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  1. Contract termination while pregnant

    Hello,   My wife recently moved to Berlin and we're expecting in 2.5 months. She recently got a job via an agency and told them that she's pregnant before joining the company to play fair but they said no problem and gave her a 2 months contract, ending just before the maternity leave starts   She was assigned to a firm and worked there for about 2 weeks, the firm suddenly terminated her contract and now the agency too now terminated her contract   From the letter she signed, they claim to terminate the contract in probation, but there was no probation in the contract to start with.   Is this allowed? What can we do now?
  2. You can always change your job. Go with the new contract and documents when going for your appointment and they should give you a new one
  3. Wrong Freelance tax number

    Hello,   I am a fulltime employee as software developer and want to start a side job with a company. I fill the "fragebogen zur steuerlichen erfassung" on Elster as kleinunternehmer and no umsatzsteuer (did not create a Gewerbe) and submitted to the tax office. After about 3 weeks, I got a new tax number(see in link) from the tax office, which I sent to the company but the company replied that the tax number is wrong and I can't do freelance work with it and that I should get a document like this(see in link). If I did not, I should go to the tax office and complain.   Also to add that, because the tax number was taking long to come, I went to the tax office and they wrote down the new tax number for me and when I asked if I can do freelance work with it, they said yes. So now I am confused with the requirements of the company   I did not get a rejection letter to the freelance application I submitted so I assume that my application was correct hence new tax number issued.    Can someone please help confirm maybe I did something wrong or how I can check my status if I am a freelance or not?   Thanks  
  4. Tax Returns

    Check the lohnsteuerhilfeverein website, they usually have the list of document on their website but this is an example for the verein I use https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5641f7f8e4b079339618351b/t/5c6a89e315fcc00f43d1ad7c/1550485989032/Anforderungsliste+LBB.pdf