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  1. Is Euro accepted in Balkans?

      I have dollars. Do you think i should just come with them or change to Euros?   Do they exchange dollars?   I don't wanna lose twice with rates.
  2. Is Euro accepted in Balkans?

      Actually all of them.   Yeah I know Euro is their currency but how about Albania? Or Bosnia and Serbia?   Do you think at airports do they offer competitive rates or should i change here?(not so competitive here)
  3. Is Euro accepted in Balkans?

    Or do they prefer dollars?
  4. It's crazy right! Unemployment is reaching all-time lows like ever!   In Euro zone, in most of the countries except Spain and Greece.   Do you think this spell will continue for a while?
  5. Catalan parliament dissolved

    Spain is not a mature democracy, it couldn't quite get out of military influence unfortunately.   You saw these guards beating people viciously, they are a legacy of past times and still going strong today.
  6. Catalan parliament dissolved

      This EU arrest warrant is BS. Turkey is a member of interpol. And we issue warrants but nobody is following them. If Spain issues such warrants i doubt others will give a fuck. Spain is not an important and liked member of EU. It's not a core country and under control of military.
  7. Catalan parliament dissolved

      Can Spain issue such a warrant?    Why is this dude running away? I thought he could try Norway or Iceland as well  
  8. What made you leave Germany

    @alderhill What is the subject? Very interesting!
  9. Catalan parliament dissolved

      Just goes on to show East Germans are very innovative.
  10. Catalan parliament dissolved

      Why not? They are like "We have more dough, let's get out!!"
  11. Catalan parliament dissolved

      Hasn't Bavaria been a historically rich region?
  12. Catalan parliament dissolved

      What dialogue john?   They should just go independent, simple as that.   I think we'll see a wave of UDI from rich regions around Europe.   They don't want to subsidize poor people and it's their right.   BTW EU telling them they'll be out is rather a blessing than punishment  
  13. What made you leave Germany

      Why is that alderhill?   You don't like childcare, education, bureaucracy...etc.?
  14. Is Poland significantly cheaper than Germany?

    Yeah i know Poland is not that popular, also it's a plan B whatever happens.   I wanna ask you guys something. Is there a program similar to US that loans students? Especially internationals?   Erasmus is if you study at some university and you can study somewhere else for a semester. It's an EU propaganda more than education.
  15. Is Poland significantly cheaper than Germany?

      Yeah but yourkeau i gotta tell you.   I don't know where are you from but as much as i heard you are not from Upper Austria    Did you study in the EU? For EU nationals it is easy but for us it's difficult.   During D visa application they request a certain amount of money, around 6000 - 8000 Euros, to support yourself.   And on top of that you need to pay tuition and other visa application costs...etc.   It ends up very expensive.