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  1. Forced Job title change

    Hi community!   I was wondering if it is possible that an employer can force you to change your job title?    I have been told that a company has the right to change your job title, even if there is an unlimited employment contract that clearly states the job title, but I find this a bit hard to believe. They have said that they are not allowed to change important things like salary, vacation time, etc, but job title changes can be forced.   Does anyone know if this is really the case?   Many thanks in advance!  
  2. Foreign Mutual Fund Withdrawal Tax Implications

    Hi, jsut a reminder about this post! Any comments here?
  3. Hi everyone!   I have a question regarding German taxes and mutual funds.   Before I moved to Germany I made yearly contirbutions to a Canadian mutual fund. All contributions were made before moving to Germany.   After having moved to Germany in 2017, I withdrew from these mutual funds early (2018) to pay off some outstanding debt I had in Canada.   I am currently employed in Germany and am a taxpayer here, and have no other income in Canada. My wife is German and I am living here under a marriage or family visa.   I wondering what the tax implications of the mutual fund withdrawal are for this year's tax return?   Just thought I would ask here as I can't really afford the international tax consultants!   Thanks in advance!    
  4. Where to play badminton in Munich

    Hello everyone!   I'm looking for clubs in Munich where badminton is offered, hopefully on a drop-in basis. I work business hours and therefore can only play after 6PM. There are a few other groups that have discussed this topic, but I cannot find anything that is recent. Also, I have seen the Tuesday group, but am looking to play competitively and so hope to play more than once per week.    Any help is appreciated!   Thanks