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  1.   I have friends who applied last Feb and completed the process within 6 weeks.  Which is why I was concerned.  You're right though, the receipt was confirmed.  I just have to wait it out.  
  2. Hi all,   So 10 weeks ago I submitted my application via email to the ABH in Berlin (the one that handles blue card holder requests.)  I didn't get an auto-reply so I emailed them asking if they had received it.  They said they had and it would be worked on in the order it was received.  My partner who is german said the tone of the letter implied I should not email them again with questions. If by chance, any of you have submitted a similar request since early November and have already received the appointment date, I'd be super interested in hearing from you.  I'm really concerned the application has gotten lost.    Also, if anybody can provide me with some comparative time lines or stories from their own emailed application for the Niederlasungserlaubnis, I'd appreciate it.   
  3. You will need a bunch of documents.  You scan and email all of them with the application found on the Ausländerbehorde website:  Application Document: Copy of your passport copy of blue card paycheck stubs from the last 6 months copy of health insurance card rental contract registration confirmation(Meldebestätigung) Employment Contract (You cannot be in Probezeit, or have a job with an ending date.) Pension Confirmation (Rentenversicherungsverlauf): use this website to get it: Proof of Employment: This MUST NOT be older than 14 days.  Request a "Arbeitgeber-Bescheinigung" from your employer. B1 Certificate Deutsch (only needed if you are applying between 21 and 33 months) When you arrive at the office on the day of your appointment you'll need to supply one biometric photo (35mm x 45mm)   Time frame for a response to your email is 2-12 weeks.  The response will give you an appointment, which will be may be 4 or more weeks out.