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  1. German Kitchen Appliances in the USA

      No.  A transformer can only step up or step down voltage.   The only way to change the frequency is to regenerate the power.
  2.   All this should probably be discussed in a different thread (if at all  ).   By the way, I meant Yalta, not Potsdam.  Sorry for the error.
  3.   That never happened.  Polish cavalry charged German infantry, and it was actually a success.  Nazi propaganda claimed the Poles charged tanks.
  4.   And in that specific instance, Churchill‘s warmongering was exactly the correct strategy.  Roosevelt‘s befuddled acquiescence to Stalin (over Churchill’s strong objections) at Potsdam led directly to the Iron Curtain and the Cold War.  
  5. German Kitchen Appliances in the USA

      Motors designed for 60hz spin slower under load when used with a 50hz power supply.  Spinning slower under load than originally designed makes the motor run hotter, as the reduced frequency causes current to rise.  So they don‘t last as long.  Motorized household appliances like mixers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, and the like tend to fail fairly quickly if they are designed for 60hz but are regularly run on 50hz.   There are typically fewer problems running 50Hz motors on 60Hz power.
  6. Neighbour keeps turning the heating off

      Somewhat OT, but what I found is that Bingen’s proximity to the river doesn‘t make it colder in the winter - just the opposite, in fact.  The river acts as a heatsink, and the low mountains on each side of the river there reinforce this effect.  As a result, Bingen has a „micro-climate“.  I live just 24km away from Bingen, but there is a distinct contrast in the weather.   Bingen is slightly warmer in the winter, slightly cooler in the summer, and has more hours of sunshine during the average day than here.  On occasions when we get snowfall here in the immediate Mainz area, Bingen usually escapes it.   As far as inside warmth in the winter, it comes down to this - the building where I live now is modern construction, with lots of insulation and well-sealed doors/windows.  If the temperature is consistently above freezing, my radiators are almost never active.  In that shoddily-constructed building in Bingen, starting in early November the heat needs to be on nearly constantly if you don‘t want to spend the day buried under a pile of blankets.
  7. Coronavirus
  8.   It‘s a tried-and-true tactic in the US:  if you want Americans to be against something, tell them the French are for it.  If you want Americans to be for something, tell them the French are against it.   I‘ve heard that trick works in the UK as well 
  9. German Kitchen Appliances in the USA

      The machine my ex brought to the US from Germany, the one that was reduced to junk, was a German-made Pfaff (Pfaff is now making their machines in China, and their reputation for quality has suffered severely as a result).   The machine she bought in the US as a replacement is a Bernina sewing computer.  IIRC it was purchased around 2008-2009.  It clearly states on the serial number plate that it will work with both 50/60Hz.   You might want to have your Bernina looked at to see if it says the same thing.  
  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Parler is nothing more than a single webpage right now.  That is not „back online“.   And - I really do hope that if they actually get back and running, it will be on servers in Russia.  That will be - awesome 
  11. school holidays

      That is a distinct possibility.   As I said, there is a strong push to re-open schools, especially the Grundschulen, due to the massive problems with remote learning.   Unlike HH, I believe that schools will be re-opened very soon.  If not in February, then in the beginning of March.    If this happens, it seems likely to me that the government will implement further travel-related restrictions to discourage people from traveling with their children during the Spring break period.   The easiest way to do this would be to eliminate the 5-day negative test exemption, and put in place a mandatory 10-day quarantine. 
  12. school holidays

      OP says the child is CURRENTLY 10 years old.
  13. school holidays

      Remote learning continues to be a disaster in many parts of the country.  There is a strong push to re-open schools soon.  I would not build a travel plan around the possibility that schools could remain shuttered.
  14. school holidays

    OK, that is what I surmised.   You cannot do what you want to do, even if you were to somehow get the 3 additional days you want.   There is a mandatory 10-day quarantine upon return from a risk area, and Pakistan is a risk area.  You can reduce the quarantine time to 5 days if you get a (negative) Coronavirus test five days after your return.  You must also consider the length of time that it takes to get the test result back, so realistically it is a minimum of 6 days in quarantine.   What this means is that under the absolute best-case scenario, if you return on 10 April your child will not be able to re-enter school until 15 April at the earliest.  You cannot lie about this, because under the current regulations, you will be tracked.   Your plan is a bad one.