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  1. Health Insurance for family

  2. Health Insurance for family

    German health insurance system is really complicated. But i am happy it will not have impact on my income. Becoming an employee is saving me.
  3. Health Insurance for family

  4. Health Insurance for family

    I am self employed and have Privat Health Insurance. My wife have public health insurance currently Job center is paying for her insurance. Now she dont have job and from 1st August her health insurance will not be covered by Job Center. I have a questin related to this.   1. I will also switch back to public insurance from 15 August in that case she will be also covered under family insurance. But how will she have  health insurance from 1st August to 15th August? will she be a voluntary member?    2. I heard they will calculate the premium based on self employed incom, Is it correct?    
  5. Private to Public Health Insurance

    @PandaMunich   Thank you for explaination.   Company is offering me around 60K and i am also expexting few payments from freelance work so total yearly incom will be more than 80K. Salary + Freelance Work. I have few questions.   1.if my yearly incom is more than 64k (Salary + Freelance incom) then it is not mandatory to become part of public insurance. Then i can take public insurance anytime. It is not mandatory to take it from August.   2. If i Switch back to public insurance then i believe i have to pay maximum premium on my salary + Freelance work.   3. When i start the job then i will also contribute in pension insurance. Do i also have to pay the pension on my freelance income? Till now i only have incom from Freelance work and dont have contribution for pension.     Regards, Arshad
  6. Private to Public Health Insurance

    Hi All,   Thank you for reply.   @PandaMunich you are right the salary limit is 64,350€ gross salary per year in 2021 and based on this i am eligible to switch back to public insurance. one question what will be the procedure for that? I am starting new job from August 2021 and i was member of AOK in the past? can i take public insurance from August 2021?
  7. Private to Public Health Insurance

    I am registered as Freelancer and Currently i have Private Health Insurance and my wife is insured by public health insurance. Due Covid i dont have any client anymore and private insurance is a bit expensive for me as i am paying for my self and also for my wife in public healtb insurance. Now i am getting a job offer and expected salary would be 60,000 Euro.  I have following questions.   1: How can i switch back to public health insurance?   2. Do i need to deregister as a freelancer?     Regards, Arshad