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  1. Work with the computer - chair required?

    @BradinBayern Thanks !
  2. Work with the computer - chair required?

    @tor thank you for your input, sounds really interesting...
  3. Work with the computer - chair required?

    Thank you @engelchen this is really useful ! I'll think about it.
  4. Work with the computer - chair required?

    Thank you guys! I'll look into that.  
  5. Hi Folks,   I'm experiencing an issue at my workplace as our team has recently been treated very badly by the management - our chairs have been taken away from us. It might sound a bit bizzare to you but I work in logistics/operational team in a huge warehouse so it's not an office type of job. However I do work with a computer, I even have two screens on my desk. I've got a feeling that this decision hasn't been considered carefully by the folks who made it. Complexity of this issue is the fact that this is not a German company (HQ outside Germany , within EU). We do not have any HR representatives on site. Needless to say no trade union folks to refer to either... Could someone help me or direct me to someone who knows? I can't afford the lawyer... I was thinking that for all employees working >1h with computer it is required to be seated ?   Cheers!  
  6. Resignation notice period for job 5 years +

    Hi Folks,   I'm not sure about my case as I might want to leave soon and I'd like to cross check something with you guys. I've been with my current employer for 1.5 year now and my contract says:   After the probationary period the employment relationship may be terminated - even within a fixed term – with a period of notice of one month to the end of a month. The notice period is extended for both parties pursuant to sec. 622 BGB respectively.   Does it mean I can choose between 4 weeks to the 15th or the end of a calendar month rule and 1 month to the end of a month? Or the second applies here...? I'm a bit confused now, thanks for some hints!
  7. Quit job while on sick leave

     Yes, this is sort of interesting to me. I got similar issue at work, actually I've been through hard times with my direct superior since I got here and I would like to quit but on the other hand get the AfA benefits without Sperrung. I would like to contiunue with my German which is now pretty average. Any ideas how to approach this kind of situation? I have full-time unlimited contract and my company does not have Betriebsrat..   I do realize I'd be better off with another job but this time I'm determined to show my middle finger to them.