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  1. Why get Married?

    Great responses so far! Thanks everyone.   Well, she's not a Beamtin, so that's right out. I think the kid will probably end up with my last name, so I hope that and my name on a birth certificate should satisfy most legal challenges such as traveling. Maybe at some point, the advantages would start to press in and make it feel more worth it, but that sort of only pushes me to wait. That way we can enjoy those benefits! Also not like we can have much of a wedding in these Corona times...   As for getting married to the purposes of smoothing out death and divorce, dang y'all, that's a little grim! Although I see your point 
  2. Why get Married?

    Hey everyone,   So, my long-term girlfriend is pregnant (15 weeks!) and we are very excited. She is German and I'm a German/American Dual Citizen, and we've been living together in Bavaria for a few years, it's looking unlikely we'd move to the U.S. for quite a while at least. The question that follows is perhaps obvious, but I could not locate a good answer with a brief search.   The question: Is there any practical benefit for us to become married? Neither of us are interested in it for "Romantic" reasons. Yes, I'm sure. But are there other reasons? More specifically, any reason to hurry and tie the knot (perhaps eloping) before the child arrives? But I am also interested in reasons in the general sense.   Although of course I'd want to register the child's inherited dual nationality, as far as I can tell, this is perfectly possible without a marriage certificate, provided I can summon the required documents. We both earn about 30k Brutto, if that is relevant to this question. If it's not plainly obvious, we're leaning towards not bothering with it, or maybe later, but I'm open to hearing other opinions. Vielen dank!
  3. Owing self-employment tax to the U.S.

    As far as I can tell, the special "Exempt, See Attached Statement" line has moved this year in the new 1040 layout. It's now located on Schedule 2 of the 1040, line 4. You may have to print this manually to add to your paper return from the IRS website, here.   Also, here's this info summarized by TaxAct.   Took me awhile to figure this out. Hopefully this helps somebody else out.