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  1. Hello, I've been living and working in Berlin for the last five years. I moved here for a job and I recently decided to quit. After quitting, I filed for unemployment with the Arbeitsagentur. I've already gone through the application process and I received confirmation that my benefits begin in about 2 1/2 months time. Until then, I'm not getting anything since I had voluntarily quit.  Can I take on freelance work at this time? The freelance work is short term. It would basically be helping a client do some webstore management and data entry, amounting to about 80 hours or so of work. I've seen elsewhere that there are rules stating that those on unemployment cannot take on work amounting to more than 15+ hours a week, or 165EUR a month, or else it will be deducted from the benefits received.  So my questions are: 1) Can I take on freelance work at this time? Or will that jeopardize my unemployment benefits? 2) Since I voluntarily quit my job and there is a 3 month gap until I begin to receive benefits, does taking on a freelance job at this moment affect what I am to receive later? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!