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  1. Its always about race isnt it. Cant be any other reason
  2. Loitering in Germany

      Send us your address; im gonna come by and sit on your doorstep with all my crap. If you could bring me out one of your jackets to wear that would be nice too. 
  3. Home security measures

      Its your call. The game cameras can be fairly cheap if you only need one camera as all they do is take a picture but if found they can be stolen and then you loose whatever is on your sd card. generally they are camouflage and are designed to be placed on a tree or some game trail where a deer might walk by. The real camera that goes to the cloud its probably more expensive but of better quality as you need a dvr system, run wires or use it through wifi, needs a power source etc.   If all you need it for is for your friends vacation property then i would think you could get away with one or two game cameras in strategic spots. They even make higher quality ones designed for law enforcement which capture license plates. If you use a normal game camera the IR flash will white out the plate on the pic. 
  4. Home security measures

      So I cant recommend anything specifically but I can say this; I used to be a Sheriff Deputy in the states and ive seen hundreds and hundreds of home security videos from burglaries. The county I worked for had like 1100 burglaries a year; I would sometimes take multiple burglary reports a day. Most cameras are useless because the home owner does not place them properly and does not review the video quality before buying. Put the camera down lower to the ground; The video is not stored in the camera it should be going to a cloud or a home dvr you have set up. Worst thing that happens is the thief steals the camera but you still have your footage saved. The camera does no good 3 meters off the ground as looking down from your gutter to the ground its hard to tell someones face, especially when they have a hat on. Go looks at bank robbery photos, they are always like 12 feet off the ground and you could barely make out who the suspect is if they are wearing a hat or looking down at their feet. The goal is to aid in prosecution and show the cops who the suspect is so your detective or patrol officer can say "oh thats so and so". Put the camera like head height or even mount it at knee height looking up. Pick a choke point where you thief has to walk by or through to get to where they want to go. Also test the footage out in the dark. Everything looks great on the product photos but does it look great in real life or at 0200 in the morning? Some of these cameras have an IR light built in that helps at night.    You can also get whats called a Game Camera that hunters use. They are really effective and maintenance free and work great at night. They hold an SD card and some batteries and are motion activated
  5. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    Dont do it. Get her a flip phone or an old nokia. It changes the reward center in the brain and effects how children interact with other children. Theres all sorts of negative issues that come with smart phones. I dont think its a good ideal to do until she is more mature.   It's 'digital heroin': How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies › 2016/08/27 › its-digital-heroin-how-screens-turn-kids...
  6.   yeah I dont know about now. I just saw the past stuff and have not looked again. 
  7. And dont go to the Miramar. Its a cesspool. There have been multiple recent rapes and unwanted sexual stuff there within the last year or two. bensheim has an indoor pool without all that nonsense.
  8. We live in Heppenheim near you and have a 5 year old. Try going to the indoor spielplatz in Burstadt, its a fun place. Hemsbach also has a nice park that kids love. Embrace the german thing and bundle your kid up and go outside. 
  9. Not a single joke or unhelpful comment, you are getting soft Toytown!
  10. Wifes Father had a new girlfriend (He gets a new one every year), shes like girlfriend number 8 that ive met so basically I dont really care about getting to know her as she will be gone quicker than she came. She comes over for dinner with him. Immediately upon sitting down just starts off the rapid fire questions, waits for an answer and starts with a new question thats usually off topic from the first, just like my 5 year old does but its not cute. In about 15 minutes I get this: do you own your house or rent? Oh you own it? what did it cost? what do you do for work? but you dont make much money from that job, how did you buy a house? you were in the military and a cop? did you go to war? did you kill anyone in iraq or as a cop? what was that like? was it scary? how many people did you kill? did you see your friends get killed?  have you seen anyone else get killed? did you get hurt? do they pay you for getting hurt? how much do they pay you a month for getting hurt? etc etc.    Some people have no common sense or filter
  11. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

      If you wanna see something pretty impressive that supports your claim, go look on any of the "americans in germany" or "english speakers in germany" facebook groups. Literally daily posts of "Hi, I moved here and speak no german, have no skills and nothing to offer. How do I find an awesome job for my unprepared self". The amount of people that move here or prepare to move here and dont look past the cobble stone streets and castles and just think this place is some fairytale land waiting to accept you is wayyyyyyy too high. 
  12. Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery

      Can the TT Mods add a downvote option?
  13. Neighbours trespassing in my backyard

      I used to be a Sheriff's Deputy in the states and dealt with mental illness multiple times a shift. If shes not a loved one then you really dont need to cater to her BS. Its not like shes the OP's wife or friend or mother and you need to appease her and find a solution. Shes a crazy neighbor and theres little reason to play her games and give in to her crap. OP tried talking with her, it failed. Id call the police and keep calling them until they do something about the trespassing issue (IMO German Police are kind of lazy). Id put up signs saying no Trespassing and maybe the remote doorbell. The mental illness is the crazy neighbors problem and not the OPs
  14. Neighbours trespassing in my backyard

    Heres a novel idea: Go to the Bauhaus, buy a small length of chain and a padlock and lock your gate so no one other than you has access to the backyard. Boom.
  15. stairwell terror

    Wait hold up; let me get this straight: Some poor lady folds or deals with newspapers in the basement for her crappy low paying newspaper job and you are complaining about this because of the minimal amount of power she uses for the lights down there yet you have some obsessive compulsive disorder issue where you need to exercise in front of your door at 0530 in the morning in the common hallway area and then repeatedly check if your door is locked? What exercises are you doing? Like stretching or doing prison style burpee workouts?   Your neighbor has every right to be pissed. Does this sound like normal behavior to you? Whose the worse housemate, newspaper lady who minds her own business or the ocd guy who has the need to do pt and check if his door is locked in a common hallway?