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  1. That's not entirely true. You can still qualify for the highest level clearance even with a foreign spouse. BUT, it depends on what country they maintain citizenship in. For example, a German or British spouse could retain their citizenship and you could maintain your clearance. If, however, you marry an Iranian, your spouse would likely have to naturalize in order for you to maintain it. It's really a case by case basis.



    I have a friend who was dual German/American and he had to renounce German in order to obtain secret clearance as DoD civilian employee. I think it makes sense not to have two allegiances if you are asking to be entrusted with government secrets. Even if the two countries are allies it is reasonable to ask that you only have one citizenship.

    True. YOU, the clearance holder, could not have dual citizenship if you are cleared by the DoD. Your family members, however, can.


  3. Your Dad's clearance might go under investigation/suspension for a while but you becoming a German citizen should not result in his clearance being revoked. You can have a foreign spouse and family members if you have a clearance. It just requires more paperwork and usually a longer background investigation. But talk to your Dad. Ultimately, he should be the one who can find out the answer for you.