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  1. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    Gaslighting is a huge breach of trust.  Not only the lying itself but then trying to convince the other person that THEY are crazy - horribly evil.    As others have mentioned, it is really hard to respond without specifics, but in my experience the gaslighting effected me personally and it was therefore important for my own personal preservation to be firm.  As it was continous, I had to be more aware of what I said and did and what the other person said and did and insist that the reality was actually what happened  I even thought of recording conversations to prove that the other person was trying to gaslight me, but it never went that far.  As long as I knew what was going on and was firm both to myself and to the other person that I was able to counteract the gaslighting.  I was confident that I knew what had occured and didn't need to prove it to myself.  This person tried to take advantage of the fact that I am not usually such a detail-oriented person to try to convince me of their alternative reality where I was the bad guy and their bad behavior was actually virtuous.  My advice is to remove yourself from the situation as far as possible.   You don't want that sort of manipulation in your life.
  2. I believe the idea of "free range" kids is not to be overprotective - instead of being over permissive.  On the other hand if you think telling a 14 month old "no" is going to stop them from screaming- that  is a sure sign that you have never had children.  
  3. Travel with pet from NYC

    Here is a list of the airline poiicies. They vary quite a bit.  Certain planes simply do not have the faciilities to take animals in cargo (pets have to have a special section, they are not just tossed in with the other luggage).  I mostly fly Delta and I know that most of their planes are incapable of taking pets except when they are small enough to go in the cabin.  Make sure you have all the paperwork you need.    
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I interpreted it more as the "Nirvana fallacy" which is false dichotomy that assumes that if we can't have a perfect solution that solves all of our problems (e.g. totally non-polluting EVs) then we should do nothing at all.   However, I do agree that there are zealots on both sides.  I personally drive a diesel, however it is a Ford Fiesta Econetic which has some of the lowest tailpipe emissions around.
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Why would you throw away the batteries?  Why not recycle them?  That makes no sense. There is a shitload of environmental damage done by ANY extractive mining. Particularly when not done correctly. Why pick on electric vehicles and not cell phones or TV sets (or standard cars)?    Teslas are mostly made of aluminum, not plastic.  Guess what else is made of aluminum?  The Ford F150.    No one is saying that you can build a car (ANY car) without causing an iota of environmental damage.  However those saying that EVs produce more environmental damage are just wrong. 
  6. Americans who speak Elizabethan English

    Probably some Brits from Yorkshire or Birmingham complaining about how hard it is to understand someone from Minnesota
  7. Strange things that happened to you

    I decided to do some travelling between my internship and my senior year.  I had some time, but no one to travel with so I just went on my own.  I stopped off in Williamsburg, VA and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. Williamsburg is one of the oldest settlements in the US.   The woman who owned the Bed and Breakfast was over 90 years old and the house and grounds were even more ancient (for American standards).  She asked me if I wanted a room or the cottage.  I thought a cottage would be cool, so I asked about that.  She seemed a little hesitant to rent it to me which kinda creeped me out a little (what's wrong with the cottage?) but she relented.  I settled down to watch TV and chose a horror flick (of course).  While watching the movie, I realized that I was all alone in the kinda creepy old cottage down South in the US and that the cottage had probably been the slaves quarters originally.  I wondered what sort of horrible things might have occured there, when I started to perceive a vibration going through the ground and the whole cottage.  I felt a tingle going up and down my spine but I put it off - I was a rational guy who didn't believe in ghosts.  The vibration must be imagined due to wine and the movie I had been watching.  However the vibration did not go away and soon the whole cottage was literally shaking.  This could not be my imagination!  I remember not really being afraid, just a bit freaked out and mostly curious to see what would happen next.  By this time, the pots and pans in the kitchen were clanking together loudly and suddenly I heard....                               Chooo!  Chooo!  The next morning, I noticed the train tracks that went directly behind the hedge next to the cottage.  I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a ghost, but I had a good laugh anyway...
  8. Munich bike shops - new and second-hand bikes

    My recommendation?  Go to a Repair Cafe. etc. Learn to do it yourself.  Bike repair is much much much easier to learn than Auto repair and you will save yourself a lot of money and hassle.  Particularly if you break down on the road, with a few tools you can often fix the problem right there and then be on your way.   BTW, for I noticed that this thread mentioned Fundbüros.  There is a website here:  although that is only for the online auctions and doesn't list the many local live auctions.    
  9. I still think that America is a great country to emigrate to, IF: You are young and healthy You are very ambitious You have no kids You are at the top or near the top of your field Your field is Engineering, Computer Science, or Business You a light-skinned You have a great deal of money, or connections to it If you don't qualify and you think that hard work alone will get you where you want to be, then emigrate to one of the Scandinavian countries.
  10. Gender neutral toilets.

    AFAIK public nudity is generally not an offense in Germany.  I do not see why a woman could not walk around topless.  Your company dress code might prohibit that, however :)
  11. Gender neutral toilets.

    It is a conspiracy, quite clearly...
  12. Gender neutral toilets.

    So you found one instance of radical feminist nutters fighting with some radical transgender rights nutters and think that has some general value?  Do you realize that all of those links (and the nutters on Mumsnet) are all the same small group of people?   "Women" have raised concerns?  Which women? How many women?  Are their fears justified?    The vast vast majority of people have never encountered a real problem.  Just imagined problems goaded on by media.  Even if you have encountered a transgendered person in your bathroom, you probably never noticed.  The few actual problems that have occured are blown up by media reports to be much much more than they actually were. (No, the transgendered woman did not rape four women in prison - she sexually harassed two women while in women's prison and was then kicked out.  The other crimes attributed to this person occurred outside of prison and are not really related to the topic at hand)   You realize that a general rule would impact all transgender people? How would forcing transgendered men to use the women's bathroom allay the fears of these unspecified women?  When walking into a women's bathroom to see a bearded lumberjack looking person would you immediately say to yourself "Oh, this person's chromosomes are the same as mine, so this is fine" or would you rather that they used the men's bathroom like THEY would prefer?   In your "30 second search" (I am assuming you used terms like "Transgender" and "violence") why did you skip over all of  these results?: Didn't fit in with your agenda?    Yes, slapping a 61 year old radical feminist is not OK, however trying to "both sides" an argument in a community where people are regularly brutally murdered is a bit disingenuous.  
  13. Gender neutral toilets.

      Really? What is the extent of this "aggressiveness"? Are there roving transgender hoodlums going around beating people up?  Are there transgender prison gangs?    Of course violence or even threats of violence are wrong, but let's keep it in perspective.  If you are transgender you are much much much much more likely to be a victim of real or threatened violence that if you are not.
  14. Gender neutral toilets.

    Checked out Mumsnet.  Nice quote there:   About sums it up.  LOL
  15. Gender neutral toilets.

    For the record, I agree.  I don't think that one's sexual orientation should be an issue for which bathroom is being used.  I just was trying to understand the argument of the other side.    I can't think of any place less stimulating than a public bathroom myself, but maybe that is just me.