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  1. Job advice needed for creative industry

    Sure, I would be happy to help if I can.
  2. Job advice needed for creative industry

    Linkedin mostly.  The recruiter that got me my current job contacted me from but I don't have anything posted there anymore because I am happy where I am. 
  3. FM 4  Their weird denglisch sounds just like conversations in my house.  Plus I like (most) of their music. 
  4. So the amazing Bavarian radio DJs got it right.  Actually they were Austrian.  I live waaaay down South
  5. Problem with buyer of house

    However, if you want to save the cost of the lawyer, maybe you should transfer the money first and see if you there are any damages (and how much) that you could theoretically claim...  Based on that you can figure out the cost of a lawyer and the pain-in-the-ass-edness of actually bringing a case to trial and you would probably find that your time would be better spent enjoying Australia and getting your new home set up.  
  6. Problem with buyer of house

    The exchange rate varies greatly.  We were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the money to transfer because even a small change meant a lot of money for us.  We were a bit disappointed that the rate that we eventually got was a little lower than we expected.  However a few months later, the rate dropped quite a bit and we would have lost a ton of money had we waited.  It is a gamble.    Maybe by the time you actually send the money to Australia, you will find that it is higher than when he should have sent the money to you.  Would you then refund the difference?  
  7. Hamburg Cruise Days warning

    Well shit, I did not know that.  Screw the cruise ships then.
  8. Hamburg Cruise Days warning

    Would 3000 people driving their personal cars to Hamburg produce less emissions?
  9. Wanting to build a "Tiny House"

    Buy/build a houseboat.  
  10. Job advice needed for creative industry

    Munich is great.  I am still on job search lists so I get a ton of mail from jobs in Munich and often am contacted by recruiters.  However Munich is very expensive and even places in commutable distance are expensive. I would still try posting something to Monster (or similar) and give Munich as a location you would consider.  If you are not contacted by a recruiter I would be surprised.  Just make sure you would earn enough to live there.  
  11. I always knew him as Rick Ocasek pronounced "O.K.-sick" but I hear in the local radio "Oh-käs-ik".  Which is correct?
  12. Future of Germany
  13. Job advice needed for creative industry

    Hello Somali,   Yes, you should definitely translate your CV into German.  If you are already in Germany, you can head over to the Arbeitsamt and they will give you all kinds of advice on writing your CV for free.  I am assuming that you already have permission to work here?  If not than that would be a much bigger problem than finding a job.  For IT positions, find a headhunter to work with you.  Jobs are very regional.  There are one ton of UX UI jobs in Munich, for example, but you will look forever in Regensburg.  The more flexible you are geographicaly the better.  Your German ability or lack thereof will be crucial even if it is an international company.   I assume you already applied where you were a Werkstudent?
  14. Wheelchair Access

    There are, however, all of the "Bad" 's that cater to Kurgäste and are much more friendly to people with mobility problems.  Nothing like in the US though.  We are a bit spoiled.  Of course we don't still have infrastructure from the Romans either.  You can't expect castles and cathedrals to be ADA compliant.    That doesn't excuse all of it, though.  Sometimes it seems just that people were either being lazy or inconsiderate (or both).  
  15. Renting with dogs and cats

    We are moving but we decided to help our current landlord find a new tenant (and we are hoping to sell them our kitchen)  We put the ad up for only one day and were overrun with people wanting to see the apartment.  We whittled it down to 6 and sent them on to the landlady to decide.  She did not even consider people with (one!) large dogs.  This is not even near Munich.  I can't imagine what it would be like there.  It is definitely a landlord's market.      Finding an apartment will be really tough with your situation. Rural is the way to go, the more rural the better.  Germans as a rule do not like rural (therefore less competition).  You cannot walk to the bakery and whatever will you do when you turn 80 years old?  What if you break a leg, who will help you? etc.  Also the more rural the more likely that they won't have a problem with animals and the fewer neighbors you will have to annoy.   Unfortunately, neither Munich nor Frankfurt are very rural.     I very much disagree that the Frankfurters are more accessible, although I never lived directly IN Frankfurt.  Bavarians as a rule are much more laid back than other Germans.  Munich is also often rated as one of the best large cities to live in the world.  Frankfurt has lots of banks.  Munich is however also often rated as the most expensive place to live in Germany.