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  1. Seems like your baby is not good with vaccines. 

    Try read any book on  delayed immunization schedule.


    Good look. 

  2. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    I vaccinated my kid, as I always believed in vaccines. After the first round, he went mute for a week. Kind of scary to see a 2 month old change within minutes. 
  3. Hello everyone, I am reaching out to you with my current financial situation and am asking for any tips or advices regarding what I can do about it.  So I have been unemployed since June 15th of last year, and have been receiving unemployment benefits from Abeitsamt. In June of this year they will run out. In March of this year I had a Probetag with one company that really liked me, and they promised me a contract. However, the corona shitstorm just exploded, and we talked about starting either after Easter. They said they would call me back.  However, the kindergardens have been closed ever since, so there is no way I can start my new job, as I have a small child and have no one to leave him with. I do not have the new contract for this job, but the reason for that is that I woulnd't be able to produce a starting date anyway.  That being said, I can't work nor can I apply to other jobs (of this one doesn't materialize), and in a month the unemployment benefits will end. Is there anything I can do to change this from happening? Yes, I can apply for Hartz V (or whatever it is called), but that is a fraction of what I am getting now.  Is there any other financial benefits that I can apply for in this situation?  Thank you, cherry
  4. Hi guys,  My husband has a small business as Bodenleger (selfstständig). He started this in the middle of 2018, and his accountant (an accounting firm in Munich) submitted the end of the year taxes for 2018 for him a few months ago.   The accountant is now charging him a total amount of about 800 euros for this. We find this very, very high. Some of the things included in this 800 euro amount sound very strange, and are explained with a few words, which we do not understand (ex: Ermittlung des Ueberschusses der Betriebseinnahmen ueber die ausgaben aus Gewerbebetrieb, which is 113 euros). My husband wants to sue the accounting firm for this high amount, but I have a feeling that we don't stand a chance, as we are simply not versed in accounting, and this firm can write anything they want and then bill us for it.  First of all, I am reaching out to any of you who have a bit of knowledge of accounting to try to figure out what these damn things that we have to pay are.  Also, I want to know if we should sue or not. My husband has some sort of lawyer insurance that technically could pay for it. I hope, no?   LastlY, I need a new accounter for the future. But I need something that is transparent. Paying for a service that we used makes sense, but we want to know what that is in advance. We now live north of Munich, so I have a feeling that this accounting firm is this expensive because it is located in Munich, and that we would stand a better chance finding something out in the countryside.  Regards,  cherry
  5. Thank you for this point, it sounds reasonable, and when I will speak with the AA next week, I will phrase it like this. However, my son is 3 and acts like a rabid monkey, so taking him with me for such a long time would not work at all. 
  6. They might be, but that was not my question. Suppose they are not, I would like to know what would be the situation should this happen.     
  7.  I did, and they will call me back next week. I want to know beforhand if they will cut my benefits or not, and if they will, I will have to improvise. Maybe I will call in sick a week or so. 
  8. Hi, I am unemplioyed and receive unemployment benefits from Arbeistamt. I just found out that my 3 year old son's kindergarten will close for 5 weeks due to the corona virus. This means I won't have Betreeung for him for the next 5 weeks, so I won't be able to go to the Massnahmen. Will I still receive money, or will my benefits be terminated ? Regards,  cherry
  9. Griping about the Arbeitsamt

      Thanks for that, did not know it. I thought it applied only when I was on Harz IV
  10. Griping about the Arbeitsamt

    I have a small child and working full time is not an option for me. Yes, there are many jobs in Munich full time. Part time (something that pays more than 100 euros per month), not so much.   Regarding "you knew this was coming" remark, yes, I did know, and I was fine with it, but I did not know I have to be in this Massnahme class for 8 hours per day. This defies the purpose to find a job, as I doubt I can apply for jobs for this amount of time every day. In the past I did go to Massnahmen twice per week, for a few hours each day. That helped very much.    But thanks for the kind suggestions. 
  11. Griping about the Arbeitsamt

    How often can I really be sick though? I need to go to the doctor every time. 
  12. Griping about the Arbeitsamt

    So I am unemployed after my one year contract has not been renewed. I live a few km north of Petershausen, so outside Munich, but still within a reasonable distance from the city. Today I had myregular apppointment with the Arbeitsamt, and yes, I did expect that they bring up the Massnahmen. But apparently, I need to do this Mssnahmen 4 times per week, for 8 hours per day. This means Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 16:00 I need to be in some course and make sure I apply to jobs.  I feel this is complete bs. There is no way one can apply to jobs 8 hours per day. And I am sure I will go there and they will waste my time with more bs, and in the end I will come home, exhaused, and then I will have to apply to josb some more.  FML cherryA
  13. Hi guys,    I feel I can get any answers from this forum, so this is why I turn to you once again.   So I have this one really good friend. He is self-employed, carpenter. He is not German, of Slovakian background, but has been living in Germany for the last 5 years, yet he has been self-employed for just over 2 years.   The problem that he is having is to pay the AOK fee, which is 850 euros once he reaches an income (not profit) of 5000 euros per month. In other words, AOK does not care how much actual profit he makes per month (or so I understood), because once he hits 5000 euros in income, the health insurance fee becomes a whooping 850 euros per month. For him this is very much, as he has months when he does not have any income, or months when his expenses are very high (yet, from what I understood, once the AOK becomes 850 euros per month, it stays that way until the end of the year, regardless of subsequent amount of income one earns). I am turning to you to ask if there is any solution to my friend's dilemma. Is there any way he can lower the insurance fee? Perhaps other health insurance companies? I was also thinking that maybe he could become self-employed in his homeland and pay health insurance there but still work in Germany in order to avoid the German health insurance, or the huge amount he needs to pay for it. Due to him being self-employed, the amount of 850 euros per month is crushing for his business.    Thank you all,  cherryA