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  1. I would ask if its under historical protection. If it is I believe that only a special handwerker can renovate it and work on it. I may be wrong.   I bought a house here and have looked at dozens. Nothing that old. I check for cracks that run horizontal and definitely look for water damage, weird water spots or odd repair jobs that look like they are trying to cover an issue ie why did you paint your old basement storage room for no reason? how are the pipes? new or lead lined? how old is the heating system? a new one is like 10k. What are the neighbors like? No one wants to listen to loud music all day or get sued and annoyed by nosy oma who has nothing better to do. How is the street? When the city decides they are adding new sewer or internet you might be on the hook for 20k worth of work you didnt know you needed or wanted. 
  2. What's wrong with the German subreddits?

    wait till you comment on a r/de or r/germany post. The natives can become extremely hostile quite quickly
  3. How to value a house for purchase?

    Theres no actual comps here like in the states. Its based on random german personal beliefs on what their house costs. "I like my random outdated pos house, lets list it for 850K and see what happens" seems to be the norm here. 
  4. When did German TV decline?

    German TV= liberal state run news with no real objective views, Hartz IV people living in tower block apartments, fake cop shows, reality shows about Germans moving to Mallorca to start a German restaurant, reality shows about some German looking for her us soldier father who abandoned the family and fairly educational kids television.
  5.   Ill tell you a story to help support your idea: I was a Deputy Sheriff in California prior to moving here. I worked for a mid size agency in the Sacramento area. We had some gangmember that was very mentally ill and on some meth bender and was quite violent. I forget what he did exactly but he was too violent/ crazy for the jail so they put him in this lock up in patient mental health facility until they could ship him off to the state mental hospital. I got to spend a few 12 hours shifts at this facility watching this guy through glass to make sure he didnt hurt the other people locked up with him. I just sat with a group of nurses and doctors all day. One day a rep from Pfizer shows up to meet with the head doctor. Takes this guy and some of his doctor buddies out to lunch on Pfizers dime. The rep also drops off a bunch of free samples of whatever anti psychotic drug and tries to get the doctor signed up on the Pfizer account. They leave and I ask the nurse if this is normal. "Oh yeah, he comes around every month or so and takes the doctors and high ranking staff out to nice steak dinners and gives free drug samples to keep the county on the Pfizer account". Straight salesman selling drugs on the backs of societies poor and forgotten.
  6. Create a new conspiracy theory

    The best new one is "Birds arnt real". Apparently they are robots created by the government to spy on its citizens and sit on powerlines to recharge their batteries. You can google this. I think its a joke but I have no doubt someone believes it.
  7.   Pesar, you are thinking way too much into this. Finding a woman is not something that requires scientific analysis and debate. These posts, while I understand are you venting and getting stuff off your chest, also seem to be how your mind works. If you vomit this stuff out onto a woman shes gonna run.    You said you have a job? Awesome, is it something you are excelling at or have upwards mobility with? Or are you just moving boxes from A to B and just existing? IMO, women dont really care what you do (unless they are just after money and in that case they can kick rocks), and just want someone with a goal or prospect or some type of drive. Its not attractive from a womens perspective if you are just existing at some job with no prospects. Maybe a 20 year old doesnt care but a woman in her 30's probably does. In the back of their minds they are thinking how you are going to provide for them with your crap job where you just exist.    Do you dress sort of well or at least take care of yourself in some fashion? You dont need to be Brad Pitt but clean clothes that match, a haircut, trimmed nails etc goes a long way.   And most importantly, do you have a personality and are you fun? Not gonna lie, these posts tell me you might not be that fun or might be on the edge of kinda creepy and weird. Obviously dont know you but you know the saying: "if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and walks like a duck its a duck". IMO, 99% of women dont care about looks as much as men do. They want someone thats fun and stimulates their mind. Can you hold a conversation? are you outgoing? Can you talk about multiple topics? Do you share similar interests? are you confident? If you cant hold a normal conversation that goes both ways, back and forth with questions and answers, eye contact, being sincere; like normal adult skills people should have, then you are going to have a hard time or you are going to attract useless women.    Go out, do some hobby or group activity where you conversate with people. Take dance lessons, go do martial arts, join some club here; theres a billion of them. You need to show a women that you bring some sort of value to her life. Show people you have a personality and are confident and fun and women will be attracted to you. Spending your time typing quasi needy/ creepy/ incel crap on forums is not going to attract women. 
  8. How has Germany changed you?

    This country has taught me to be more assertive and stand up for my wellbeing and for me. It has also taught me not to take any shit from people I dont know. 
  9. Registering vehicle

    Not in the military anymore here but my now ex and I moved back a few years ago. She wanted to take her mustang with her. We looked it up and it was a few thousand from what I remember to convert it. Not really worth it. Try selling it and getting a German spec car, itll save you the headache.
  10. sorta unique house sale/ divorce/ tax question

      I appreciate the reply. I will look into this further. I really appreciate it
  11. sorta unique house sale/ divorce/ tax question

      Thank you, I appreciate the detailed reply. The problem is the rental property is part of the house. Can I just sell my half for the 250K and "give" her the rental property?
  12. So I have a sort of unique question regarding taxes and divorce and house sales that hopefully someone can help me out with. I already used the search function but didnt see anything pertaining to my situation. So here it goes:   Wife (who is German) and I (American) move back to Germany in early 2017. We sell our home in the California and buy a home here in Germany outright with no mortgage in the end of 2017. House was listed for 390K euro and when it was all said and done it was about 425K ish euro after Makler and Notar fees.    Wife and I are now separated, still really good friends but wont be getting back together. Ive moved out into my own apartment but have not yet registered because we are trying to figure out what to do with the house and tax issues. We are still married on paper and for all anyone in the government knows, I live in the house with her. The house also has a small apartment attached to it that we rent out for 500euro a month.   Wife wants to buy my half of the house from me as she hates moving and likes the house. Ive tried to tell her thats a poor decision on her part financially to take a loan for 250K to give to me on a single income and we could probably sell the house for 550K-600k (we did some renovations and the market has gone way up. just my estimation). I told her I could walk away from it for 250K euro though if she's that passionate about it. I would then wire the money to my american investment account.   What's smarter tax wise? both of us selling the house and splitting it 50/50 or her buying me out? My argument was we took money which we already paid taxes on in the states and bought a home here with it. If I dont really profit off the home ie just get my half of the money out, do I still have to pay taxes to the Germans for 250k since I sort of already paid taxes on it years ago in the states? Or am I going to have to pay the germans like 25% tax on my 250K. I am 100% with the VA and live on that income which is not taxed here in Germany but I know can be used to jump me into another tax class.   Just curious on anyone's thoughts. I know we will need to speak to a German tax person, just wanted to get a general consensus on the idea before hand. All of this is new to me and not my area of expertise. 
  13. ringing doorbells

    I bet you are an awesome neighbor to have
  14. Any Americans around Darmstadt?

      Im in Heppenheim, are you american?