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  1. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    You know, there's several things I've found strange about a few posts on here. The lack of ability so many people have to just scroll on by and just mind their own business if they have nothing positive or helpful to say.   It's me and my children that are affected here and asking for advice. The original situation was absolutely nothing to do with me or my decisions or actions.  If people are offended by the events leading up to this that's fine but please keep your comments to yourself.  It's really not helping me in the slightest. In fact it's making things even harder for me. I've already disclosed that I have mental illness, do you really think it helps me deal with a stressful situation when so many of you seem to want to metaphotically speaking; kick me in the head?   Honestly, some of you are absolutely vile.   So I'll repeat, if you've got nothing positive to offer that might help me, please crawl back under the stone you came out of.   And yes, my dead beat husband does see his son.
  2. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Yes, it's looking like a solicitor will be the only way forward unfortunately.  Especially as it turns out that it's not 980 euro they want to take off him (us) but actually leave him with 980 euro. 
  3. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Actually you're completely wrong. The Baliff ordered him to meet in her offices to complete income / Expenditure disclosure which was her job to then pass on to the court. She was told there and then to make note of the fact he would be married within the next months AND that he was leaving the address listed in July and gave her his email and telephone details to contact during that time.    But you'll probably choose to ignore that ?
  4. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Update: My husband has finally been sent a copy of the letter relating to attachment of earnings after his boss wrote to the court baliff stating they had the wrong address for him. The letter clearly states his previous address, and states that he is not entitled to be considered as a man supporting a family because he is not married and is considered single. So the bailiff office has not passed on any of the updated information at all. He telephoned the office this morning to be told there is nothing they can do. He's telephoned the contact in the court and a message reads on holiday until 26th. The other contact number just rings and rings with no response. He is currently on his way to Kassel to hopefully get help at Caritas. His boss is holding the payment off as long as possible without landing himself in trouble. 
  5. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    My husbands son is now 24 years old. My husband had a major motorcycle accident many many years ago (a very drunk German farmer pulled out on him and ran him over with his tractor and trailor ?) which left him long term sick unable to work and then limited work abilities. During this time he obviously couldn't pay child maintenance to his ex-wife. Apparently the state then pay this to the resident parent, very unlike uk where you're just left to cope as best you can. Over the years my husband has worked as a contractor in various countries, never in the same location for very long.  The first we were aware of this debt was the baliff at my door in March this year. To date we've never recieved any court letters and never been provided with evidence of where sent to or when. 
  6. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Petro6golf I'm really not sure how your last message helps me at all?  For your information,  my husband has lived in Germany for about 20 years in total. Unprepared? No matter how prepared a person is, there will always be events you can't prepare for. Please take your non-helpful judgements elsewhere. 
  7. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Thank you! Unfortunately the courts have told us they cannot do anything now and we need a solicitor.   
  8. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Hi, I just wanted to update the situation and see if anyone can offer advice.   We found out that the debt is from courts in Bavaria.  It is for child benefit payments that the state paid when my husband was unable to work for several years. I don't wish to get in to discussion about why it has come to this but to putsimply my husband is really very good at putting his head in the sand when it involves anything financial related.   The current situation is that his employer has now had an order from the courts for an attachment of earnings. They are demanding 980€ month. Quite simply, we absolutely cannot afford it. I have returned to live in Scotland with my children but my husband is remaining in Germany with his employment to earn enough to get us out of a terrible financial situation.    When he met with the court baliff in May she did an income expenditure disclosure. At the time neither her or the courts would accept that he was supporting a family because we were not married.  So they obviously based their collection payment on a single man.    We are married now and he had tried to contact the baliffs office several times to update our situation with marriage and expenditure and new address. Every time the office assistant said the baliff was out but would pass the message on. She never called back.   To this day we have not recieved any documents from the courts directly and despite asking several times for evidence of where and when they were sent they refuse.   My husband only found out about the attachment of earnings 5 days ago from a telephone call from his boss to say a letter had been hand delivered to the business office several weeks ago. At the time his boss and family were on holiday and the baliff refused to believe the remaining family member but left the documents anyway. The first payment has been scheduled this month. Because or the delay in disvovering this letter he has been left with no time to dispute the procedure.   I am really unhappy about the way this has been handled. Even the first day the baliff arrived and threatened me with my husbands arrest for not keeping the meeting yet she didn't even post the meeting arrangement letter until the day of the meeting.  My husband has not been given any opportunity to come to a payment agreement directly despite meeting with the baliff and completing the required information.  Surely this is not right?    Please can anyone suggest help? We have been quoted 500€ for a solicitor to make contact with baluffs and court to adjust income repayment information but why should we have to pay for their (deliberate) incompetence? I think the baliff has deliberately done this because they add extortionate charges everytime they visit or write.    Thank you Deborah 
  9. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    Thank you ?
  10. My husband (employed in Germany) was on pre-agreed holiday to visit family in the uk. While here we married (which I think there may be one day allowed) but also his Mother became seriously ill and sadly passed away in hospital soon after. My husband is also the executor of the will. He's obviously very stressed and upset. His employer is demanding his return to work asap (he telephoned him less than 24 hours after his Mother had pased. Wondering what his rights are? If he gets signed off with sickness by a uk GP, does this carry in Germany? Does he have Compassionate Leave rights?   Any help appreciated.  Deborah 
  11. Marriage in Germany - British citizens re-marrying

    To update; we married in Scotland on 18th July. It was the easiest process ever, staff really friendly and cost £220. Really don't know why Germany make it so unbelievably difficult.  Wish I could have known the hoops I had to jump through before I wasted £1,000. 
  12.  Really need some advice asap regarding marriage in Germany.  As British citizens we have provided the Standesamt with all documents required; officially translated,  with Apostil stamps and in case of my previous marriage in uk also with Notarised divorce certificate.  So far this process has taken 4 months and cost us almost £1000 and many visits backwards and forwards. We thought the final hurdle was applying to the courts for a certificate of 'no impediment to marriage' (no longer issued by British Embassy.  Now they have said they want original certificates for ALL previous marriages and divorces (translated,  notarised and apostilled). I can't begin to explain the problems and disappointment we've experienced with what should have been a joyous event. It's felt that the bar has been raised every time we've returned with everything we were told was required and also experienced a bit of discrimination and a lot of unhelpfulness because we're British. As far as I can see, a notarised and Apostilled divorce certificate from the British Government should be enough to show we are free to marry? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We cannot afford the time or money to continue down this path.   Note: The letter recieved quoted 'EU Article 39'
  13. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    I really hope someone can help me.   This morning I had a court baliff arrive at my door. She asked for my boyfriend who lives here with me and I told her he was at work (he was). She said she'd written to say she was coming today and was asking for 5,000€. She said she was coming in to my home to find anything of value to sell to repay the debt (good luck). I told her she was not coming in and that I did not understand German very well (this is the truth).  1. She did not give any identification 2. She showed me no court letter 3. She left no contact details. 4. She said she would come back 5. She said my boyfriend would be put in jail.   We have not recieved any letter from either courts or debt collectors and he has lived here nearly 3 years.   She said it was to do with courts in Bavaria but left no information about the debt or courts. My boyfriend lived in Bavaria for 15 years but left and moved back to the uk about 15 years ago.   She asked for my personal information amd I refused to give it. She then very angrily said I could shut my door.   I have no idea what my rights are here in Germany.  What can or can't a baliff do? I speak little German and have mental health problems (in uk I am classed as a vulnerable adult). I also have 2 children and I don't want them scared or their possessions taken. We are in a very bad situation financially and are moving back to the uk soon.   Thank you for reading