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  1. Fressen,   I've always thought those buildings along the S-bahn and other places are really neat looking.  I'll have to look for your building the next time I'm in Berlin.  One of my favorite places to go is Oranienburg, end of the line for the S-1.     S.
  2. Slip joint washer

    abhishekzspace,   Obi and Bauhaus have them.  I purchased some earlier in the year when fixing the trap on the bathroom sink.  Take the old one with you so you get the correct diameter.   S.
  3. What to do with crazy tenant (Wilmersdorf)

      Wow!  They make it look so easy!   S.  
  4. What to do with crazy tenant (Wilmersdorf)

      I stand corrected.  The front door on the building uses one of the "dimpled" type keys.  I don't see how anyone could pick those?  The lock cylinder I put in for my friend was an ABUS that was like a side-ways key.    I forgot to add on my earlier post that changing the lock cylinder is pretty easy and inexpensive.     S.  
  5. What to do with crazy tenant (Wilmersdorf)

      That might be true for the old style cut key, but not for the newer style security keys.    I recently replaced the lock cylinder on an apartment for a friend in Berlin.  The new cylinder and five keys were 40 euro at BauHaus.  Took all of three minutes to remove the old cylinder and install the new one.     S.
  6. What are you cooking today?

    Fromm,   Thanks for the advice, I'll try some ice (instead of water) when make my next batch of hummus.  The recipe I posted above makes about 3-4 cups of hummus.  Way cheaper than buying in the store.  I've tried using canned chick peas, but it never comes out as good when using dried chick peas.  I buy bulk sesame seeds (2-4 lbs) from (I'm in the US).     S.
  7. What are you cooking today?

    Habanero Hummus:   Soak 1 1/3 cups of dried chick peas/garbanzo beans with 1/2 t. salt and 1/2 t. baking soda overnight.  Simmer the next morning until soft.  Drain.  Meanwhile make some tahini:  1/3 cup sesame seeds in small food processor with 4 half pieces of dried habaneros.  Grind up and then add 1 T. or so of olive oil.     Dump the drained chick peas, tahini, 1 t. salt, some fresh cilantro, juice of one lime in to a food processor.  Mix and add 2 T of olive oil.  If it's still to "dry" add a little water and mix until creamy.  If you don't have dried habanero halves, you can substitute habanero powder.     S.
  8. What are you cooking today?

      Cast's all in the seasoning.   I know, easier said than done.  Next time try this:   Make sure your corn stick mould is clean;  heat the oven up with the cast iron in it; when it is at temperature, take it out and pour a little vegetable oil in each mould; wipe it around each mould so it's covered; put back in oven for 5 minutes or so.   When you're ready to pour your corn meal batter in the mould, take the cast iron out of the oven, pour a little oil in each cavity, then pour in your corn meal batter.  Bake to instruction.  The corn "muffins" should fall out of the cast iron mould.   S.
  9. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    Nkwal,   You may be able to use the app if you also have VPN software on your phone to deposit the check.  You would select a VPN server in the US and then try the mobile deposit feature in the app.   Disregard, I see you have already tried using a VPN.     S.
  10. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    Folks,   Yes, US citizens living abroad are eligible for the EIP (economic impact payment).  The 2019 tax return will be used to determine eligibility.  If the 2019 tax return has not been filed, then the 2018 return will be used.  If the taxpayer received a refund on their latest return and used direct deposit, the EIP will be sent to that bank account.  If there is no bank account information associated with the tax return, a check will be mailed to the last address the taxpayer filed from.     Social Security recipients are also eligible for the EIP.  The EIP will be deposited in the bank account they use for social security, if they meet the EIP requirements.     Paper checks are being mailed now through mid-September.    S.
  11. Buying property in Germany

    BethAnnBitt,   Neat.  My brother-in-law bought four small/single room units (33 SM) on Forststr. back in 2000 for about 25k Euros each.  They were like a bank foreclosure.   what a deal!   S.
  12. Buying property in Germany

      BethAnnBitt,   Hmm...I've got a place (rented) near the Bier Pinsel.  Were prices that high in 1987 for places?     S.
  13. Buying property in Germany

      Karin_brenig, you summed up this thread perfectly with your post.     S.
  14. Buying property in Germany

    Folks,   These are interesting comments on owning property.  I view owning rental property similar to owning stocks:  The property is the stock, the rent is the dividend.    SpiderPig brings up an excellent example in his post.  You could have X amount of money in the bank (earning no interest).  Or you could buy a rental property with that money.  Compare the annual interest that money would earn in a bank against the annual rental income from buying a rental property (not really a comparison).  Owning rental property is not for everyone.     S.  
  15. any car mechanic opened now?

    xcxvt,   That shouldn't be too difficult of a job to do then, since you're just swapping rims/tires.  I'd rather do the job myself and save the money.  If I were in Berlin at the moment, I'd offer to come over and help you do the job.     S.