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  1. Anybody have any SKY shares? Do your happy dance if you do 
  2. Brexit: The fallout

        Actually, Spains foreign minister stated way back that any seccession of Sotland from the UK is an inernal UK matter and they would not interfere  if an indy Scotland applied to the EU. I would look it up for you but I am on a very slow sat connection. Try Spain foreign minister would not veto scotland or words to that effect in google. Spains constitution does not allow seccession - apples and oranges  
  3. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...   Delicious image aside of TT`s resident refugee drama queen becoming an illegal immigrant overnight ( Karma`s a bitch ) Germany does not do retrospective withdrawl of Permanent residency  unless under very specific circumstances, even if one is dumb enough to live here almost a decade and not learn the local language at even a basic level Hell, My three year old grandchild could pass B1   But feel free to feed his paranoia, drama queens thrive on it.   *rolls over and goes back to sleep*   ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    
  4.       Alas, WLB  posted a goodly while back that he had some sort of  PR permit ( original Brexit thread AFAICR )   Regards from Torshavn  ( 2 weeks behind schedule )
  5. Modern residential construction methods

    A cubic meter of gravel will weigh around 2 tons, topsoil around 1.5 tons.      Which does not mean it will not slide tommorrow   That is a hell of a lot of weight ( especially when it gets saturated from rain ) pushing against your wall. I had builders in  recently who made a 2m high 14" thick Backstein wall 10m long. Fundament was 1m deep and interspersed with a lot of vertical 1" thick metal rods set into the fundament for support and that is with nothing other than the wind pressing on it.    
  6. CHAPS Payment A CHAPS payment is a same-day electronic transfer of funds, specifically used for transferring large sums (over £10,000) within the UK. The advantage of a CHAPS payment is that the money arrives in the recipient's account the same day, so long as the money is sent before 15.00 GMT. There is a charge for making a CHAPS payment. SWIFT payment is an electronic transfer of funds between different countries, typically used when you're buying a house abroad, or other big-ticket item, and need to transfer money to the vendor. There is no minimum or maximum transfer limit with SWIFT payments. Once you've sent the payment, it will typically take between 3-5 working days to arrive in the recipient's account. There is a charge for making a SWIFT payment. To make a SWIFT payment, you'll need the IBAN or bank account number, as well as the BIC code (sometimes called the SWIFT code) of the destination bank account.  
  7. Italian elections

    Chief economist at UBS Global wealth management   Everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down. Only then can we talk about Italy.   1) Bond market moves do not break up monetary unions. Bank runs do. There is no evidence of bank runs. 2) Neither Italian parties nor Italian voters support leaving the Euro. 3) The anti-party coalition was not expected to last, because of policy disagreements. It is not certain that the two anti-parties would try to form a government after elections.   Markets have moved anyway. We are now in that phase where any trader who overheard a conversation in their local Domino’s Pizza takeaway considers themselves an expert on Italian politics. Investors would be wise to treat recent market moves with caution.   Sound Advice
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Norwegian government publishes EU policy strategy   Sky political editor comment on it    Norwegian Government releases its European policy document, which at times reads like an invitation to UK to join EEA, at others warns UK/EU that any special access cooked up for post Brexit UK as third country, must be matched for Norway...   That will put the cat amongst the pigeons   edit
  9.   Hah!  Try Schönefeld  (SXF). Voted the worst airport in the World in 2017 ( and rightly so ) it is a dump. It makes Tegel ( TXL ) look positively wonderful ( and that is hard to do ) My favourite has to be Gardermoen ( OSL ). 
  10.   At least they have a barrier now, many years back, it was just a traffic light 
  11. Interesting spam e-mails received

    This one was quite amusing     Gutеn Tаg, Mаsturbiеrеn ist nаtürlich nоrmаl, аbеr wеnn dеinе Fаmiliе und Frеundе dаvоn zеugеn, ist еs nаtürlich еinе grоßе Schаndе. Ich hаbе dich еinе Wеilе bеоbаchtеt, wеil ich dich in еinеr Wеrbung аuf еinеr Pоrnо Wеbsitе durch еinеn Virus gеhаckt hаbе.     Wеnn Siе dаs nicht wissеn, wеrdе ich еs еrklärеn. еin Trоjаnеr gibt Ihnеn vоllеn Zugriff und Kоntrоllе übеr еinеn Cоmрutеr (оdеr еin аndеrеs Gеrät). Dаs bеdеutеt, dаss ich аllеs аuf Ihrеm Bildschirm sеhеn und Ihrе Kаmеrа und Ihr Mikrоfоn еinschаltеn kаnn, оhnе dаss Siе еs bеmеrkеn. Sо hаbе ich аuch Zugаng zu аll dеinеn Kоntаktеn. Ich hаbе еin Vidео gеmаcht, dаs zеigt, wiе du аuf dеr linkеn Bildschirmhälftе mаsturbiеrst und аuf dеr rеchtеn Hälftе siеhst du dаs Vidео, dаs du gеrаdе аngеsеhеn hаst. Auf Knорfdruck kаnn ich diеsеs Vidео аn аllе Kоntаktе Ihrеr E-Mаil und Sоciаl Mеdiа wеitеrlеitеn.   Wеnn Siе diеs vеrhindеrn möchtеn, übеrwеisеn Siе еinеn Bеtrаg vоn 500 EUR аuf mеinе Bitcоin-Adrеssе.   Schritt 1: Gеhеn Siе zu coinbase.com und еrstеllеn Siе еin Kоntо.   Schritt 2: Bеstätigеn Siе Ihr Kоntо mit Ihrеm Rеisераss оdеr Pеrsоnаlаuswеis.   Schritt 3: Zаhlеn Siе dаs Gеld аuf Ihr Cоinbаsе Bitcоin Kоntо übеr Ihrе Krеditkаrtе оdеr Ihr Bаnkkоntо еin.   Schritt 4: Schickеn Siе diе Münzеn аn diе untеn аngеgеbеnе Bitcоin-Adrеssе:   14nWXyNK1NKDk4r6wuF8uCHS1rbDeKpXgA   Sоbаld diе Zаhlung еingеgаngеn ist, löschе ich dаs Vidео und du wirst niе wiеdеr vоn mir hörеn. Ich gеbе Ihnеn 3 Tаgе, um diе Zаhlung zu mаchеn. Dаnаch wissеn Siе, wаs раssiеrt. Ich kаnn еs sеhеn, wеnn Siе diеsе E-Mаil gеlеsеn hаbеn, dаmit diе Uhr jеtzt tickt.   Es ist Zеitvеrschwеndung, mich аn diе Pоlizеi zu mеldеn, dа diеsе E-Mаil wеdеr in irgеndеinеr Fоrm nоch in mеinеr Bitcоin-Adrеssе nаchvеrfоlgt wеrdеn kаnn. Ich mаchе kеinе Fеhlеr. Wеnn ich fеststеllе, dаss Siе еinеn Bеricht еingеrеicht оdеr diеsе Nаchricht аn jеmаnd аndеrеn wеitеrgеgеbеn hаbеn, wird dаs Vidео sоfоrt vеrtеilt. Grüßе!   Do not pass go, do not collect €500   
  12. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    €6503 ↑
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Absolutely hilarious   Theresa May demands EU stop using sound-bites after months of saying 'Brexit means Brexit'   Theresa May has demanded the EU look “beyond sound-bites” in its approach to Brexit talks, in a move likely irritate officials in Brussels ahead of next month’s European Council summit. The Prime Minister – who for many months relied on phrases like “Brexit means Brexit” to describe her withdrawal strategy – called on the EU to be more constructive. It came as Downing Street hit back at what it called “negative anonymous briefings” from Brussels, which saw officials across the Channel launch a devastating attack on the UK’s negotiating positions last week Following the briefing in Brussels, Ms May’s spokesman said: “We need to approach these discussions with the interests of our citizens at heart “That means focussing on holding constructive talks inside the negotiating room. We also need to be constructive outside of the room, which means looking beyond sound-bites and negative anonymous briefings.” Ms May has faced constant calls since taking office, and from both sides of the Channel, to give more details of her approach to EU withdrawal. To the frustration of her critics, she has often chosen to rely on sound-bites of her own to describe her strategy, like seeking a “red, white and blue Brexit” or a “deep and special partnership” with Europe, whilst holding back critical detail.  
  14. I've just posted a silly photo