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  1. Hard of hearing in Germany

    In Germany, there is a symbol the visually impaired wear (yellow).   But maybe something like the blue one would be useful, though I've never seen one worn.  
  2. Post Abmeldung hassle: keeping car plates and insuring in Non-eu country

    If you're just worried about insurance premiums regarding the Abmeldung, there is Auslandsschutz you can buy as an add-on to statutory health insurance that will cover you up to a year abroad. Then you wouldn't need to buy it again wherever you're going.   HUK Coburg for example has a Langzeit-Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung
  3. Posteo email provider

    My wife uses Posteo, she's never had any problems with it.
  4. Slack group for networking with Americans

    Ah, gotcha, I guess I couldn't put a date on all the British holidays myself :D
  5. Slack group for networking with Americans

    I mean no Trump supporters. :)
  6. Slack group for networking with Americans

    It's just another way to network. Feel free to join.
  7. As it is Fourth of July eve...   Would any Americans out there be interested in a Slack for organizing events, etc with other Amis nearby?   I am trying to get a group going for organizing socializing events for liberally minded Americans.   The "starter culture" is folks from Rhine Main, but it's open to anyone.   If you're interested, please click this join link for slack, or stop by   Thanks and happy Fourth of July!   Brian
  8. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

    I'd he is not a student he can get Hartz iv, no? Which includes insurance.   If he's a student he can get Bafög or BAB, depending on whether he's in college or an apprenticeship.    If he is in school I don't know what he can apply for     EDIT   I see he is unemployed. I think the unemployment office would be a good first step.
  9. Bars for Country and Folk Music near Frankfurt

  10. Hi all,   I was a Neu-Darmstädter, now I am a Neu-Offenbacher. In any case, I am looking for bars and restaurants that might appreciate some folky, old-time country and Irish tunes in the greater Frankfurt area.   I've heard about Steve's Bar in Hanau, the Hammer Ranch club in Frankfurt also seems interesting.  I've played in several of Darmstadt's Irish pubs and already have Frankfurt's Irish pubs in my sights. When I google "American bars" or "American restaurants" I mainly get German burger joints.   Does anyone have any tips where old-timey country and folk could be a hit? Thanks in advance.   Brian   BTW you can stream and download my music here:
  11. Do you like living in Germany?

    Is this English?
  12. Do you like living in Germany?

    are you a republican by any chance?