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  1. Best strategy to take a sabbatical using ALGI

      Thank you for useful hint!  
  2. Best strategy to take a sabbatical using ALGI

    Thank you !
  3. Best strategy to take a sabbatical using ALGI

    Hi Guys.   Sorry for being repetitive but I have similar issue to sort out and would need some input from you guys...   I was thinking of taking so-called sabbatical leave but it would be more like a career break on a voluntary basis. I would like to avoid struggling with AfA, checking mailbox, taking calls or attending scheduled meetings etc. So again , it would be our aware decision (myself and my partner) to quit working in Germany, give notice to our landlord and deregister at Burgeramt eventually. What I'm looking at is a period between 6 and 12 months wherein we are planning to travel. My questions are as follows:   1) Is it possible to pay for private health insurance for this period at any German Krankenkasse? I've read that most of them require to have monthly income to do so, is that correct? I know there is an option to get some world travel insurance but I'd rather show in their files in order to avoid any issues while returning to Germany , does it make any sense?   2) Upon return to Germany after 6-12 months is it possible to register at AfA and start looking for a job (I keep in mind 3-month Sperrzeit) ? How is that calculated while being unemployed? Is it 12 months of work in the last 2 years? Is the period of being 'Angemeldet' an obstacle or might cause any problems?   3) I have an option to get registered at my friend's house. But again , I would need to pay the health insurance on monthly basis. Is there any Krankenkasse offering some flat rate insurance fee while being voluntarily unemployed?    Thanks for all the answers!    
  4. Must I provide reason for sick day off work?

      This is what I've heard as well. To me , it makes sense. Also found similar info on KK website. Either way, thanks for your input!
  5. Must I provide reason for sick day off work?

    Hi Folks,   Got a question regarding sickness rules in Germany, as I've heard many contradictory statements. I would like to know if this 6-week period after which Krankenkasse takes over you salary payout applies to ONE sickness with one sickness code in one leg? What happens if I have e.g. 3 sick periods during the year, let's say 7 weeks in 12 months, would it apply here? Thanks for clarifying.  
  6. German labor laws for sick days

    Hi Folks!   If this has already been asked/answered by any of you, I'm sorry!   I'll try to keep it short. So let's say I'm calling in sick on either Thursday or Friday. On Monday I'm still not feeling well, going to see the doctor etc. Keeping in mind 3-day rule without a note and the fact I always work Mon-Fri the doctor can write me off a note 2 days backwards including Thursday and Friday? Is that correct?   Thanks !