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  1. Contract with company not based in Germany

    Thanks everyone for their help.   I talked to my manager and I was able to get the notice period shortened, and by the time my resignation was approve the new company already could give me a legal contract. So now all is settled
  2. Contract with company not based in Germany

      This is actually what I'm trying to protect myself from, if the company should renege on their words for any reason, then I'll like to be compensated for the stress and looking for a new job. Though I know it's very unlikely to happen, I'm just trying to see if something could be done... but I guess no
  3. Contract with company not based in Germany

    I would not like to get a shit reference as the company is a big company and our path would definitely cross again. In fact, I see a very high chance I'll come back and work for them. So keeping the relationship clean is important...   But yeah, I'll have to do some gambling and probably resign early
  4. Hi all,   I'm planning to start a new job with a startup that is based outside germany but in EU. They plan to setup a company in Germany in the next two months so that they can give me a legal contract.   Now, in my current work... I have a looooong notice period(6 months) and will like to resign this month so that the time can start counting. The issue now is I won't have a legal contract before then   Is there any document I can ask the company to give me that would be binding to them till when they are able to finally setup the company and then give me a binding contract. For now, the founder of the company has offered to send me a "Letter of intent" and an unsigned contract with the Swiss company... but I wonder if that's binding   Note: I know the founders of the company well, so they want me as much I want to work for them. I'm just trying to safegaurd myself   thanks for your help