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  1. Trustable PC Builder in Köln   This is a great resource
  2. Buying a house without realtor

      They are legal thieves. I found my house online, called, made an appointment, looked at it and said I would take it. The Makler spent more time trying to make sure I didn't cut him out of the contract with the house seller than he did selling the house. He literally sat down at the sellers kitchen table and said "look around". Boom, 25ish thousand euros for sitting and making an appointment at the Notar. Criminals 
  3. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

      I mean if you want to play games, is there anything illegal about playing the same song on repeat while you are at work? Everyone loves the Macarana or Free Bird.
  4. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted   You should install one of these for her. 
  5. I completely agree with you. Keep up the good work. This website is only slightly better than Reddit in terms of the online mob coming after you for not going with the flow. Dont say anything negative about refugees or anything pro conservative opinions and you will be fine lol 
  6.   You and I could be friends. Be careful with these comments, the Toytown mob might come after you
  7. Job with an own van

    Probably not as this is Germany and you need a license for everything and they will want their taxes obviously. 
  8. Another Self Employment Tax question

    Hello knowledgable TT people. I have a sort of specific and random tax question. I looked around on here and even used my amazing Google skills before posting another thread on an often covered topic but did not find an answer.   I am an American living here in Germany. I have no plans to return to the states to live. I have been researching opening an ecommerce business (a store) online for a while and am planning on biting the bullet this year and opening the store from here in Germany. I am more or less retired and dont need the profits from the store to live so I plan on saving any profits. I will be opening an LLC in the states, opening an American bank account and keeping any and all profits in said American bank account. The store will not ship to europe and I do not plan on wiring any of the profits to my German Sparkasse account.   I am wondering if I need to claim any profits with the Germans tax wise. I asked an American tax person who lives and operates here and files my American taxes and he believed I did not but he was not 100% sure. I know how the Germans operate and im sure if I ask the Finanzampt they will tell me yes of course I need to file because they want the money. Would this just fall under Progressionsvorbehalt? Do I need to claim it with them? I wanted to ask here first before I shell out a few hundred euros to a German/ American tax person for an answer.   Hypothetically (please dont lecture me on morality), say I did need to pay taxes on this money, what would be the chances of the germans finding out I ran a business in the states from here and was making an income if said income never showed up here? Does the IRS report American bank accounts to the Germans the same way they report my Sparkasse account to the Americans? Just curious. I know tax avoidance/ fraud is punished severely here. Thanks!
  9. Another Self Employment Tax question

      Wow I really appreciate it. I will do some googleing and might possibly send you a private message in the near future if thats ok
  10. Another Self Employment Tax question

    Anyone else have anything to input?
  11. Another Self Employment Tax question

      Yeah I dont want to try it, just playing the what if game. Would I be taxed like a normal business here or would it be progressionsvorbehalt since I would be paying taxes stateside with it?
  12. Just go out of business already. No one is going to pay a subscription to read your crappy articles
  13. Anyone living in Germany but working remotely?

      ahhhh yes, a sovereign citizen. I thought your kind only existed in the states, guess I was wrong. Please keep us posted about how laws and taxes dont apply to you. Dont kill any police or conduct any paperwork terrorism on the court system; they will probably lock you up for that weather you agree with it or not.
  14.   bwahahahahaha. But foil wrapped fruit juice production has been a dream since I was a child. I was just curious as it was local ish
  15. Violence in Köln (falsly claimed on migrants)?

      Whatever makes you feel better
  16.   Where near mannheim and what positions are they looking to fill, pay, hours etc?
  17. Violence in Köln (falsly claimed on migrants)?

      The German media will never report anything truthful that riles the masses or puts a negative light on refugees or anything pro right. Im not anti refugee or pro afd/right but its pretty obvious they have a leftist government and media and aim to keep it that way. Ever notice when some crime is committed and it makes the news how quickly they will report the person is "far right" or has a German sounding name and how they make a point to show the person is a German citizen but when they are a foreigner usually they wont report the persons name? Pay attention next time you see a crime story, it almost always says "Hans R, a German citizen from whatever town, was arrested for this and that" but when its a refugee or foreigner they always say "an unidentified man was arrested for this and that". You will rarely see "Mohammed from Syria was arrested for..."   The German media has an agenda just like most all of the worlds media does. The only way to get the truth is for you to go down there yourself and see whats happening and talk to people and find your own middle ground. 
  18. Violence in Köln (falsly claimed on migrants)?

    Do you trust the German media to report anything anti migrant to the masses? 
  19. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    what type of lock? Does it use a normal key or is it circle shaped like a U lock? You can buy tubular lockpicks on amazon for cheap and they are super easy to use.