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  1. So, I suspect due to Coronavirus related changes in procedure my new Niederlasungserlaubnis electronic Aufenthaltstitel (eAT) card arrived by Post today (I'm so excited about that!  Having done the Blue Card for 21+ months and achieved B1 Certification was a long road and I've finally reach the finish line!)  I had my original interview for it in Feb, and they set an appointment for picking it up in mid April and handed me a letter confirming I would receive it.   The pickup date on the confimration letter had a Termin with a time range (8-10am and that I had to take a number) upon arrival at the Landesamt für Einwanderung.  I have an email out to the Amterin that sent the card/letter reagarding whether or not I should still come to the appointment that had originally been set.    My specific question is: does the Niederlasungserlaubnis eAT also come with the green Zusatzblatt paper? If it does I suppose that would mean I would still need to attend the appointment in order to receive that.