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  1. Defending myself against legal shakedown

    Are both of you adults?
  2. Bullied at work during the probation period

      Have you tried calling her out on it? If you are truely not bringing any of this behavior on yourself and she is just being a mean nasty person because thats how it is; maybe confront her on it and stand up for yourself. 
  3. Mass Shooting in Hanau

      Anyone that goes on a shooting spree has both
  4. Estimating Business Costs for Spices Online Shop

    Something to consider as I own an online store (but its in the states and does not deal with food); the process of opening an online store in the EU is a headache. They have rules for everything, even where the checkout button is located on the webpage. Seriously.   Did you calculate your advertising spend? Do you know how to use Google Adwords or FB ads? Those can be black holes for people that have no idea. Id look on youtube and watch some tutorials. Just opening a website will not drive traffic to you and get you sales. You need to spend on advertising which is expensive. Sure you can open a shopify store for $60 or so a month but just opening it will not get you sales. I would do some serious self reflection and see if you are going to sell enough sugar and tea to cover your operating costs. I have no idea if you will or wont but im guessing you wont. You need to find your market and who will buy from you and how you will get your message out to people. Find your competition and see what they are doing and then do yours better.    Remember, just because you like something or have a family or village tradition or hobby does not mean it will be profitable or make you money.    Not trying to be a downer and I hope you make it; just look at the big picture before you go into debt and are let down. 
  5. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    No im saying be a self reliant adult and dont involve the government in every petty life issue. Something that very few people here do. 
  6. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    Look im not some violent psycho that solves every social issue with his fists and as someone whos been to war a couple times, I totally understand what violence can do; Im just saying that someone people earn a punch in the face and theres zero reason to run to the police and complain that someone gave you the finger and hurt your feelings. People need to be a little more self reliant and handle their issues alone without the governments help. If two people get into a road rage issue, pull over and figure it out like adults. 
  7. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    Good for her! Tell her a random American on the internet supports her fiery attitude 
  8. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    I have the sneaking suspicion you are the exact person who runs to the police and a lawyer complaining that some mean citizen gave you the finger. 
  9. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

       Im only 35 but its hard to ignore the skinny jeans with attached rhinestones and scarves
  10. How much is enough for retirement?

    Move to Mallorca and open a German restaurant and wait for your episode of Goodbye Deutschland
  11. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

      This is an unpopular opinion im sure in a country full of emasculated men and millennials but what is so wrong with that? Someone drives around aggressively like an ahole and is at fault, risks other peoples safety and property and someone calls him out on it by beeping his horn. ahole gets mad and starts with the driver who called him out on it. Instead of both of them threatening to tell their mommy (the German government) about their petty squabbles; pull over and handle it like two grown men. Animals do it, kids do it, lots of people do it in other countries not full of guys wearing skinny jeans and scarves.   Im not saying it solves the problem but its a solution and I guarantee both people will remember it for years to come. You either dont drive like a dick cause someone will bust your head over it or you learn to mind your own business and not to honk at people because someone will put you in your place. Im not advocating they murder each other but sometimes pain solves problems more than monetary fines. If you make 100k a year, a 200 euro fine is not a learning lesson to anyone but if that guy wakes up sore every morning for a week and has to be embarrassed with his black eye in public that is way more effective than a ticket at changing behavior.     
  12. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    This is what happens when you have a country of people which are entirely reliant on the government to solve their problems. 
  13. Its always about race isnt it. Cant be any other reason
  14. Loitering in Germany

      Send us your address; im gonna come by and sit on your doorstep with all my crap. If you could bring me out one of your jackets to wear that would be nice too. 
  15. Home security measures

      Its your call. The game cameras can be fairly cheap if you only need one camera as all they do is take a picture but if found they can be stolen and then you loose whatever is on your sd card. generally they are camouflage and are designed to be placed on a tree or some game trail where a deer might walk by. The real camera that goes to the cloud its probably more expensive but of better quality as you need a dvr system, run wires or use it through wifi, needs a power source etc.   If all you need it for is for your friends vacation property then i would think you could get away with one or two game cameras in strategic spots. They even make higher quality ones designed for law enforcement which capture license plates. If you use a normal game camera the IR flash will white out the plate on the pic.