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  1. AfD on the rise

      I saw a news at DW saying they were 11% and had momentum.   In turkish but you can work it out.   FDP is nowhere near this, though i'd want them to be cause i don't want grand coalition.
  2. AfD on the rise

      Yes that is the reality.   And if people think this is the worst just wait for the next decade.   2 billion people will move to Europe from Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.
  3. AfD on the rise

    It seems AfD will get around 15% and will be the main opposition party!   This will render CDU+FDP and other options impossible and there'll be another grand coalition again.   What a time! This will boost AfD's credentials and we'll hear many nutjob proposals from them!!
  4. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

    Absolutely lisa! You're welcome!   At least there won't be any stress and you can even have your garage.
  5. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

    In Germany everything is like marriage.    There isn't enough liquidity in markets.
  6. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      UK is great! It's not as good as US but still better than Europe.   They have small garages, driveways and neighbors are not grumpy.   You should definitely get a house in UK if you can, not in expensive areas like London but cheap towns.
  7. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      I don't care about neighbors, it's my shop!!   Neighbors should get out of my lawn!   It'll definitely be a workshop cause i have so many plans and not just bikes but cars and heavy machinery.
  8. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      That's interesting.   I've met many Aussies but non of them were whiners like you.   Go and get your toolbox!
  9. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      I second that.   Would recommend Finland though  
  10. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      I am definitely not from US     I'm from Turkey and specifically from Istanbul. I don't know what do you know about Turkey but in Istanbul we had the mother of all booms. Real estate prices literally skyrocketed! 100% returns on yearly basis were common! Though it slowed down a bit but due to demographics this is still continuing at a albeit slower pace. Home ownership is very difficult for young people much similar to US or Europe. I would think US is easier since rates a very low, here in Turkey rates are high as well.
  11. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

        Thanks everyone that was a surprisingly fruitful discussion   Yeah i'm already not asking immediately and probably i'll never be able to buy a house in Germany like ever.   It's just i love working on my own so i always dreamed of having a garage or small space, working on electronics and especially motorcycles, modifying them...etc. Though it seems this is a difficult thing to have in Germany. I couldn't make an income of that either since this sort of freelancing is prohibited during studying. So it's a pipe dream for now but it's just good to know in advance Thanks a lot y'all!   @franklan I do have car license it's just not German. It seems buying cheap cars is no big deal but i'm gonna avoid that cause insurance, taxes and maintenance are drawbacks since they'd be very expensive for me.    
  12. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

      Thanks Leon. You're very helpful.
  13. Do cheap houses have any caveats?

    How about taxes? Let's say for a 30K home.
  14. Not that i'll buy or anything but i get suspicious.   I'm seeing some real estate ads and there are homes like 30K-40K and even lower.   I understand they might need maintenance or stuff but is there a caveat?   What kind of expenses home ownership brings in Germany?   Taxes are too high, they never appreciate or etc..?   What is happening?
  15.   I wanna ask you something. If I can find a good deal to Berlin is it cheap to travel to Leipzig from there? Cause every airline is flying to Berlin and i don't know if train is like 10 Euros that would be a better deal right?