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  1. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Thank you. This provides information that is useful to me.   Now I understand what people meant about KK changes when having extra income aside full time job.   So if I earn 50000 per year in a full time job, and on the side 100000 per year I have to pay every month 700 euro to Krankenkase. That is fine for me then as I earn way more anyway and is fully legal and set up correctly. I can proceed to work in peace   Or I will look into options of creating one gmbh and with a company krankenkase has nothing to do with me as much as I understand the topic. I can be owner of company and dont pay myself any salary or krankenkase extra and take money as dividend once in the end of year
  2. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    They don't report it especially when they register in non EU countries. Estonia is not the best example I gave but even there with attorney and privacy options they report nothing to Germany and earn 100-200 k extra per year deposited there and withdrawn with cards all over Europe.   Of course taxes are payed in Estonia or whatever other country is used so it is fully legal but just no trouble with Germany , krankenkase or bullshit like that. As I live in Germany and am not very patient to setup such arrangements wanted a straight solution within Germany only.   But I will decide what to do after getting more information. Thank you all for info so far
  3. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Thanks yes it is a good idea. I haven't found one English speaking yet but will start to search again.   I wanted to learn beforehand as much as possible before searching for tax advisor or accountant. For the moment I was not doing any tax declaration in last 3 years and no one came after me so far. (didn't do it on purpose just being ignorant, worked on side website after work earning like 20000 euro extra per year) Then someone told me hey look you need to do extra steps before can grow fully the extra business and earn more then 100k per year.   At that moment I started to post here. I thought that stuff happened automatically my payment providers or finanzamt just took the % tax like they do with brokers and investments and nothing to do
  4. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Thanks a lot I will check that.   Now I understand why a lot of German friends I know are taking money in countries outside Germany lol because it is so hard to work more then one job here with so much rules. People I know have registered accounts in Estonia and other foreign countries take money there for extra activities and withdraw with cards etc.   I was interested to do it in proper way just Germany based fully 100% legal  willing to pay all taxes I had to. So in principle I work more I pay more that is all. I see no reason why state tells me: hey look dont work more then 1 job. I am a free person I can have both work and business as long as I pay all obligations
  5. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Thanks for explanation.   This is a thing that I might run for years for my entire life, have full time employment + other business as well.   Interesting did not knew that kk is taking taxes and we need to ask them permission if want to start bussines aside full time job. Will contact them. For me is fine i can pay them more as long as i earn more i don't mind it. My question is more like 1. is this allowed 2. if it is allowed what steps do i need to do to make this fully legal and pay all i have to pay like extra tax, kk and keep working in peace
  6. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Thanks, what is a kk ?   So it is not allowed to work on the side if you have a full time employment ? I don't consider it a side job. I do full time employment + lets say freelance or bussiness on the side   I want to know if that is allowed as long as I pay all taxes correctly. As we are free people I don't understand why something like this can be limited. A strongly wiled person might work until 4 pm, then work again 6 until 12 at night if they want to earn more. (also have permission from work to do other business on my time)
  7. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Hi, why ? Can you please explain more details on how much taxes you had to pay when working both as freelancer + fully employeed.   1. Did you register as Gewerbe ? 2. I am currently tax 1 category (single not married fully employeed). When you did full employment+freelancer what category did you move or still 1 ? Why did tax change and by how much ? I thought that for example you earn 50000 eur per year from ffull employment you get tax on it keep almost 25 000 You get 100000 euro per year via frellancing, you get let say 40% tax on it keep 60 000  
  8. Hi all,   my question is partially answered in previous one therefore I am asking again.   My situation is this: 1. I am full time employed and got written letter of approval from my company which allows me to do separate activity as well 2. I have a private website and mobile app in which I sell digital products and receive money in my bank account   What I want to do/need advice:   I am receiving more then 20 000 euro per year as extra income thanks to my Nebenjob activity. I want to be totally legal and register now either as Gewerbe/Freiberuflich (dont know what is fit for my purpose) while also working full time job.   Questions: 1. Can that be done ? 2. If yes, what should I register. As gewerbe or Freiberflich ? I can earn extra income even more then 100 000 euro per year 3. What about the taxes and insurances ??? Right now the company pays my health insurance and social ones and I want to keep this that way. I only want to pay extra tax according to the rules for my extra income. Is that possible or how does it work?   Thank you all!!! Danke Schön!!!