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  1. Liveaboard Life

      I dunno. Compared to ~10k a year toward some landlord for a place I don't even own, doesn't sound so bad. That's a reason why I'm specifically keen on the idea of making it our home, and not just a hobby.
  2. Liveaboard Life

    I mean, sure, Spain, Portugal, the sunny fjords of Ireland, it all sounds great, but I unfortunately belong to the class of mere mortals that have to work for a living. Maybe if I had one of those difficult-to-conceive careers that somehow allowed me to earn an income while living on a sailboat, I'd be setting a different course to a warmer clime. But to me, there's a wide gulf between going sailing for a few weeks of the year versus making a sailboat the family home.   Of course, I recognize you're all just chatting and sharing your experiences. Nothing wrong with that. We went to the North of Scotland and up to the Shetland Islands a couple summers ago. Great sailing, and lots of beautiful bird-life, loved the Puffins especially.
  3. Liveaboard Life

    Hi all. Just to clarify, I already have significant experience as a sailor, my (currently pregnant) partner does too. We just became landlocked a few years ago. But in my experience, things tend to come back around.   The idea would be to live on the sailboat largely moored for at least a few years. We'd like to stay relatively near to Southern Germany for a little while presently since family and friends are near, the plan in the future is not so clear. I've lived in the Netherlands, the USA, Mexico, many places, and in each I have always been able to find little corners where people are tucked away living on boats. Yes, sometimes even quite a ways inland. Only in Germany has it proven to be a major challenge. That's why I'm seeing if I can find any tips here. I thank the responders so far for their insights.   I guess a Houseboat (meaning actual houseboat) wouldn't be an awful compromise, but it's not quite what we have in mind.
  4. Liveaboard Life

    I would really love to live with my family on a sailboat one day. One day to voyage far and wide, yes sure, but more realistically (especially now), more as an alternative lifestyle. I've got many relevant skills that would ease this transition which I have built up over the last decade, in addition to a modest savings. I've given it serious thought, and my family is on board with this dream if I can pull it off, but I would have to be the one who makes it happen. I know that many world circumnavigations begin in Hamburg, but it's been quite hard for me to find information about people living on boats within Germany itself. I know there is a custom to haul boats out here in the Winter, which complicates the issue of living on a ship. In any case, I thought I'd try reaching out here in case anyone has useful info.   Does anyone have information regarding people living on their boats in Germany? What about on the Bodensee, or elsewhere in the more southern region of Germany (where we are currently based)? Any tips or insight related to this topic I would very much appreciate to hear. Thank you in advance.