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  1. Learn Aikido—the Japanese martial art of self-defense! Aikido Kokikai Berlin is hosting a special series of four seminars next week, with six visiting instructors from the US. Come join us Sunday through Wednesday evenings 29/9–2/10 at our dojo in Mitte. All classes in English and new students practice for free!   Sign up and RSVP on Meetup:
  2. For anyone interested in trying Aikido, the Japanese martial art of self-defense, we are holding two demonstrations on Sunday 2 June and an introductory seminar on Saturday 8 June. Here are some links so you can RSVP: 2 June Demo 12:00–12:30: 2 June Demo 16:30–17:00: 8 June Saturday Seminar: We also have a new website you can check out: See you on the mat!