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  1. Americans et al. Online Meetup 7:30pm 15.Jan.2021

    We voted to move it to Friday
  2. Hello Toytowners,   This Friday the Americans in Germany will be hosting an online Afterwork Taproom on Feel free to stop by and say hello to our group of Amis and friends from Rhein-Main and beyond.   The event starts at 7:30. See you there!   Brian
  3. Hi all,   Just wanted to inform you fine folks that the Americans in Germany Slack group has now reached 100 members, almost all of which are based in Rhein-Main.   If you are interested in socializing with Americans and friends in the Rhein Main Area or beyond, do check us out.  We are not exclusive, all nationalities are welcome, though our theme is USA. But no Trump fans please Thanks Brian PS: Slack is a messaging app kind of like a mixture between Whatsapp and a forum.
  4. Living in Dietzenbach

    Havent heard that one, but I just meant it's basically one unit with Frankfurt. There's not much of a border, if I ride my bike down the Main 20 minutes im at the Iron Bridge. Coming from Darmstadt previously, and before that Berlin, Offenbach reminds me a lot of Berlin-Wedding for example.
  5. Bees crawling all over the sweets in bakeries

    I saw a sausage stang burning coffee grounds recently against the wasps. They claimed it worked. Apparently you can throw cloves into the mix for extra effect. The next day I bought a watermelon from a shop that was also burning stuff to keep away the wasps. It got into the cut watermelon though, it tasted a bit like cigarettes 
  6. Living in Dietzenbach

    why not move to Offenbach? It's also much cheaper than Frankfurt. That being said I biked through Dietzenbach the other day. Parts of it are full of high rises and look a bit dirty. I actually saw one of these high rises had a big fenced-in mini garbage dump in front of it, apparently for all the bulky trash people otherwise would leave in the streets.You may be interested to know they even renamed a quarter in Dietzenbach because of some stuff that happened there and ruined its reputation.   There are, however, also very suburban parts of Dietzenbach consisting mainly of houses and town houses, it looks very nice there. And there are great bike paths around.   Its on the Sbahn to Frankfurt and Offenbach, too. If you want big city and cheap, go for Offenbach. But maybe Dietzenbach is right for you if you're looking for a more suburban lifestyle. Also, Dietzenbach has this cool lookout tower:
  7. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    It'd be easier with an angle grinder (Flex)
  8. Letter with Kündigung - how do I react?

    it means you are being terminated becuase of the economic situation as of the next contractually possible time (after the notice period), and that you should register with the unemployment office if you want unemployment benefits. But to my knowledge you will not have access to unemployment money anyway, unless you were working there for at least a year under employee (not working student) status.
  9. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

    Ok it's not dumb, it's dishonest.
  10. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

    And you could breach your contract for the first job by having two jobs.
  11. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

    This is dumb. Your new employer has to register you with sozialversicherung, they will notice once you start working there.
  12. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Regarding the national language I am referring to the fact that the constitution does not set a national language, as is the case in the US.
  13. Sprachrassismus at Work

    Germany doesn't have an official language either...   Also I dont disagree with federal services in multiple languages, as stated.    But voting??
  14. Sprachrassismus at Work

    For me, here since 2008, having worked in German settings and German/English settings, the accent is irrelevant as long as the German skills are there. As long as your accent doesn't impact people communicating with you, I would say trying to eradicate it is a matter of personal preference and identity. But the ability to speak in a such a way that you are understood well is an objective benefit and is something you should be working towards if you want to live in Germany long term. There is so much to miss out on by not being able to communicate with locals on their level! Coming originally from the US, now a German citizen, I appreciate that election ballots for example are in the local language only. In the US (voting from Florida) all election material comes in English and Spanish. I am fluent in Spanish, but I do not see why voting (or citizenship) should be enabled to people who are unable to follow the politics of the country due to lacking language skills!    Even for non citizens, societal cohesion has a great benefit of everyone being able to speak a lingua franca.
  15. Illegal Subrenting

    I second this.