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  1. How to deal with water damage, wet walls in flat

    Robinson100,   Call the Hausverwaltung as soon as possible.  We had this happen in the Altbau where I have an apartment in Belrin. On one of the 1st floor apartments there was dampness on the wall and peeling paint.  Turns out the hot water pipe from the boiler had cracked/split and was spraying a fine mist of water.  They fixed the pipe and then set a dehumidifier for three weeks to make sure everything was dry and no mold.  After that they patched the wall and all was good.     Or it could be from the apartment above as was mentioned in an earlier post.  Either way, call the Hausverwaltung.     S.
  2. Brian C,   This is from the Vattenfall website:     You need the Zaehlernummer.     S.
  3. "Woher kommst du?"

    PandaMunich,   Thank you for the information.  I always wondered why on the German tax forms it asks for your place of birth/Geburtsort.   S.
  4. I should have mentioned there are two BVG apps:  one is just for Tickets and the other has a trip planner, tickets, etc (Fahrinfo).  I have both installed on my phone, but mainly use the Fahrinfo app when I'm in Berlin.  It looks like both apps have been updated for the various tickets and zones.     S.
  5. john_b,   I see the short trip tickets listed under the app - 2 Euro.   S.
  6. Folks,   I noticed the BVG app has been updated to include all zones for the various tickets.  In the past the 24-hour, 7 day and monthly tickets were only available for zones AB.  I now see options for AB, BC and ABC.     S.
  7. Rufnummernmitnahme for cell phone (O2 to Lidl)

    Dembo,   I recently ported my number from prepaid Whatsapp to prepaid O2.  I had to fax or mail a port request to Whatsapp to release the number.  I faxed the request and received an email from Whatsapp stating it would take 4-5 business days to release the number.  I completed the "port in" information on the o2 website.  I had already activated an o2 prepaid sim card.     The number from Whatsapp ported over to prepaid o2 in about 4-5 days.  I also was able to have Whatsapp transfer the remaining balance on my account to my bank account.   S.
  8. "Open" SIM

    Carxofa,   It sounds like you bought previously activated (under someone else's name) and partially used SIM cards?  Normally you have to do video identification to activate a German SIM card or go to the Deutsche Post to show identification.  Why don't you just purchase a SIM card from Lidl, Aldi, Edeka, O2, Telekom, Vodafone or one of the many other providers and activate it correctly?    S.