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  1. Divorce process - what to expect

    Hello,   First off, I know the advice everyone gives on here - get a lawyer for your specific situation. I am planning to, but I need a bit of human advice and possible experience share. I am currently in the process of divorce and I initially thought after the separation period, nothing would be needed from me other than going to court on the day, signing the papers and going on my merry way. My marriage ended due to the infidelity of my partner, so I told him I expect he takes over all costs and headaches of the process. He agreed. We own no property, we have one child where we have no arguments about custody or anything similar. At the start of our marriage and throughout, I was always more succesful/earning more, but this changed after the affair disclosure, as I lost my job due to emotional stress. I have since gotten another job but now earn significantly less than him. He has so far been very cooperative to my requests. I wanted to get a lawyer to check papers before we go to court and accompany me on the day, but now his lawyer, who is preparing the procedures, is asking for papers I don't understand - like my salary slip. Has anyone gone through the divorce process with one shared lawyer? How exactly did that work? Will his lawyer share the papers that need to be signed on the day with me in time, so I can consider the conditions? Germany is pretty no fault and cut and dry about both money and custody, so if ex and I agree on terms, do I really need to pay for a lawyer as well? Thank you in advance for your help.