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  1. Hello Toytown Germany,


    Do you have a recommendation for a good Brexit immigration lawyer and English-speaking insurance agent who can advise about health insurance for UK self-employed in Germany? I have spent more than 40-hours researching this topic on the internet, only to find contradictory information. And today I discovered that my health insurance may be legally insufficient for post-brexit residency requirements.


    I would appreciate advice on the following: 

    1. As self-employed (gewerblich), is it required to have long-term care insurance (pflegeversicherung) in addition to health insurance? 

    2. Regarding health insurance, to maintain new residency requirements as per the Withdrawal Agreement, must I have full private or statutory health insurance, or can I choose expat insurance from a German provider like Hanse Merkur? I understand that 2021 onwards, UK nationals must be 'living in Germany' to be protected under Withdrawal Agreement law, which is defined as having 'Wohnsitz' or habitual residence in Germany and not being abroad for more than 6-months each year. While I intend to be tax resident in Germany going forward, I will also be spending a lot of time back in UK and overseas. Therefore expat insurance is better for my lifestyle, however since by definition it is a travel insurance product for foreign nationals on temporary stay in Germany, I am concerned that it may be legally insufficient to meet residency requirements. 

    3. Would long stays of more than 6-months at a hotel or a friends' place be compliant with residency requirements? Since I will be spending few months each year out of Germany, I would like to avoid paying for a full-year lease if possible. German law on this point states that owning or leasing a property is not the main criteria to establish residence and that one could be staying at a friend's place, but my friends' point out that I would need to re-register and de-register each time I leave and enter Germany or else they could be fined. Is this how its done? And how would it work with booking long stays at a hotel or serviced apartment?


    Thank you so much for your insights. 


    Best wishes 





  2. Hello Starhollow, Engelchen and Pederdelsolar,


    Thank you for your helpful suggestions.


    As Starhollow adviced, I registered as 'arbeitsuchend' with Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit and with this registeration have also informed TK regarding my new unemployed status. TK was excellent so there will be no discontinuity in service and I expect the 1st private payment to be made this month.


    Regarding ALG II, Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit evaluated my situation, and, as I expected due to my short employment history in Germany, said that I was not eligible. For ALG I, I had to go to a different office - Socialbuergerhaus for my area. The staff was quite unhelpful and it seemed like too much paperwork, so I didnt bother.


    In total, I worked for 6-months in Germany, and about 6-years in the UK. Are you suggesting that the UK will provide unemployment support? If so, are you familiar with the process?


    My personal savings are quite high so I think this disqualifies me from ALG I anyways.


    Best wishes




  3. Hello,


    I am a British CItizen and relocated to Munich 5-months ago for a new job. I now find my employment unexpectedly terminated. I plan to continue my residence in Germany in for some time atleast to explore new job and business opportunities.  


    I would be grateful if the group could confirm my understanding and offer advice/guidance on health insurance and registering for unemployment in my case since I have only lived and worked in Germany for 5-months. 


    1) Health insurance: Do I have to inform my health insurance (TK) about the change in employment status (or are they automatically informed), and will they continue my health insurance? I have a EHIC and if I apply for a E101, will this cover me for the first 12-months atleast? Between these two options, which is better to get good quality of care if needed in Germany.


    2) Unemployment benefits:  I understand that I am not eligible for Unemployment benefit 1 and 2 due to my short stay here and also personal savings. Since I don't qualify anyway, is it still necessary / recommended to register at the Unemployment office?


    Many thanks for this very helpful forum!