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  1. Finding a social circle

    I find a lot of friends in libraries. Here in D'dorf, we have an International English Library and I sit in the back room with a coffee and the latest journals and newspapers and before long, someone else there will strike up a chat, or I will.    I'm also a bit of an introvert and I go and do lots of VHS courses because at least there you are surrounded by people and chat a bit. Sometimes, I might go for a coffee with someone afterwards.    I have a German mother and visited the German grandparents every year when growing up, but I find I don't have many German friends.* Only one. Lots of acquaintances that I can chat with - mostly in my walking group. Nice people. But not friends really.    Most of my friends were made here but now live back in their home countries and I don't see them any more - or very, very rarely.    I think if you can call one, two or three people 'friends', you are doing very well. Otherwise, you have drinking buddies, evening class companions, the person you meet up for an ice-cream and a chinwag, the person you meet up with at the cinema for NT Live broadcasts and so on. But a friend to hang out with and spill your heart out to... difficult. And rare.   *Mind you, when I studied in Manchester, I had one English friend, and when I worked in London for 4 years, I had no English friends. I am doomed to only get on with complete foreigners it seems.
  2. Moving from Düsseldorf to Manchester

    I have also shipped stuff by post between countries: from Germany to Johannesburg, from Johannesburg to North Wales. And I used those nice yellow boxes you can get from the post office here.    Another option I used when I moved from Germany to Palma de Mallorca was using air freight. You have to get the boxes to the airport yourself and get someone to carry them from the airport, but I did it.    When I moved, I never moved with furniture, just boxes, clothes, linen (e.g. duvet covers), two kelim carpets and two standard lamps. When I moved to Mallorca, I remember that it all came to 240 kg. I have heavy dictionaries.
  3. Which past members do you miss the most?

    I always missed Swimmer. I thought she and I could get on very well.   And what someone said about the golden era of TT being around 2004 to 2007... I agree. They were fun times. Then - as with other message boards I've been on - there was a lot of squabbling and nastiness and downmarking and things were not as cosy as before, which is why I drifted away.