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  1. Separation and everyday decisions

    Thanks a bunch, that is incredibly helpful. Hopefully we will reach an amicable solution.
  2. Separation and everyday decisions

    I think at some point of her dealing with her parents’ quite painful separation, she started leaning more towards narwhals. Does that help?
  3. Separation and everyday decisions

    She is 9. At every open door day she says that’s her favorite school.
  4. Separation and everyday decisions

    Hello,   I have a question on handling “everyday” decisions regarding the kids. I did previously meet a lawyer and she mentioned as long as I don’t take our child somewhere her father can’t see her at least every 2 weeks, everyday decisions are the mother’s right. But I do have to inform him about important things. Does this apply if, for example, her father and I disagree on which gymnasium she should go to? Who has the final word? There are no rational reasons for the disagreement, just ego and making his life easier vs mine. Both schools are in the same city.