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  1. Weekly! Afterwork Virtual Happy Hour on Meetup.

    Tomorrow at... You guessed it... 7:30! Check!
  2. You provide the tap, we provide the room. Join the Americans in Germany for our weekly Afterwork Taproom!   We have a whole virtual bar, where you can move between our Taproom, Smokers' Lounge, or Terrace.   Tonight at 7:30! All are welcome. RSVP on Meetup or PM me for the URL.
  3. Regarding the 50 percent: I believe the Grundbuch states in what shares each person owns the property.   His mortgage payments seem irrelevant to me. His ownership is irrespective of his debt. After all he owes the bank half the loan right? Who's on the mortgage?    Even if only you are on the mortgage, if he's a fifty percent owner he's a fifty percent owner of the current property value.   This is my layman's interpretation as a fellow home owner.
  4. Strom provider recommendations for EVs

    Yes that's true. I haven't installed one in my garage yet as I can charge for free in several places in and around Offenbach. Charge card wise I suggest the ADAC eCharge card. It's a flat rate of about 0.27€ per kwh wherever you charge.   Actually I'm considering running a regular power line to my garage, not a Wallbox. Because if it's sitting for 14 h anyway, it's plenty of time.
  5. Weekly! Afterwork Virtual Happy Hour on Meetup.

    This Friday at 7:30pm! See you then
  6. Weekly! Afterwork Virtual Happy Hour on Meetup.

    We're at it again. This Saturday, Feb. 6th at 7pm!  All English speakers welcome!
  7. Weekly! Afterwork Virtual Happy Hour on Meetup.

    We had a great turnout last night. Thanks to all who attended. To keep in touch with us, visit our group!
  8. Americans et al. Online Meetup 7:30pm 15.Jan.2021

    We voted to move it to Friday
  9. Hello Toytowners,   This Friday the Americans in Germany will be hosting an online Afterwork Taproom on Feel free to stop by and say hello to our group of Amis and friends from Rhein-Main and beyond.   The event starts at 7:30. See you there!   Brian
  10. Hi all,   Just wanted to inform you fine folks that the Americans in Germany Slack group has now reached 100 members, almost all of which are based in Rhein-Main.   If you are interested in socializing with Americans and friends in the Rhein Main Area or beyond, do check us out.  We are not exclusive, all nationalities are welcome, though our theme is USA. But no Trump fans please Thanks Brian PS: Slack is a messaging app kind of like a mixture between Whatsapp and a forum.