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  1. Father and kid playdates in Frankfurt?

    Nope havent managed anything yet. Going to the big spielplatz today in Hochheim if anyone is bored. 
  2. The dumbest person I have ever met!

    I was in the Army with a guy named Ron. He had no business being in the military let alone the infantry and was more suited to work at walmart. He was an example of what happens when you let the television raise your child and was mentally stuck in the 1980s and was obsessed with 80s culture despite being a 90s kid.    One could write a book about how stupid he was but some of the things he did were note worthy. We were in Ramadi in 2006 which was the most dangerous city on earth to be patrolling. Multiple times he went on patrol with us without loading his SAW (a light machine gun). One night we were sneaking around about to go on a raid and he shot a barking dog with about ten rounds because he didnt want it to give away our position.    He was eventually banned from doing infantry stuff and was told to sit in the back of the bradley and hand water to the crew if they were thirsty. When the dismounted troops returned at the end of the patrol evening he was found to have taken off all his clothes expect his underwear because it was really hot in his words.    He was then banned from leaving the wire and forced to pick up trash all day with a stick that had a nail sticking out the side of it. He would wander the base with his stick and trashbag all day for the last few months of the deployment.    By far the dumbest individual ive ever met. 
  3.   How do I move to Germany? How do I find a job in Germany if I dont speak German? How do I do my taxes in Germany? I dont speak German, are there any english speaking persons in my area that want to be my friend? How do I get a job on base?
  4. Father and kid playdates in Frankfurt?

      Im also from the states and have a 4 year old son. We could do an afternoon at an indoorspielplatz somewhere one of these weekends. 
  5. Do you get into trouble because of your humour?

    Yes I get in trouble frequently. Mainly with my wife. 
  6. Language school for wife with kids

    I did an intensive course with Kaulbach schule in bensheim. It was m-f 8-1200. It was a decent course. Good luck getting a hold of them on the phone. You will need to go in there to deal with them. 
  7. Mild stalker-ish behavior

    I get this sometimes from people at parties or people I meet through friends. Some people have this weird fixation with america and you are a novelty to them.    This woman obviously isnt doing too well upstairs and you are the object that can fix whatever internal needs/wants/ issues she is having. I would not entertain any sort of contact with her above a professional relationship and definitly do not give her any sort of inkling that you are interested in a friendship. Definitly inform your boss as well incase she lodges a complaint against you for being unfriendly. If she persists you might have to have a polite yet stern conversation with her informing her that you are working and not looking for friends. 
  8. In the UK boys now can have periods too, ..

    I have no animosity twords this group and as long as everyone is happy then im happy. Do what you want as long as its legal. It must be horrible to feel traped in your body. That being said, if you think I am going to pretend that just because you identify as the opposite sex due to a mental disorder (according to DSM IV, the manual of mental heath disorders, it is) that you biologically are then you are wrong nor am I going to refer to you as xe or they or them or whatever you want.    Dress how you want, get whatever surgery you want and act how you want. If you menstrate it is because you are biologically a woman and nothing can change that and I dont think people should entertain any other reason for that.    If I cut the tail off my dog and glue moose antlers to its head, its still a dog. 
  9. Risk Aversion

      We have one already that we rent and have had zero issues with it. I just want more. Like an empire😂. The wife doesnt want to deal it which I dont blame her. My German is ok (B1) and most of the paperwork would fall on her i suppose. We are between Mannheim and Darmstadt in Heppenheim, a great location and the rental market here is great yet maybe a bit expensive.   Ive looked into investing back in the states. Its just a matter of keeping an eye on it. Im slowly wearing her down. She will break sooner or later.    
  10. Risk Aversion

      We have an apartment that we rent. We have had zero issues with it as well and her rent pays off our kitchen every month. Cant beat that. 
  11. Risk Aversion

      Im retired for the most part at 34 and dont need to work again but it would be nice for the wife to join me. Her dad owns somewhere around 10-12 aprtments and while that does not make him rich it does make him comfortable and able to vacation when he wants and to have his peace, even if managing them is stressful or a little work. She sees it as stress and a full time job, I see it as freedom. 
  12. Risk Aversion

    I feel like most Germans are happy with their lot in life, working 9-5 and being done at the end of the day. There is little incentive to manager anything because the pay is not considerably better.    Ive been nagging my wife to buy apartments and rent them out and retire early. Its not rocket science but does take work and is a little risky. She said she doesnt want the stress and would put all our money in a matress if she could.    Working in a buro in a shitty job you hate till you are 65 is way more stressful than taking the risk of buying some realestate. 
  13. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

      sure, the marines are either a tan or a green digital camo. The Army now has multicam but was using a similar style to this but more of a square digital pattern. The airforce has this style which is similar to the old vietnam tigerstripe but digital.  Plus they are careying M16a2 rifles with iron sights which the marines have but generally use the a4 with a rail system and either iron sights or an acog scope. The airforce needs to carry a weapon but since most arnt going to fight they are given the old m16s  
  14. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    Those are airmen not marines.