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  1. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Happy 10th birthday, bitcoin. It’s amazing you still exist €3376 ↓  
  2. Making money off the Brexit - where to invest

      Depends on how much risk one is willing to take of course as well as the timing.   If it`s no deal, Ferry companies are worth a punt, ( DFDS up over 4% today alone  ) selling the pound short would be a no brainer, some Airlines will take a hit, hauliers will take a big hit & frankly, the list of those taking a smaller to large hit is endless.   On the other hand, a last minute extension might really cause you to have a bad day if you were selling short.   Either way,  don`t bet the farm.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      From the article   “The stark reality is that the principal way of stopping no deal – which is a distinct possibility – is by getting an extension of the article 50 process. The EU is clear – they will grant an extension to allow for a people’s vote, not for further negotiation, so committing to a people’s vote is the way to stop no deal.”
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Well well well ...     Cross-party move to stop the clock on hard Brexit   Ministers and senior MPs in talks to extend 29 March deadline if May’s deal fails
  5.   Lets see, you posted a pic that says 25th of January and link to a tweet that says 26th..    Note the date :-  3:37 AM - 26 Jan 2011   Also note Illegal immigration   Also note     The original tweet from Obama's account was sent during the 2011 State of the Union speech. In that speech, Obama called on the GOP-controlled Congress to work with Democrats to reform America's immigration system."I strongly believe that we should take on, once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration. And I am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats to protect our borders, enforce our laws and address the millions of undocumented workers who are now living in the shadows," Obama said in that speech."I know that debate will be difficult. I know it will take time. But tonight, let’s agree to make that effort. And let’s stop expelling talented, responsible young people who could be staffing our research labs or starting a new business, who could be further enriching this nation," he continued.The Obama administration and the Republican Congress ultimately failed to reach a deal on immigration reform despite a bipartisan effort from the Senate's Gang of Eight to produce a compromise bill. Yawn indeed
  6.   What serving guys? Anyone and her sister can post tweets, if the accounts are verified, then fine - but they are not. Incidentally you posted a supposed tweet by Obama without actually linking to the tweet, instead posting an image - the actual tweet or it didn`t happen.    
  7. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    €3271 ↓
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

      In their own EEZ. No more pelagic whaling in the Southern Ocean. TBH, this has been coming for years due to the politicising of the IWC & of course, the Environmental groups & anti - whaling countries are really whining about it. They reap what they sow - did they really think it would be otherwise? Expect Japan to Join NAMMCO pretty soon. ( they`ll have to in order to meet their other treaty commitments ) ( Disclaimer, I`m a part owner of a Norwegian Fishing boat that goes whaling for 3 months a year )  
  9. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Don't hold your breath waiting for an explanation of why it's illegal    had a look at Palatin again and remembered the post below.. Current Palatin price €0.67.  Says all you need to know    General consensus is that the stock is severely undervalued. Target prices go from $2 to $30. Current price is around $1. I bought it below $0.5.    
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    He claims of course that he would negotiate another deal. Jesus .h. christ, when will this lot realise there is NO other deal to be had?   Take it or leave it. Hard brexit or not. Those are the choices unless there is Ref II Market wise, unless something changes in january, I'll be "betting" quite heavily on no deal and all that goes with it.
  11. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    €3526 ↑   Bounced the other way 
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Would that be an allegory to the UK falling off a cliff with a no deal Brexit?    
  13. Brexit: The fallout

        From the above :   Where applications for naturalisation have been lodged but not decided prior to 30 March 2019, applicants will be entitled to retain their original citizenship in the case of a no-deal Brexit.  They will be entitled to hold dual citizenship so ensure that they are not adversely affected by the length of time required to process their application. This is also covered by the draft legislation.    So get your applications in folks if you have been dithering..
  14. What made you laugh today?

    Listening to Ostsee radio station whilst driving, commercials come on saying supported by so and so and North Korea... Huhhhhhhhhhhh?.. listen next commercial and yes, they did say North Korea... what the hell..? Turn up the volume for the next commercial and hear.. supported by so and so and     NORD KURIER..     *slaps self and makes a mental note to have ears checked*