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  1. Deutsche Rentenversicherung E207 - Any Experience?

    Aha! Thanks a lot Renegade!!
  2. Dear All,   Not sure if someone can help me. My divorce is currently ongoing with my ex and the Versorgungsausgleich is currently being done by the Rentenversicherung.   After submitted a couple of questionnaires I have now received a letter asking me to complete the form E207. Has anyone had any experience with this particular form in relation to previously having worked in the UK before coming to Germany?   They want me to send them for example the insurance number for Great Britain... as far as I know, this doesn't exist?   Link to the form: http://www.eu-info.de/static/common/files/view/3141/Formular_E_207.pdf   Best, James      
  3. Germans don't know how to queue

      Yeah I suppose that's true So instead of the idiots jumping the queue, we've now got the idiots walking around without masks 
  4. Germans don't know how to queue

    Topic split from: The Vent   Does anyone else find this queue jumping rampage the Germans do in the supermarkets incredibly aggravating? Well... I say supermarkets... but what I mean is literally any place where you have wait in line.   I've been here 7 years now and I can't seem to get used to it, drives me up the wall every time!
  5. Einbürgerungszusicherung any experiences

    Hey Kapil,   You'll probably have more luck getting an answer by posting your question here: https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/357877-brexit-citizenship/?   Best, James
  6. Finanzamt: moving to a new district

    Hello!   Do you have a Steuerberater? I would definitely advise you to get one if not, they can take care of everything for you on your behalf with the Finanzamt.   Whilst I was moving around back when I was self-employed I had to do the Gewerbe-Abmeldung and Gewerbe-Anmeldung, but these were two different cities. Not sure how this works with districts.   Another topic is the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. I got a nasty surprise through the post the other day, they are now checking if I was Versicherungspflichtig from when I was self-employed. If you're paying into the pension system should be fine, i'd definitely check if not though - Steuerberater can help here too.   Sorry I couldn't answer everything!   Best, James