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  1. mad    Pintu

    Thanks Pintu but your great place is out of my price range. I appreciate your contacting me. Good luck in finding a renter. Mad

  2. Hi Mad, Please check the advertisement link on Immoscout. I am also looking for long term contract only. Everything is mentioned there and if you have further queries, please let me know.   Best regards Pintu
  3. 1.5 room apartment with all facilities available in Ramersdorf area of Munich. Size is 41.5 sqm and fully modern apartment. Big kitchen, Sofa cum bad, one double bed, Refrigerator, dinning table, TV, Washing machine, a nice balcony with movable wooden shade and all utensils and daily needs things are available. Bus stop is 2 mins walk and general grocery shops and restaurant are easily approachable. Would be suitable for 2 peoples and those who are working in Neubiberg, Ottobrun area. If interested, please reach out to me on my email ID:  
  4. Hi Marko, Are you still looking for an apartment? I have one in Ramersdorf area, this is 1.5 room apartment and fully furnished and will be available from 1-Aug-20   Best regards Amit
  5. Hi, I have one 1.5 room apartment, but fully furnished and suitable for people working in Neubiberg area. Unfortunately rent is on higher side, Let me know if you are interested and I can provide details.