf can offer a regular payment based on our current financial situation. It seems it is fairly positive news that the courts will accept this. I will update more fully when we have more information.    I am really thankful for the support that I have recieved on here. Such a great forum with greatly informed people.   I appreciate it may look like I just landed here without research but that wasn't the case. It's been really unfortunate that we recieved and followed bad advice regarding health insurance.  I did pay for my children to learn German before I came here, they were my priority and I didn't have enough money to pay for us all. My bf is fluent in German so the plan was to learn at a school when I arrived but that didn't work out as planned. My bf was promised a lot from his employer here (UK, not German) which resulted in not getting repaid for relocation costs, not getting full use of a business vehicle here (meaning I was stuck in a small village with no transport because he needed ours), not getting paie for works completed etc... There is so much I could mention how I/we got into this situation but I can assure everyone I did do a lot of resesrch before coming. Basically I had to to obtain permission through UK courts to remove my children from the uk. So yes, research is important but you can never be ready for every event.    I also appreciate that non-payment of child maintenance is a sensitive and upsetting topic and I agree with many peoples views on this - my children's Father has always been incredibly reliable at paying and I can't imagine how I'd feel if he didn't. But it is what it is and I can't and won't judge. My post was about asking for advice on a legal event that affected me despite not originating from me and thank you to all those that offered support and guidance.    Deborah 
  13. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

  14. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Update : My boyfriend is seeing a solicitor tomorrow to try and freeze the baliff process on the basis that we can prove they have not followed correct German legal process. They have not given my boyfriend an opportunity to present himself in court and be heard and/or organise payments before permitting baliffs to take action. He will also change his bank account as suggested      Thanks everyone here for helping.  I really appreciate your advice! Sehr hilfreich 👍
  15. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

      The envelope was date stamped 25/03/19 for posting.  In other words the baliff posted the letter the same day that she arrived at my house - despite writing 21/03/19 on the letter. It's ok, this goes in our favour 👍   "So it seems the letter was delayed by the post.  What will likely happen next is that the bailiff will send your boyfriend a new letter with a new appointment.  As she may believe that you did get the first letter and simply did not want to let her in, she may organize a search warrant and a locksmith in case you don't open for her"