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  1. Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays

     Hi All,   Just a question regarding this topic, as I'm a bit confused here..   I have a permanent contract (40h/week) and want to terminate it end of August - 1 month notice to the end of the month , as per job contract. I have used 13 days of annual leave already (out of 26 I'm entitled to) and have another 10 booked for the end of August/beginning of Sep. My question is , if I can still use my holidays as it was already agreed with my employer? Not to mention about the fact that I've paid for all the tickets, made arrangements and cannot really change it now...So what happens if I exceed this entitlement per year, assuming I have ~2.16 days per month?   Thanks for the help!
  2. Cancellation contract and payment of remaining wages

    I'm wondering how it's possible to lay somebody off only because of the fact he/she got sick and held a certificate for that? Not to mention it all happened past probation period. I thought German labour code prevents people from being let go like that?