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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    If you ever need a translation for whatever purpose, do a search on the BDÜ website. You can find someone in your area. Generally, if the translator has to translate an official document, they will want to see the original. In fact, I think they HAVE to see the original in order to give the translation its official stamp.   Look to the right of the web page - you can do a search.
  2. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    The postal service has become so bad, it's a wonder anything gets through.   I ordered three cards and two photobooks made with photos I had taken. I sent one card to Belgium and another card and photobook in an envelope to Japan. Neither envelope has arrived. Bitter? You bet. The expense and the thought.. all wasted.  I shall probably have to spend all that money again.    It's just not worth sending anything by mail any more.
  3. what happens at a pap smear test

    You do not say where you are in Germany, but if you are in Dusseldorf, I recommend this one:   I've been with Dr Jeanette Neiss-wotsit for years.    You only have to be half naked at any one time.   The breast examination is done lying down and she puts some gel on you and scans it with a hand-held device. She then gives you paper towels to dry off again.   The lower-body examination is done in a seat where you are tilted back a bit. I had fallen on ice 3 weeks beforehand and fallen right on my coccyx, so it was very painful. She took that into consideration. She raised the chair up rather like a dentist does - so she can see better.   I've never had anything done to my rectum. I am surprised to hear about this.   As for the examination, yes, it's a bit painful for me, but it lasts for seconds. And there is no pain afterwards. Let's say it's more 'discomfiture' than 'pain'.    We chat to each other throughout and she is a very pleasant woman. The last time I was there in February, she also reassured me about some other medical question unrelated to gynaecology.   And by the way, in my decades in Germany, I have never had a male gynaecologist.