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  1. Is there any one interested in co-writing Novel?


    Requirement: Know how about Novel writing.

    Language: English / German

    Genre:  Crime Tragedy 

    Theme: Blackmailing,

    Backdrop: Refugee crisis in Germany 

    Payment: I can't pay. We must sale to publishers. 

    Current status  -   Synopsis + fully developed character 

    Time required to complete: 6 months 

    Details and Synopsis are available upon request.



    Note: No Hobby writers plz. Only proffessional are prefered. Moreover, strong will is required.


  2. @Crusoe ------ Thanks.  I want to ask you something. 


    The mother is the Focus. Sentence sh be written keeping her in mind. Boyfriend is just an aidee. 

    Therefore i think this Variation is acceptable " She sets out on a harrowing quest to get her daughter back, racing against the clock, her hypercritical boyfriend tagging along."  


    now i want to ask you two questinons:


    why the words "while" and "with" can't fit in the sentence?  For example:

    She sets out on a harrowing quest to get her daughter back while racing against the clock, with her hypercritical boyfriend tagging along."  



  3. This what maximum i know . This may also effect your future possibilities if you want to live in germany and want to have german have to visit them every two years or three years (depending upon the situation ) to give a permission to live in germany . They cant kick you out becuase you u r married with german.


    now there is rule that without immigration course and 30 hrs of histroy and culture of germany , person is denied to have permanent immigration .This is best to my knowledge there may be some changes , i have no idea. Best is you should visit auslander behorde for more information , but dont forget they will not answer you in english because offical language in this office is german . So it is advisable if you dont understand german very well , then to take some one with you who can understand and speak german. If you wife dont have enough time to go with you , then you are allowed to take some one else with you also .


    or there is another solution , call them and speak with them . or look in the german law website and translate , , feel free to ask back.