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  1. Delivery tax when ordering something from US?

     Don’t quote me on this but I think you have to pay the 19% tax if it’s above a certain value.  I’ve heard that if you send it marked as a gift from the US and it’s under €20 they don’t tax it.     I ordered a special pair of weightlifting shoes when I first moved here.  They were like $140 and I ended up paying something like €40 in tax. I had to meet the ups guy at an atm and pay him. It felt like a shakedown. 
  2. Living on canned food long-term

    As long as the can is not bulging or sucked in you are good. Look at the sodium levels in it though. 
  3. What is your hobby?

  4. What is your hobby?

    Weight lifting, shooting when I can, video games, photography, BJJ, playing with my son, travel, beer and a bunch of other random things. 
  5. Kitchen sink drain leaking

      Plumbing is super easy. If you are bear mannheim id be happy to help you. Its not rocket science and could easily be fixed with a few euros worth of stuff from the bauhaus
  6. Legal Responsibilities as Legal Father vs Biological Father?

      Bro kick her to the curb. 
  7.   Im an American living in Heppenheim by you. Theres an indoor rock climbing hall in Bensheim thats fun but a little expensive. Theres also the movie theater in Darmstadt that plays movies in original voice. Mannheim has that whole shopping area that gets busy on the weekends. 
  8. Looking for a guy called Moritz

    Go on facebook. Type in Moritz and then click people. Narrow the search down to munich under the city tab and have fun scrolling through the billion people named moritz in munich. 
  9. Wiesbaden Playgroup for Children Ages 3+?

      The one in mainz is a zoo and i totally understand. My 4 year old usually only plays with me there. 
  10. Wiesbaden Playgroup for Children Ages 3+?

    Have you tried an indoorspielplatz near you? I think theres also an english speaking kids club in darmstadt. They have a facebook group that pops up every now and again.    Im near you and take my son to the huge park in Hochheim. Theres always American english speaking kids there. Just a thought. 
  11. Builders build us a house smaller than the contract says.

    Life is hard enough. Worrying about 20cm of house width is hardly worth it. 
  12. Retirement in Germany

    Look on facebook. Theres a few americans living in germany facebook groups. If you are financially stable you can live here but you wilo need to show proof. Dont ask me what the amount is cause i dont know. I think its a few grand a month. 
  13. Father and kid playdates in Frankfurt?

    Nope havent managed anything yet. Going to the big spielplatz today in Hochheim if anyone is bored. 
  14. The dumbest person I have ever met!

    I was in the Army with a guy named Ron. He had no business being in the military let alone the infantry and was more suited to work at walmart. He was an example of what happens when you let the television raise your child and was mentally stuck in the 1980s and was obsessed with 80s culture despite being a 90s kid.    One could write a book about how stupid he was but some of the things he did were note worthy. We were in Ramadi in 2006 which was the most dangerous city on earth to be patrolling. Multiple times he went on patrol with us without loading his SAW (a light machine gun). One night we were sneaking around about to go on a raid and he shot a barking dog with about ten rounds because he didnt want it to give away our position.    He was eventually banned from doing infantry stuff and was told to sit in the back of the bradley and hand water to the crew if they were thirsty. When the dismounted troops returned at the end of the patrol evening he was found to have taken off all his clothes expect his underwear because it was really hot in his words.    He was then banned from leaving the wire and forced to pick up trash all day with a stick that had a nail sticking out the side of it. He would wander the base with his stick and trashbag all day for the last few months of the deployment.    By far the dumbest individual ive ever met. 
  15.   How do I move to Germany? How do I find a job in Germany if I dont speak German? How do I do my taxes in Germany? I dont speak German, are there any english speaking persons in my area that want to be my friend? How do I get a job on base?