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  1. Overtime law - Germany - Employee rights

    BR wanted me to file a lawsuit, but I read the policy in my company that i can get fired directly if do not first go through the complaining system within the company and directly go with lawsuit.      i read somewhere, that my salary also plays a role in this overtime... if salary in the East is above a certain amount(mine is), there is no claim that can be made for overtime... does that mean that if i pay someone 74000, i can make him my slave for a year ? 
  2. Overtime law - Germany - Employee rights

    @LeonG I actually had no thoughts of asking for overtime until i got a call from management at the last month of my probation asking me to take up another position along with my current position for cost cutting reason(eg : I was a sales manager, i was being asked to also manage the Procurement team as well). I realized that all those extra efforts that i had put had them think that i can do that and more forever. So, i believe i should do this now so that the effort i am putting here is accounted for and it is clearly visible of what they are doing here.   
  3. Overtime law - Germany - Employee rights

    @karin_brenig Baseball bat would have been better... 0 savings +  student loan + family + other commitments , so quitting without a job was difficult and getting a job in Nov and Dec is almost impossible in my sub field in IT.
  4. Overtime law - Germany - Employee rights

      I am not doing any overtime now. I am standing my grounds, BR said they will support me, HR said they can mediate with the management if i want to, but before they get involved, they asked me to talk to the management directly. I will be dropping an email to them, lets see how it goes. I was also told that the moment i do this, the whole company might try to make me look bad + say that i am incompetent to have taken this longer to do the work etc.   I am just looking around to find similar cases to get more information on how to handle these situations. 
  5. Overtime law - Germany - Employee rights

    Thank you everyone.    Is there any similar issues documented anywhere in Germany, i see in the US many companies getting sued for these kind of cases but not in Germany.        @lisa13 you guessed that right :/ unfortunately the colleagues whom i'm working with are Germans who are contractors. They are happy to work on weekends and late nights since they can charge them. Unfortunately we could not.    
  6. Hi,   I joined a company XYZ GmbH in Berlin 6 months back. In that period, i was made to work for 12 - 16 hours a day and later last month i found later that i have worked 40 DAYS extra in a period of 4 months(Worked till 2 - 4 AM, Weekends etc). Every week i think it will get better, but it was just getting worse. In November i fell sick due to this and had to take 1 week off(Burn out). But unfortunately i had to complete all the 1 week's work after coming back, so i it was still worse. My probation was over last week, i could not quit because i did not get the time to find a job with this stress. And i was not able to quit without a job because of my family with a 16 months old kid at home.    What can i do about this? I talked to my works council, theyre asking me to sue the company. But this company is an IT Giant. What are my chances ? in Germany ive been reading, i could not find any info about cases like this. Can someone help me on letting me know the options i have?   Best Regards,