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  1. Electricity contract - Bad SCHUFA

    Hello all,    I moved to Berlin last month and applied at Vattenfall. They refused a contract because of my bad SCHUFA.   I have an outstanding debt, which will take 2 months to resolve.    Any idea with whom or how can I get an electricity contract?    Also, is it possible that they shut off my apartment's electricity.    Thank you.
  2. Plumber needed

    @mseth thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely give it a shot. However, I was not able to completely detach the wall unit, so for that id still need a plumber I guess. 
  3. Plumber needed

    Hello,   I have a Vigour dual flush toilet installed. A while ago the water system got messed up, and the flow won't stop.    I tried to detach the wall unit, but only the frame comes off. Can anyone please recommend a plumber in Mannheim that can come on short notice? Also, someone who is not pricey.    This should be a quick fix.    Thank you
  4. Hello all,   I am moving out of Mannheim and would like to donate my new/old clothes. I contacted a few places but because of the pandemic they are closed to pick-up or me dropping off the stuff there.    Are there any suggestions where I can donate these clothes?    Thank you!   Best regards..
  5. Hello,    I am vacating my apartment in Mannheim soon, and need to sell all my furniture. It was all bought new and has been barely used a year.    I was hoping if there are any places where I could sell it all collectively, and not have to post items on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay Kleinanzeigen,   Knowing most shops are closed because of Covid, any recommendations from your side?    Thank you!