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  1. E-car tips

    Self driving Tesla video   https://youtu.be/tlThdr3O5Qo    
  2. Which past members do you miss the most?

      Been quite a while since we visited but AFAICR ( and going by the last stage of his  thread ) he had finished his Workshop, Had finished his Man Cave / office   in the roof and had put stainless steel pipes in the Chimney. They gave us a tour round the house   Must say I was impressed by his  cave, he had put meters and meters of Indian silk from wall to wall above head height and when he opened the windows a touch, it moved horizontally  like waves on the sea, very pleasing and peaceful. He had an enourmous home made desk at one end ( maybe 4-6 m long) with more Monitors and gadgets than I have ( and I have a lot ) lots of hand made bookshelves etc etc as well as an ancient Old lamp hanging from the roof from DDR days, very nice. They had also built a big sauna and had one of these wood fired hot tubs next to it out in the open air   I stole the big desk idea         
  3.   What about those who celebrate St patricks day then? I've always thought of them as piss ups but may have to rethink that one 
  4. Which past members do you miss the most?

      FWIW, I have met him a couple of times via his wife. He seems to be doing very well for himself. They have a standing invitation to visit us  so if they ever do, I will let him know he is missed ( by you anyway )
  5.   Name them. Which countries? If you do all of your work online, I am sure you could move elsewhere and do the work online there. It rather begs the question of why you came to Germany first though as even a modicum of research would have told you that pension and heath contributions are fairly high here.
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

      The British call it wanker I believe. ( or tosser )
  7.   In short, No. Nobody really knows what will happen until the UK gets its finger out and actually decides  what it wants. I would recommend reading the current Brexit thread as regards residence here   It is fairly up to date I believe.
  8.   Private or Public?    Calling @john g.    
  9. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    facinating video   The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice          
  10. I do not work there but have a read. Maybe these help   Assessment center   Glass Door VW interviews
  11. Brexit: The fallout

        Alas,  Graham Vanbergen writes for Globalresearch and as such, it should be read with a couple of kilos of salt.   Some of the "facts" are likely true, question is, how many?   Edit, my apologies, they took it from Truepublica i just noticed.
  12. Game of Thrones (TV series)

      Second one wasn't too shabby either  Winter is here
  13. Game of Thrones (TV series)

      All checked again, off to sleep now, up at 2.15am. I still think Bran is going to be the hero with a nod to Arya as well 
  14. E-car tips

    and what to do if you run out of juice    
  15. E-car tips

        here's another   https://youtu.be/fsLMlozXjhk   and another     I've driven to Tromso and further north  in  Arctic Norway and back numerous times.   I drive a Model S..   I pick up my Model X in 17 days   Must have accessories? Only the OP will know what they need. For me, Autopilot, perfomance model with Ludicrous Mode, premium upgrade.