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  1. Hello, I am from Bangladesh. We have Bangladeshi passport and my husband has NE. WE also face the problem of identification in baukindergeld application. Please let me know if you get rid of the problem. Thank you so much. 



  2. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    Thanks! I am hoping to find out soon, fingers crossed!
  3. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    @Gambatte thanks for the information. Just a couple of questions, do you have a German/EU pasport or from another country? If the latter, may I ask which?   The reason for me raising the question is that identity verification (video as well as Postident) has been a challenge for some passports, including India, in recent times. it seems to have been sorted but I am not sure if it will really be so smooth.   On another note, do you know the service KFW use for the video identification?   Thanks again, and wish you all the best!