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  1. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    Or instead of stopping to question them in real life, you can just do it all in your head as you walk away, and hopefully in the scenario that plays out in your head you can come out on top.
  2. Myself and my wife tried the beyond meat beyond burger, and yeah deffo didn't taste like beef at all, but after 2-3 bites we both super liked it and said we'd get more sometime.
  3. Munich bike shops - new and second-hand bikes

    Thanks for the suggestions i'll try out dynamo first.   most of the time i can do minor tweaks as necessary, but in this case it was the bearings in the rear hub needed regreasing / changing and also the tension on some of the spokes for a rear wheel weren't quite right, and I have a truing stand , but it only accommodates QR and i haven't yet done a conversion for it for thru axle,
  4. Munich bike shops - new and second-hand bikes

    Does anyone know of any bicycle shop in munich that wouldn't treat you like crap if you went in to get something serviced?   I tried emailing one before and they said they wouldn't touch my bicycle because I didn't buy it from them. Walked into another one and generally got treated like junk, curious if anyone here has any experience that could be useful.    many thanks.
  5. Gastric bypass surgery

      That is definitely chuckle worthy.