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  1. English speaking tax preparation

    I did a bit of freelance work last year in addition to my regular full-time job, and now I can no longer use Lohi or Steuerring because they don't deal with freelance taxes. Could anybody please recommend an English speaking tax consultant or preparer who deals with freelance taxes, preferably in Munich?  
  2. Anybody play Mah Jong out there?

    My wife and I recently getting into playing mahjong (13 tiles) with my relatives. Now that they have left, we are wondering if anybody else enjoys playing for fun. Please send me a private message if interested. Bonus points if you are another couple like us and/or can tolerate babies like our 4 month old.
  3. Cleaning person/Putzfrau recommendation wanted, please!

    Because we are simply a family, we obviously cannot get involved with obtaining residence permits. This is simply a call for reputable recommendations out there.
  4. My family and I are looking for a personal recommendation for a cleaner whom you, the wider TT Munich community, have had a good experience with. We live in Haidhausen and would prefer somebody who has his/her own transportation and charges around 15 Euros/hour. Thank you!
  5. Dentist recommendation in Munich?

    I see this is an old post, but if you still need a dentist, I would recommend Dr. Marinescu at Odeonsplatz. He was educated in the US (LA, I think) and is very knowledgeable and good at explaining both procedures and the status of my teeth's condition.
  6. Any casual chess players?

    Hi All,   I've recently started playing chess and am looking for other people who play for fun. Are there any groups in Munich? Or perhaps is there anybody else interested in a casual game of chess at, say, a beer garden?