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  1. So it used to be possible to perform Postident successfully with a foreign, non-EU passport in Hamburg (if you went to bigger branches), but since around summer 2017 "The system changed" and they won't accept it anymore. They will happily do it with the Aufenthaltstitel, but the banks then reject it, telling me that for legal reasons it MUST be done by a Passport. And the post office won't do it with a passport, so we are screwed.  Is there anyway to workaround this?     Also, obligatory stupid f&!@*!ing postident! Rant.
  2. @JimboTee Unless something has changed in the last two years, post ident via video is not available for foreign passports. The post ident coupon usually expires after some weeks.   From my experience you want to avoid smaller stores as sometimes they don’t know what to do. Go to ones that are central. They would have dealt with foreign passports and English is usually not a problem.  
  3. Concrete example. I went to a real-estate agent. Apparently he wanted that I come with my wife together, and he went on and on about why I could possibly think it was ok to come alone. Later, we progress with the deal, and he tells me he needs Schufa for both me and my wife. I ask him if he could just do with my Schufa since my wife doesn't work and she is very new in Germany, hence there can't be much in the Schufa report anyways.   He goes: "I need BOTH. If you want to rather save 30 EUR, the apartment will go nowhere"   Like, there is no reason to be pissy. In any other country I've been, people would say something like "Sorry we need both" and be done with it. Here it appears many people react pissy for very little reasons.   How is one supposed to react in such situations? So far I've been trying to hit back since I don't want them to walk all over me, but this isn't very pleasant for me for obvious reasons. Do you just ignore? What is the best way to deal with this?