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  1. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    I cancelled my trip with Lufthansa on April 2, and the guy said it would be a few months to get my cash back as it had to be processed manually, fine.   got an email today from them saying  
  2. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

    Peloton do seem like a scum company, they tried to sue a youtuber for using the word peloton in one of his segments.   also, the bike is like crazy overpriced. I have an indoor trainer for my road bike, so on bad weather / winter i can hop on that. I don't focus on the social aspect so much, so i use sufferfest, but there are other apps , zwift being (i guess) thee most popular one, and that has a lot of social aspects to it. but there's also things like rouvy, road grand tours, others.
  3. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    I phoned lufthansa to cancel flights yesterday, I didn't get it all, but I think in german they said "for faster times, speak to an english agent" (poor phone reception so some words cut out), got through pretty much instantly, oeprator said my flights had been cancelled and i'll get the money back, but because each refund has to be done individually and there were many refunds happening, the refund could take months to appear in the bank.
  4. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    We go to the mishba place sometimes because when you go to / come from the airport from the S3, there's about a 20 min wait guaranteed at Ostbahnhof, and if it's around lunch time, sorta works well.
  5. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Crazy nates is pretty good, went there before for normal tacos and also the brunch thingy. the normal is way better.
  6. DPD

    With the DPD, i've had it where the delivery guy drives up, i can see him out the window, i think "ok, get ready to answer the doorbell", walk to the front door, and then 5 minutes later i get a notification that they couldn't deliver to my apartment.   Then with the same delivery i also got a notification a day later that they were unable to deliver the package to even a pickup shop.   We used to have a shop below us that would take all stuff but they closed, so now its just if a neighbour happens to be home and will collect something.