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  1. Help with ESt 1C Tax form.

    whity,   Not sure if this applies to Australia, but here is a link from PandaMunich that might help:     I'm not sure why you're trying to include your Australian income (when you're living in Australia) on your German tax return?   S. 
  2. Folks,   Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find a clear answer when searching the forum or the BVG website.  Is it possible to use Apple Pay/Wallet at BVG ticket machines (found in the U-bahn and S-bahn stations)?  I know I can buy electronic tickets through the BVG app and have in the past.  I seem to recall that the BVG ticket machines have contactless payment as an option.  I'm wondering if Apple Pay also works?  Thanks.   S.
  3. Trust in internet money transfer companies

    Rodisi,   For what it's worth, I converted $80k to Euros last year through Transferwise.  I did not have any problems moving the Dollars to Transferwise and then the Euros out of Transferwise to my German account.     S.
  4. landlord taking ages to provide water+heating bill

    Lisa13,   Not to get off topic, but the radiator and water meters (hot and cold) are made by Qundis.  Both support wireless reading.  I'm guessing they're able to be read by standing outside the door?   S.
  5. landlord taking ages to provide water+heating bill

    FreePrince,   I'll share my experience as a landlord in Berlin.  Each month the tenant pays the cold rent plus the estimated expenses.  This amount is deposited in my bank account.  On around the 3rd-5th of the month the Haus direct debits my account for the monthly estimated expenses for the rented apartment.    Sometime between March - September (it varies) I receive a finalized bill for the previous calendar year for each apartment.  This bill looks similar to the one the landlord provided you:  It lists the total square meters of the house and the square meters of the apartment.  Most of the charges, with the exception of heat, water and property taxes, are based on the square meters of the apartment.  For each apartment there is a separate bill that lists heating costs and water usage.  This bill will show the water meter readings and the radiator heat meter readings (if your apartment has them).  These meters can be read electronically, so no one has to actually enter the apartment to read the meter.  The annual bill from the Haus shows how much the landlord owes (or overpaid) for the annual expenses.  This amount is usually direct debited or deposited to my account within a month or so of the owners meeting.  Not all expenses on the Haus bill can be passed on to the tenant.     Once the Haus has issued the finalized bill for the previous calendar year, they usually hold an owners meeting to review the bill, set a budget for the current calendar year and discuss and upcoming maintenance or renovation issues.     I provided a similar bill to my tenant along with a copy of the bill I receive from the Haus, for their records.  This shows if they are due a refund or owe for the previous years expenses.  If the tenant owes and it is a substantial amount (meaning a change in over all costs), I will suggest changing the monthly expenses amount to better cover the estimated annual expense.  Same if they get a large refund.  I'll ask if they would like to lower the monthly amount.     As I said, I provide a copy of the bills I receive from the house and share those with the tenant.  I'm not sure if I'm legally supposed to.  I provide the copy so each tenant can see what my costs are and what the costs are for the apartment.  Hope this helps.   S.    
  6. Removing paint splashes from a car - Munich

    Sn0wman,   This may sound strange but it really works:  get a couple of cotton rags/cloths and spray where the paint is with WD40 or PB Blaster (it's a solvent for rusted bolts).  Rub/wipe the paint with the cotton cloth.  Might take a couple trys but it really works good.    S.
  7. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

    @PandaMunich   Thank you for the income tax information on inheritance.  My wife and I have a family friend who lives in Berlin and owns two small, rented apartments. He has owned them for 15+ years.  We will inherit them when he passes away.   I'll have to take a look at the inheritance tax return instructions to see if I can figure out what we would owe.  Thank you for the information!   S.
  8. greedy landlord

    Waelito,   How much is excessively high rent (per month)?  I've got a 35sqm apartment and Nebenkosten is 100 euro/month.  You should get a detailed list from the landlord that shows the actual costs for your apartment for the year end reconciliation.     S
  9. SmurfLee,   Yes, I meant just any day, not just work/business days.     My family friend is in his 80s and just never caught on to computers or smartphones.  I've suggested trying a computer but he says he doesn't have the time to figure out how they work.     S.
  10. Folks,   I write to a family friend in Berlin every couple weeks.  He does not have a computer or a smartphone.  My letters take 4-7 days to get to Berlin from Virginia.     I've noticed it takes much longer for a letter coming from Berlin to reach me:  10-14 days.     S.
  11. Process of property purchase?

    NoahBerlin,   I'll share my experience in buying an apartment from a family friend.  It may not be the same as your situation:   Beginning of September I received a draft copy of the Verhandelt (2-3 weeks before the scheduled meeting with the Notar) for review and comment.  I made a couple small changes/clarifications.  Received back an updated draft copy of the Verhandlelt. End of September 2018 met at the Notar's office with my family friend and the Notar.  The Notar read the contract in it's entirety.  Answered questions along the way.  After reading through everything, I signed, my family friend signed and the Notar signed.  I had the keys after the signing (since it was a family friend). About 2-3 weeks later (mid October) I received the bill from the Notar.  Paid that. Mid November 2018 I received a bill for the land registry court costs.  Paid that. Early December 2018 Notar informed me I could now pay my family friend for the apartment.  Paid him. A couple days later received a bill for the property transfer tax.  Paid that. Mid January 2019 received a bill for shared used of the apartment (family friend can keep some books there).  Paid that. About a week later the final entry was made in the Grundbuch and the property was officially in my name.     So from the time I met with the Notar and signed the Verhandelt to the Grundbuch recording, it was about four months.  I'm not sure if that is fast, normal, or slow.  Hope that helps   S.