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  1. Bars for Country and Folk Music near Frankfurt

  2. Hi all,   I was a Neu-Darmstädter, now I am a Neu-Offenbacher. In any case, I am looking for bars and restaurants that might appreciate some folky, old-time country and Irish tunes in the greater Frankfurt area.   I've heard about Steve's Bar in Hanau, the Hammer Ranch club in Frankfurt also seems interesting.  I've played in several of Darmstadt's Irish pubs and already have Frankfurt's Irish pubs in my sights. When I google "American bars" or "American restaurants" I mainly get German burger joints.   Does anyone have any tips where old-timey country and folk could be a hit? Thanks in advance.   Brian   BTW you can stream and download my music here:
  3. Do you like living in Germany?

    Is this English?
  4. Do you like living in Germany?

    are you a republican by any chance?