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  1. Cancellation contract and payment of remaining wages

    I'm wondering how it's possible to lay somebody off only because of the fact he/she got sick and held a certificate for that? Not to mention it all happened past probation period. I thought German labour code prevents people from being let go like that?  
  2. Annual leave rules - question

    Thank you! More or less it seems to be clear now.
  3. Annual leave rules - question

    Hi Everybody,   I have a short question regarding annual leave in Germany. In theory, I work for company XXX and take for instance 17 days OFF during the first 6 months and then, my employment ends on 30.06. What happens when I've taken more days than actually being entitled to per month? Does employer have right to deduct the exceeded equivalent from the final pay or...?   Thanks
  4. Travel Insurance in USA

    Thank you Guys
  5. Travel Insurance in USA

    Hello Everybody,   I'm planning to visit US later this year for approx. two weeks and thinking about travel insurance.  Can someone recommend me some options/companies in Germany? I'm an EU citizen and been here in Germany for over 4 years now (working full-time). Not sure if that matters at all when buying any insurance through German company?    Appreciate all your responses and hints.   Cheers.