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  1. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

  2.   Im sure you are the subject matter expert on this stuff as I know you do taxes and deal with this line of work, im just saying ive never reported any earnings or accounts in the states and know easily a dozen other americans who do the same. I have yet to see anyone get investigated or prosecuted for not claiming a retirement account in the states that is used to invest with. Surely if I lived here and had $50m in an account in the states maybe there might be something to worry about but no one has come knocking on my door asking about a couple hundred grand that sits in an account and I have yet to hear of anyone else having to go through that. Maybe its out there but you need to be on someones radar first.   Also, the US does in fact report on the taxes of Americans living abroad to Germans IF: they hold 10% stake or more in a foreign held company. Does not appear the US is reporting joe blow for not claiming his mutual fund dividends. 
  3.   Ill get bashed for it but I dont care: How about 5: mention nothing to the Germans about your American accounts, pay your taxes from your salary here like normal and carry on with your life. They cant see your American accounts or your IRS Returns. Why volunteer to pay more taxes? 
  4. How to deal with the German mentality/rudeness

      Yeah but the Germans have not grasped the concept of self checkout as they still employ some mouthbreather that needs to input some access code or check your id or any other manner of random interaction. Self checkout here is more like assisted checkout. 
  5. Moved here 5 years ago from CA and brought all my crap in a shipping container. Do not try and do this yourself. Call a shipping company (theres a company called You Pack We Ship) or something like that that people use. I used Crown Worldwide. It was pricy, like $10k for a 20 foot container. Trust me, pay a company to ship this stuff.   Also, check your laws with Zollamt. You dont want to get a huge 19% steuer bill on moms china.    These shipping companies have professionals that come out and give estimates. Crown sent a guy to look at everything and take notes and then they gave us an offer. Shipping company came and packed everything and sent it off.    As far as driving to a port, thats not gonna happen. You can go there but you arnt getting on the dock and loading a conex. They need to sign off that what you say is in there is in there. Its a process. Id call a shipping company.
  6. Johnson and Johnson now 3rd shot required

    as someone with seriously bad myocarditis from the vaccine, you are nuts if you are taking a 3rd booster
  7. Germany to legalize recreational cannabis use

      Just make your own at home. Its not hard. Or better yet make your own canibus tincture. Works wonders