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  1. ...they eventually agreed that the old owner is responsible :)
  2. That's also what common sense tells me (and so does this, to the best of my understanding).   In doubt I also tentatively contacted another lawyer for a consultation and possibly to take over the case –not sure I can trust the MV anymore.   In the meantime thanks everyone so far! I'll keep following this for other opinions and I'll update here for general knowledge as soon as I have news–maybe it helps someone else.  
  3. Why would she though, if my tenancy had already ended long before? In that case transferring rental obligations is not required by law and it would be quite a bit of a stretch to assume she did imho.      
  4. Hi all,   My old landlady still owes me part of the deposit and refused to acknowledge all the friendly attempts at settlement. I am a member of the Mieterverein in Munich and we filed a Schadenmeldung to proceed in court (so I was assigned a lawyer, let's call them Lawyer A) but we eventually concluded that the quickest/most hassle-free option is to proceed with a Mahbescheid and only go to court if the landlady fights it.   Now the question: 1) Lawyer A asked me to obtain a Grundbuchauszug to find out who the owner of the apartment was at the time the tenancy ended, because I mentioned that the landlady once said that the owner was her daughter. According to the Grundbuchauszug, her daughter is the owner of the flat now, but the change in ownership happened over a year after my tenancy ended (so, in passing, the landlady lied, but that is not surprising at all). Lawyer A maintains that I should proceed against the old owner. 2) I forwarded the Grundbuchauszug to the Mieterverein, as for now Lawyer A does not need to be involved (I am filing the Mahnbescheid myself). The Mieterverein advisor who is following the case (who is also a lawyer, let's call them Lawyer B) is now maintaining that the Mahnbescheid should be directed to the new owner.   I am thus receiving conflicting advice and mathematically one of the two is wrong. Does anyone have an idea what to do in such a case (apart from CCing both of them in my last email response)?