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  1. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    The party was very funny.    
  2. Future of Germany

    Yes, same as Japan.  Hondas and Toyotas did not go away but they became more expensive mostly due to higher labor costs. The original Honda Civic was a cheap little econobox.
  3. Future of Germany

    In World War II we faced a similar problem.  Axis powers controlled almost the entire supply of natural rubber needed for the increasing demand for vehicle tires.  Also an important material for War fighting. So we switched to synthetic rubber.    The same thing will happen with other sorts of materials such as Cobalt.  or lithium.   Recycling and finding other sources will be the solution for the near future.     
  4. Future of Germany

    Yes, but like Japan, their workers will start demanding higher wages and prices will rise.  Then manufacturing will move to the next cheaper country (Vietnam?  Pakistan?)  That is already happening for textiles.
  5. Future of Germany

    Germany makes the best industrial machines.  The more manufacturing that China does, the more German made machines they buy.  The Chinese are way behind in that field.  Many of the things that Germany excels at you have never heard of because they do not sell the the end user.
  6. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Who is 1st through 3rd??
  7. It does depend on the home country.  At least for me (American) I did not need to go back home to change my visa, but that was a while ago and is not true for most companies.   To the OP, what field are you looking in?  It would be best to have job prospects before you made a decision.  If your German is as good as you say, you are flexible in location, and you have other desirable skills, then you might be able to line things up from where you are.  If not, take the job with your current company in Germany and then dump it when you find better work.  Just be careful what contract you sign.  
  8. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    My first reaction when seeing someone with large tattoos that are mostly black is that they were in a traffic accident.  On the other hand, I have also seen some really beautiful ones that were done to cover the scars of cancer patients.  I don't judge but I do wonder when I see really bad tattoos why they didn't wait until they could afford to go to a better artist.  I don't put crappy paintings on my walls and surely wouldn't want crappy art on my body.    BTW, I saw an article somewhere that had pictures of old saggy people with tattoos.  Just like young people, the good tattoos still looked good and the bad ones still looked bad.  
  9. I also have one child who is quiet and calm and I receive compliments on her behavior and another child who screams like a banshee and gets calls from the neighbors.    Unfortunately it is the same child.  Just depends on the day     Want to do a fun experiment?  Call YOUR Mom and complain to her about the loud kids and say how lucky SHE was that YOU were such a calm and quiet kid and never gave her any trouble.    Did your Mom go suddenly quiet on the line?  
  10. In my time in Germany in the 80's the American soldier was much more popular than the British, French, Russian, etc.  Obviously there were problems like there would be with any large group of young males, but the Americans did seem to make more effort to be friendly.  Just my experience of course.
  11. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

      That is so cool.   Can one say that the Tesla in the fastest car in history?  Currently it is going 19,862 km/h.   In my next life I want to be Elon Musk.  
  12. Tips on a slow separation for a stay-at-home mom

    In Munich?  Yikes!
  13. Obviously you do not have kids.  You can be the best mother/father in the world and still your kid will have the occasional screaming fit in the local Aldi.  What are you going to do? Beat them?  People without children always know the best ways to raise them and the obvious ways that they should be disciplined.  Becoming a parent rapidly disillusions you that you have all the answers.  As a child, I would scream and run around as much as I wanted.  Only the birds and the occasional fox cared too much about it.  If you have kids in the city, it is unhealthy not to let them run around and often there is no place for them to do so but in the apartment above your head.  They probably make less noise then the traffic outside your window but some people seem to want to get annoyed.
  14.   Depends.  In the East you can buy a whole village for that.  On Starnberger See, you might get a parking spot.
  15. Buy a single family home WITH A LARGE LOT then   At least there are rules when they can run the chainsaws, mowers and tractors.  You can't ask a parent to not let their kid scream at noon or on a Sunday.   I doubt Bayerischzell was worse than US suburbia with its leaf blowers and constant lawn mowing.    It is true where I live.  The noisiest thing is the church bells.