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  1. Moving out - how much do I need to renovate?

    Painting the walls is not a problem. What about renovating the floor (my son drew on it) ?
  2. Dear all,  I know this topic has been discussed already, but it appears to me that the last thread is quite old. So I am asking this again.  We need to move out of our 3 year apartment. When we moved in it was not renovated (except for the walls having been painted) but it was in a good condition.  I am wondering how much renovation do we need to do upon leaving? My husband tells me there is a new law that says that we don't need to do anything anymore. Is this true? When he says new I assume it is 1-2 years.  Apart from painting the walls and filling in the holes, the hardwood floor needs to me retouched a bit (my child drew a few lines on it), as well as the counter around the kitchen sink needs to be changed (I think). We can do the first things, the last maybe not. However, I want to know exactly what we are required to do by law.  Is there a number where I can get more info on this? Thank you loves.  cherry
  3. Fiber optic wired internet

    thanks everyone
  4. Fiber optic wired internet

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows which internet companies offer fiber optic wired internet for private customers? I triedtoday vodafone, who tols me they only have wireless. Thank you,  Cherry
  5. Breast reduction surgery

      Thank you! 
  6. Breast reduction surgery

    Yes I will go there tomorrow and inquire about it. I first need a refer frommy doctor, which I will see in about 2 weeks.  
  7. Breast reduction surgery

    hey guys i have a bit of a weird question... and i apologize in advance if this makes some uncomfortable. I am inquiring about a surgery for breast reduction. I gave birth to a son 2 years ago, and every since my back started to hurt progressively more due to the fact that my already large breasts have got even larger  after becoming a mom. I made an appointment to see my gynechologist and hopefully get a referal... but from what i understand this type of surgery also requires approval from the health insurance (AOK).  Does anyone have any experience with this? If yes, how can I improve my chances of getting this paid by AOK? I feel it would make a bit difference in my health and overall well-being.  Thank you cherry