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  1. Ah...if you think that German airports are bad, you've not come across Manchester airport.    When I arrive at D'dorf airport, I can see straightaway where I have to check in and what gate to go to afterwards. Even if I arrive two or three hours before the flight is due to take off, I know this information. I check in, go through airport security and go to the nice, quiet gate area (after checking out the shops).   When I arrive at Manchester airport, I can't see where I have to check in. When I find the queue, I am often turned away because "It's too early." But they can't tell me when the right time would be. The last time I was there and asked, I was shouted at by an airport employee. No apology. Then after checking in, I go through airport security and end up in a large hall surrounded by shops on all sides (and a pub near the window), each one blaring out music (different music). There are rows of chairs in the centre, with children jumping on and off them. The small TV screens dangling from the ceiling are not close to the seats and if you are alone, you risk losing your seat while you check to see which gate number you have to go to. You find out your gate number about half an hour before the plane is due to take off. I often go to a corridor and sit down there, on the low window sill, just to get away from all the noise: the talking, all the different music, the shouting... It's hellish for me.   The last time I was there, one English man said it was the worst airport in the world and a Dutch woman said it was very confusing. It makes me feel so tense that I can only stomach flying there to see my parents once every two years. This was supposed to be the year. At Easter.