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  1. Changing mind about a job before starting

      Darn right.. Thanks black1 :-)
  2. Changing mind about a job before starting

      Awesome answer, and so very right.. thank you dj_jay_smith.    I was seriously scared of the fine I would need to pay - I have read about the case of a man that was asked by the company to pay 25000 euros but since the amount was excessive (and he was not even a manager) the case was dismissed in court.  I have also heard that a month salary could be expected as compensation for the company, though.    
  3. Changing mind about a job before starting

      You make a lot of sense Sampa, thank you. I just do not want to be 'fined' for having signed the contract and not starting my new position. I am afraid the new company will not be impressed by my 'candor' but rather ask me to pay.    Either way, is it usually written in the contract that express consent should be granted by the company in case I would want to take a second job? (or do I have to assume that is the way even though it has not been specified in any of my contracts?)      
  4. Divorce Lawyer Needed Desperately

      Thank you :-) sorry for the late reply!
  5. Changing mind about a job before starting

    Hi :-)   I know this is an old post but I am currently living a similar situation and wanted to hear your advice.   I have quit my current job and got a new offer (which I have accepted and signed). My start date is in September.   My current company had a change of heart and offered me a new position (with significantly more money among other nice perks) so I have decided to accept their offer.   It would not be a problem for me to take two weeks holidays and work for this time at the new company (I would hand-in my resignation on the first day) but my real concern is that the new company could contact the old company for whatever reason - I know this is not legal in Germany but many things that are not legal here are still done under the table. I would not want my old company to find out about all this, since my job would be in jeopardy.   Do I have a reason to be concerned or should I just go ahead, work for two weeks, resign and continue as if nothing ever happened?   Thank you!  
  6. Divorce Lawyer Needed Desperately

    Good morning,   I hope somebody can help me find this lady lawyer in Frankfurt.. She works in Frankfurt, comes from the US and specializes in Family Law. She speaks German, Spanish and English. She was married to an Austrian citizen before. I had her contact details but got lost when I moved to another flat.   Thank you in advance!