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  1. Hi guys,    I just moved to Berlin on a work visa to join a certain startup, I have an appointment to receive a residence permit coming up (NOT blue card). Anyway now I received a better job offer (that could actually allow me to get a blue card), so I want to know if I can apply to the residency permit with the new job offer?  Note:  - My work visa has the name of the first company on it.
  2. Getting a job from abroad

      So do you think in my reply to them I should mention the bank statements issue? Or just a general explanation without getting into details? 
  3. Getting a job from abroad

    I'm grateful you guys, I just have some issues that would stand in the way between me and a visitor's visa now. My bank statements don;t look that great and to apply I need to submit the last 6 months/statements. That's the main reason I don't wanna ge tinto it, I just know the end result. On the other hand for a work visa I don't need to prove any means of sustenance because I'll have a job offer. Also keep in mind that they're multiple companies, how am I supposed to fly there and back for each interview? I live in Egypt and I still have my job here.   A final thought, I'd already done two interviews and a design task (I'm a UX designer), so basically by that point I'd been flexible enough to basically work for free. So is it so terrible to expect some flexibility in return too?    
  4. Getting a job from abroad

    Hey,   So it actually is the 3rd interview that I'm required to do in person, I've already done the first two on phone / video. So you think it's okay for them to ask me that?
  5. Hallo alle! I wanted to get everyone's opinion regarding this; I've been recently interviewing at several startups in Berlin (I live abroad and I'd like to move to Berlin). All goes well until they invite me to an in-person interview, knowing my current location, they offer to pay for the flights and accommodation. My first response is to ask for an exception of being interviewed via video call instead, and that's when they turn me down. My question is do you think it's normal or fair to throw someone off the process altogether because of their geographical circumstance? It doesn't make sense to me to fly to Berlin (which means applying for and receiving a visitor's visa ON THE INTERVIEW'S SPECIFIED TIME) and interviewing with no guarantee of an offer. Also I can't do it for every company I'm in contact with, it just makes no practical sense to me. What do you think?