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  1. Which bank to choose?

    Good luck complaining to private guy, he would just sell it to someone else. Car is not like groceries which you can get anywhere, so you have no really choice in contrast with supermarkets and bakeries. I by myself is about to sell one car I have and I'd prefer cash as well. I do complain to businesses though and I try to avoid any cash-only place (such as bakeries), but for cars and private services (especially smaller "garage" services) it's nowhere near it and if everything else is perfect, well, I'm fine with cash-only.
  2. Subletting and statistics

    What's wrong with AirBnb?
  3. Which bank to choose?

    While there were some similar topics before, they seem not really up-to-date, so let me revive this again   Basically the question is "Which bank would you recommend?"   My background - I moved to Munich in 2017 and opened N26 back then. While I was quite happy with it until recently and was considering myself quite loyal customer, today they have pissed me off. Apparently they have lowered withdrawals limit without any notification and today it's just 1k daily and 2.5k per week. Last year I was buying a car for 7.5k in cash and it took me 4 days to actually withdraw the money (2k per day). This was a bit annoying, but understandable. Now with 2.5k weekly no, this is just so incredibly bad that it's equivalent to locking my money and this has really motivated me to look for other options. So frustrated by this disrespectful behavior... Anyway...   Important items for me would be: Show stopper: worldwide purchases in any currency without any fees (before I moved to Germany I thought it's kind of obvious. But apparently not, some banks here are ancient enough to charge for it) Show stopper: normal Visa or Mastercard card. Show stopper: no monthly fees (condition about regular adequate income is okay) Show stopper: worldwide cash withdrawals in any currency without crazy fees (now 2% for non-eur in N26, shouldn't be more than that) Show stopper: SEPA and direct debit transfers for free (again, should be obvious, but who knows this country) Show stopper: doesn't treat foreigners like shit (I have NE now, so I assume shouldn't be a problem) Very desirable: adequate cash withdrawal limits worldwide (as written, 1k per day without possibility to increase is a joke. 2k per day I can survive, but would be great to be able to take up to 10k per day if needed) Very desirable: understanding English (google translate is my friend usually) Very desirable: online banking/usable android app Very desirable: possibility to have at least 2 accounts/"spaces" for money (one which is actually connected to the card and SEPA, I don't put more than 1.5k on it usually, the second one for spare money just in case, not more than ~10k usually; money more than that go to my own investing/stocks usually) Don't really care: any conditions or things for "more than 50k EUR", I don't have so much money in one account. But of course  Don't really care: fancy statistics in online banking, I have my own expense reporting for all my money everywhere Don't really care: physical offices Don't really care: EC card, but if provided for free, might be useful once in couple of years when I find so shitty place which I cannot avoid which accepts only cash or EC.   As I looked around and asked a few friends, DKB seems to be the most interesting option nowadays, any other advice, or maybe DKB feedback? Or even N26 feedback, maybe it's not so bad?   See also https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/95085-recommended-banks-in-hamburg/ https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/368407-choosing-bank-account/?page=3