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  1. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    Have you seen the video for the driverless car that hit the woman on her bike?  She wasn't just biking down the road, she was pushing her bike across a major road at night, not at a crosswalk, with little illumination. She suddenly appears in front of the car. I don't know if I could have stopped in time.  If you jump in front of a car, you will get hit - no matter who the driver is.   Also our roads and systems are not currently built out for driverless cars.  In the future, the road will be outfitted with sensors and each car will communicate with each other (e.g. a car in the other lane,one passing earlier, or stationary cameras on the road would have communicated to look out for someone on the roadway) leading to better safety.  
  2. Damage claim by Sixt

    I also had a similar situation in South Africa.  I think that they assume by my American accent that I was going to go back home and would just pay instead of giving them trouble.  I called my credit card company and told them not to pay and then I fought the charge.  (They were charging me for a tire blow out, claiming I was off-road when in reality I was on a major highway when it happened).  I think when they realized that I lived in the same town the gave up pretty quickly.     Pretty sleazy which is why I always make sure that my credit card covers rentals.  Let them fight it out.  
  3. Damage claim by Sixt

    Does your credit card cover for rental damage?  
  4.   Well, then to put it differently.  If the OP is paying a Makler for a Zwangsversteigerung (such as in this ad where he could be doing it for free, then he should not do that.  
  5. Why is the OP paying Makler fees for a Zwangsversteigerung?  You can just go here for the listings.  Is it because you cannot attend in person?  
  6. Yes, I absolutely agree.  It will remain a dream.  Unfortunately I am not the only one involved in the decision making.  "Safe Samantha" would require a guarantee chiseled in granite and sealed in blood that the house would double in value with no effort required.  Seems a rather German trait.  Or at least the ones that I know.  Good for the insurance market.  Not so good for innovation and risk investment.  
  7. AFS is international and has scholarships available.  On their website they claim that 35% of their students go on scholarship.  Not sure if that is just for Germany or worldwide.   Based on your profile, you might want to try:
  8. 11k for a house in the East could be quite expensive.  I was just looking at a house near the Czech border which is where my wife's grandfather is from.  Looks mostly OK structurally but would have to undergo an entire interior renovation.    Purchase price 2,800€.  Resale value probably 0€.  Location location location.  No local jobs = no real estate value.   Unless you are doing this for fun (you like historic old buildings, you like a challenge, etc. ) I would be very very careful.  Of course if you like adventures and have 11k to blow, then it might be fun!  I love to drool over the beautiful villas in the East going for the price of what a garden house goes for in my area and imagine myself retiring there or some such. Probably never going to happen.  The even sold a whole village in the East for a price that was in my range recently.    
  9. I live in the Alps and go to Munich on the weekend.  Nice and empty.  I wave at the line of cars in the other lane LOL.  
  10. Websites for laptop purchase

    I bought my last Laptop here:  Got a nice laptop at a good price and felt good about buying it. Laptops are refurbished by people with disabilities.
  11. OK, I'll feed the troll:    Please give us an example of how you are "wasting time to some people"?  You watched someone protesting on the news?  It took longer for you to get to work because of a protest?     How do you know that they are not "working seriously" already?     What opportunities do you think you deserve that you aren't getting because you are white?    
  12. Flipping flea market/thrift shop items on eBay

    i used to do this is the States for fun or to keep myself from going nuts when I was unemployed.  I would hit all the local auction houses and even buy a few storage units and then throw it all up on Ebay.  Here, I no longer have the time, but I also do not see the same sort of auctions, flea markets, garage sales, etc. that you can find everywhere in the States.  I have a list of auction houses, but I have not bought a single item since I have moved here.  In the States, most auctions started at $1 and the item sold for what it sold for.  Here there are minimums on everything and even flea markets are overpriced.  Germans tend not to want to buy anything online or with a credit card, so selling isn't so great either.  I have heard of people who work at "entrumpelung" companies that clear out apartments of people who have died or otherwise abandoned property.  If you are young and have a strong back, maybe you can talk to one of them.  By, the way, it seems strange to me that the Germans, who spend all their time sorting their garbage, think nothing of throwing away all or grandma's stuff instead of selling it.  Also that people tend not to want to buy used.  Us wasteful Americans seem to have no problem with at least that part of the waste stream.    **Edit** I forgot one type of auction - at the Fundbüro you can find bikes for really cheap.
  13. Accident between bicycles

    I have no knowledge of the incident beyond what the OP has told me.  Anything else is pure speculation - basically everything else you said.  The OP says that the other cyclist made a big deal out of nothing and I believe him (or her).     Being taken to the hospital means nothing.  It means that they want to check you out.  My kid fell and hit her head.  They took her to the hospital.  After observation, she got a bandaid on her boo boo.  No one got sued for negligence.      
  14. Accident between bicycles

      So basically saying the same thing as he OP is "speculating a lot?"  I gues y'all know much better what actully happened than the OP, (whch of course is TOTALLY not speculating even though you weren't there - cuz reasons)
  15. Accident between bicycles

    That seems to be the OPs whole point.  The other cyclist made a big deal out of nothing.  Of course if you complain a lot they will take you to the hospital and the police will ask questions.  This is Germany after all.  People get into tizzies over cow bells and such.  Still doesn't mean anything serious happened.