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  1. American Humanities Major Seeking Job in Germany

    The path to the embassy is through the Foreign Service exam.  Although the embassy will sometimes hire support staff etc. it is usually the spouses or family members of the Foreign Service officers.  All others need a German work permit.   The likelihood of getting a posting in Berlin after joining the Foreign Service would be approximately zero. You don't get to pick and choose your assignments, particularly not as a junior officer.  Think Mongolia or Sudan.   I was in a situation like this and muddled through.  I would not recommend it.  You can try teaching English which doesn't pay crap and you will still have a hard time getting a work permit.  DO NOT WORK WITHOUT A WORK PERMIT!  If you get caught this will have reprecussions for your future if you are looking long term at any sort of future here.    My recommendation?  Get married.  Suddenly all of the work permit probems disappear.  While wanting to stay here on your own merits is perhaps laudable, you have the wrong degree to do so. Is it really worth the problems and the heartache?  If you are planning on staying together then why not?  On the other hand if you have doubts, then this is perhaps the time to pull the trigger.   I am telling you this as a German Literature major who waited ten years to marry his German wife.  Don't do what I did.  Only by getting a Master's and getting married was I able to make it work.  Even then it might not be easy if you have the wrong degree.
  2. Protecting a design on a t-shirt

    The design is only a very small part of the success of a product.  Worrying about it being copied is much less of a problem than worrying about it being ignored.  If someone in China starts copying it, there is little you can do than have a better product and better advertisement and marketing.  However most of the people making fakes are more interested in the big name brands, not necessarily better designs.
  3. Even after all these years, I still...

     I hope you were joking...
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    The entire rocket launch industry (114 launches in 2018) produces about as much pollution in a year as one busy airport in one day. SpaceX accounts for about 20% of orbital launches annually. The Falcon 9s produce about 500–700 tons each of water and carbon dioxide per launch. While sizable, there’s only about 20 Falcon 9 launches per year currently. Compared to other transport sectors’ pollution, that’s nuthin’.  
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Cell phones were also once only a toy for the rich.  As were home computers, cars, you name it.  Any new technology that comes out will have the same tired argument used against it.  Of course electric cars are more expensive.  Car companies have had over 100 years to perfect the technology and the production of ICE cars which results in lower costs.  You cannot go to an engineering department that specializes in, for example, fuel injectors, and tell them they will be working on battery coolant systems next week.  That is expertise that has to be built up or bought and that isn't free and doesn't happen overnight.  The technology will get better, problems will be solved, and production costs will drop just as they do for basically every new product that comes to the market.  
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Wow, so much bullshit.  Batteries are one of the most recycled things in the waste stream.  The radio runs on 12 volts just like on any other car.  There is no significant drain on the batteries from any rational conceivable stereo system that you would even notice.  You only need to learn to drive one if you need to learn to drive.  Autopilot system is better than on your car since you have none.  Gasoline is much more flammable than batteries and there are much more frequent fires with normal ICE cars than EVs by far.  I could go on but the rest is mostly subjective personal opinion.   Yes, they are expensive and yes, there are limitations but lets keep the discussion rational.  Just as there are fanboys, there are irrational Tesla haters.    And before you respond, no, I don't own a Tesla and, yes, for me they are too expensive.
  7. Even after all these years, I still...

    Did she smile and think you were cute?
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Yeah and then lock you out of the dealership in 90 degree weather when your less than 3 year old vehicle breaks down and they want to go home instead of helping you like happened to my 86 year old father. 
  9. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Absolutely true.  I wanted a Ford Focus EV but gave up trying to talk to the dealerships because they spend all their time trying to convince me to buy a regular ICE Focus.    Dealers suck.  I have no idea why they are allowed to dominate the market in the US like they do.  They are a parasite on the market and provide no value beyond trying to upsell you on crap you do not need.  I would much rather prefer a system where I could rent the car i was interested in buying for a week or so and then buy directly from the manufacturer. 
  10. Even after all these years, I still...

    Why should they?  Everyone carries around more computing power in their pockets than in the Space Shuttle and it doesn't make mistakes.  Meanwhile the younger generation is a wiz at computers.  They feel the same way about us when we cannot diagnose a network problem as some of us feel when they can't do math in their head.  Different generations, different skill sets.    I cannot work a slide rule either and I never felt the need to.   I would be totally useless as a backsmith. 
  11. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    I think the answer greatly depends on the child.  There is no exactly correct answer.  I have heard of a 6 year old who taught herself Spanish because she was given a tablet and we have all heard the horror stories of what the other end of the spectrum can be.
  12. Even after all these years, I still...

    Yeah, but I'm from Deroit.  If there is someone touching you it is for a reason and not usually a good one.  The urge to smack someone is just a reflex action that comes from self-preservation.  It is part of MY culture and something that I needed to overcome in order to stay out of trouble.  Doesn't mean I like it or ever got used to it.  I just politely tell people that I would prefer in the future if they tell me about a wardrobe problem and let me fix it myself.
  13. Even after all these years, I still...

    Yes, strangers adjusting your clothing.  Doesn't happen to me much anymore now that I am older, but i used to really hate that.  Very many probably well meaning Germans came very close to getting smacked.  Don't touch me without my permission unless you have an arrest warrant!
  14. True Confessions

    Does she live in Winter Hill?  Might want to make sure Whitey Bulger never lived there...  
  15. True Confessions

    I thought of another one.  While living in Boston in a house with a real shithead landlord (think: turn the heat down to freezing when he saw us leave ) , we were cleaning shelves and discovered a nice box that had some real silver flatware in it.  Probably rightfully belonged to the landlord but we got almost $500 for it on eBay.  A lot of money for us then.  I felt guilty until the prick tried to stiff us for the security deposit.  Then I wished I had hidden a fish in the walls when we moved out like I had considered doing.