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  1. I am not sure this is my advantage, I think this is opposite and this is very bad and disadvantage for me, because he did something in my house, but now since he did something in my house, he can claim any price and I can not prove he did not tell me with this price and nobody else as evidence. for this reason, I think he knows and he is trying to play with me and asking for more money.    What do you think?
  2.   Of course, I would love to give full details but it will be a very long story that's why I try to make it very short. it is the story of several months and a lot of difficulties. The problem with lawyer initial conversation is they just say we can do it for you, you are the in good shape, but to me look like they just want me to get in, and then we have no sure what will happen. I am wondering how I can give you full details here without getting too long, maybe I can contact you directly?
  3. We did not sign any contract, the only thing I have in my hand, behind one of his Angebot which total was 31K EUR he returns with his hand right, we agree for 25 K and mention the payment option as I explained, there is no other signature from my side, there is no email from my side to him, and remind conversation to remind in What's app or face to face.  
  4. Hi guys,    I am looking for inexpensive or cost-free legal advice Since I am not German and can not speak and German, I feel really handicap in Germany with all the different of german law,    Short story, I asked a German company which the person originally from my country to renovate my house, after a few times checking my house and price proposal and come changes on price, He start working 27 JAN 2020, but things did not go well and he did a very bad job in house and took a very long time, he damage any part of my house, and finally he reached to 90% of progress and left my house without complete the job, and close all the communication channel with me and only his lawyer contacting me since 27 APR 2020,  first his lawyer tried me to accept the job done which I refuse and I gave him time to fix the issue and damages but he refused to do it on the timeline and after the timeline asking for visit my house with the expertise to check the house and I told his lawyer he and his lawyer can visit my house but without anyone else. again no news from them and this week I receive the invoice from him for 90K Euro with a full list of nonsense and some material invoices and asking me to pay full amount till 7 AUG 2020. where the original agreement verbally was 25 K Euro and with payment condition of 15 K after finishing the job and 10 K base on installment for 0% interest can be pay by him.    I am shocked and don't know how I should react to this stupid demand and how he could ask for this much extra amount, and since he has a lawyer and I do not have and can not effort it. and the letter and invoice sent from his lawyer which means the lawyer he is sure he can bit me with the law and misuse his power agent me and cheat me to pay him almost 4 times from the price which we agreed. He claims I asked him for extra changes which I did not.    Can somebody be kind and guide me or if somebody had the same experience as me share his experience with me?
  5. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

        Thanks, Yes I knew the road has been allowed to past for neighbors or guests, I also should keep it clean in the shift by a neighbor. but I did not know I do not have a permit to not close the road by the gate. my main requirement for the gate to have better security and privacy without blocking the neighbors to access their properties freely. the part you mention makes sense, but I am not sure how others did the same?!! I can see many houses similar to mine have not opened the road for everybody? besides that, if somebody just enters our private road and something happens to it especially in the wintertime we will be in trouble.    I asked BSR regarding this box, they told me they do not care about it, this is your choice, but if we change the place or if need to bring them in front of the road you just need to tell us where to collect it.    You are right about the BIO bin, I have one and I saw they have too, I don't have place for it and I leave it somewhere in garden. on the timing of collection, I can see they bring them and I should bring mine and place them in front of the road. Besides that, we have a blue bin and one of the backside neighbors has a second black BSR bin which he placed in front of his door.   In fact, I think each house they should hold their bin inside their own properties and don't disturb each other, first, they use my space and they are not clean the box and has a smell, each day 2, 3 times they have to walk from home to BOX space in front of my house and throw their trash, and each time they make big noise by opening and closing the big iron door and smash it while they close it. therefore I am not happy with the location of the box, additionally, I would like to change the design of fences and front garden.     Regarding language and etc which you and @McDee mentioned: I am not trying to show anything, I just simply say thank, I am not trying to show who's a problem and blame anybody for anything. I am just simply trying to understand what is right till I can plan for my next move. this is the issue and I am trying to solve this issue for myself. reset is an explanation for people to know why? what and etc. besides this, since I am writing my question here and this is the main target of this forum as far as I know, for people like me who can not speak German to discuss their issue.    Again I should emphasize this, before any conversation, request, or demand, whatever can we name it. the first step is to have information, possibility,  maybe my requirement does not make sense at all and talking about it with neighbors just going to disturb them.    
  6. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

      Thanks for mention this, I did not know that.
  7. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

      Yes, I bought the house with a mortgage from the bank, But I am not sure what they call the section in German or the document name in German so I can recheck and see if there is anything like this document they sent to me. 
  8. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

    I am sure this is part of my land, even the road next to it is part of my land if you see the picture
  9. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

      about this box we never talk before with agency, I remember in first visit agency who was not sure about most of the information told me they are yours, also I was not sure about how the thing works in Germany. I was more pay attention to the house building materials and since the owner was not leaving in house, many information need to be asked by the agency via his son who was not sure about most the information too.    Recently I tried to ask the attorney man which we since the contract and he did all the transactions documents and he told me there is no other attachments which explain anything about this.
  10. BSR container location for my house and neighbours.

      Thanks for the advice, I am in good relationship with another neighbor, but the two houses in backside are a difficult one, for two reasons one house the owner has died before I move in my new house but his son seems a very nice guy but he left the house empty and I am not able to see him so often, the second backside neighbor does not speak English and also he does not want to talk to any neighbors and in particular seem not like non-german people which make it a big barrier for any approach.    From the other side, before I start the conversation about these boxes, I need to know my rights and possibility, otherwise, I can not negotiate about anything.  some neighbours told me since there is nothing mention officially in your land registration documents and this is your land you can do anything you want. But to me, since they are living there for more than 30 years, they have mindset everything remind the same and if I change it they will be upset which I do not want to make them against me, at the end of the day we are neighbour and we need to live together in peace and happiness, therefore If I know my right, I can think some why to talk and then see the reaction and they can not simply say no if I have right,    Is this make sense to you? Did I able to explain to you my mindset?
  11. Hi,  I am not German and recently I bought the house in Heilligensee, my house is on the front row and two other houses need to past my land, I know by law I should allow them to past and I do not have block the, but there is some issue which needs to know what is my right and how I should do it.   There is a concrete box in front of my house in my land which has 3 space for 120Liter BSR container, which one used by me and 2 other use by two houses on back. Since I am a new owner and I do not know the story behind that and they are also not really friendly and we can not understand each other language it is really hard to communicate together over the problem and discussion. The box located inside of my land and as far as I know there is nothing in my official documents mentioned regarding this pard and section is 100% is own by me.    https://resizeimage.net/viewimg/SAvNhS8VtVngUfn1/k2ULl/img_20200707_093417934_hdr.jpg    Now I wish to remove the concrete box and make a change in my front garden and fences around my house. But before I touch it or destroy it, I want to know my right and legal process in case need it to avoid unnecessary problem my case if I touch it, is there any checklist or any place which I can find the right advice regarding this subject?   In the second part of my requirement, I would like to put the door in front of the road which back neighbors passing from my land to their house. Again, what needs to do, what checklist I have to consider and procedure which I need to be passing before I am able to place the door in front of the road to not let anybody to freely move inside of my land for more privacy and security reason.   Many thanks for your input and help. 
  12. I asked him about white powder, as he said it is against the ant, I have no idea this is harm for human or not, but mainly IMO he dose not have any right to do anything in my land without my concern and he has only permit to past my land to reach to his house.    Regarding the tree according to authority we do not have permission to cut any root or branch of this tree which is bigger than 2cm R,   I was ready reply and I understand we should use professional trim company to trim that, Again Do I have to trim this tree? because IMO dose not need any trim and dose not block any way or window, sun and etc.
  13. Hi,    I am not German and recently I bought the house in Heilligensee, my house is on the front row and two other houses need to past my land, I know by law I should allow them to past and I do not have block the, but there are some issue which need to know how to act with them.    The old owner grow a big tree at the end of my land which now is protecting by government and when we requested the government for permit to cut down they told us no. I personally dose not have any issue with that tree and love it, but because we understood neighbour dose not like that tree because they claim it is too big and make dirt everywhere  we agreed to make application to keep them happy since we like to have the nice relationship with our neighbours, story short government told us no.    Now I saw few times this neighbour  put his hand and cut branches which are still in my land but in this passage way and not block him or cause of any damage to his car and then throw it into my garden, or collect the death lift from this three and dump it into my garden.    1. Does he has right to touch my tree? if No. what should I do is there any law sentences which I can read and learn about the law in Berlin? 2. Dose he has right to drop/throw it back in to my garden? if No. what should I do is there any law sentences which I can read and learn about the law in Berlin? 3. Also I can see he put some white powder below my tree and when I did ask him he said this is poison for ants, but at close to this tree I grow strawberry and this can be harm for my health if I eat these strawberry :(,    Overall I am not sure why he do these things without asking me, I do not have problem if ask me for help to clean or cut or anything and then we both knows what's going on rather than he just decide and act without my concern or permission.    Many thanks for your input and help.