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  1.   I guess so!   "Close your eyes. Picture a really noisy lawnmower. Now imagine that same lawnmower flying around above your apartment like a drone a few times per day at unpredictable times!"   Now open your eyes. Here's the video!   (Coming to a Munich neighborhood near you Real Soon Now).
  2.   True, but at least in our neighbour here we pretty much never had anything like that. I have observed many cases of rescue/ADAC flights that make rounds (sometimes in pairs of two helis) around a much wider area stretching from Unterfoehring down to Au, and thus cross multiple times right above us (300m), and this is sufficiently disturbing of course when at the same day you have another 2-3 of those that do hospital transfers (at the same altitudes) AND 5-6 of those private "having fun watching the view" flights at slightly higher yet distressing noisy altitudes. Repeat every few days with some breaks in between. Any sane person would start getting bothered eventually.   It has basically reached way above the threshold when it becomes gradually noticeable, moved to irritating, then disturbing, and yes now even traumatic at this point due to its frequency (we always expect it will soon "hit again", and it does without a miss).
  3.   Thanks, I'll see what can be done. I don't know what you mean "increase of search orders" though, the police helicopters are rather rare exception (we had one just today though). The majority is amateur flights, and next up is the various hospital transfer ADAC etc flights that are the noisiest and most frequent.   But quite honestly, what's there to discuss? mako1 above is arguing that one shouldn't live next to hospitals/landing pads/etc etc (as if one can know beforehand or have any official response to that, but oh well).   Let's say for a moment that this is possible. Again, I'm not even next to any hospital or anything else that justifies landing. It is simply that somehow it has been decided (at least for helicopters) that the path from north to south should go across the English Gardens (possibly as someone else commented for visual flight tracking or something).   So really, where should one live? Any arbitrary neighbourhood can be a crossing point between facilities (e.g hospitals), in the end, no matter if it is in any close proximity to anything that necessitates landing.   Which means the issue again boils down to flight altitudes, exactly because hospital facilities are spread out in many parts within and around the city, so if they keep crossing as frequent as they do, and at 300m above apartments, there's *ALWAYS* going to be a problem.   And now, I'm expecting someone will pop-up and tell me "hey, that's how it is when you live in a big city!", to which I will preemptively respond: "only in germany, friends, only in germany!"
  4.   Excuses, excuses. 'The road to hell is always paved with good intentions".   First of all, this started the last few years (enough to become noticeable to untolerable). I have been living for 5 years in the exact same spot before this ever became an issue. I intentionally chose to live in this very area 9 years ago, exactly because it was extremely quiet compared to any other neighborhood of Munich. We rarely ever hear an ambulance or firefighter sirens, or would have any reason to complain about it. But flights? Hell yeah. Circus it is.   And no, I'm not living next to a hospital. And no, they're not landing. We established this earlier in the thread. They are though flying at altitudes of 850 meters above sea level, while most of Munich is about 520 meters above sea level. This means that they are just above the safety limit of 300 meters, and yeah this is rediculous when it comes to noise.   "Scenic flights", are not only not banned, but they are the cherry on the top. At least emergencies are the exception and they serve a real purpose. The truth that noone appears to want to admit here is that this has been getting worse and worse, and the only reason is exactly that everything here is being excused. There's always an excuse.
  5.   There are indeed traffic records and those are broadcasted in real-time (the altitude is visible in websites like flighradar24).   That said, this really doesn't matter, as 300m is a *ridiculously* low altitude to be flying over dense residential areas continiously. Most of the really noisy flights going on here are at about 2700ft which is ~900m, and they are quite loud (I can hear them from a distance for some time until it goes crazy when they are practically crossing above).   And again while one every so often in cases if emergency could be tolerable, we are talking here about an average of 10 crossings per day.   It has really been a shitshow over here (Bogenhausen/Mauerkirchen). The moment the weather gets better the circus starts. Anything from rescue flights, police helicopters and amateur private flights are going on each and every day, about 10-15 crossings. Right above the same exact region. Over 17 flights here today (Sunday), another one while I'm writing this. The view must be irresistible!   But quite frankly, I'm not even surprised that this is officially blessed by the various authorities and laws. This goes to show that the society tolerates this crap, so it only gets worse.
  6.   Yes, you're right. We should all live 24/7 with earplugs or just get lobotomized. Because this is so much fun, and we have nothing better to do in life.
  7. ..and here's just one of the many "fun flight" paths in its full glory. Most obviously without any purpose, this is without a doubt a leisure thing (for those at the cockpit, that is).   That's a Partenavia P68C, "HB-LUZ", SFS60, for the flight aficionados.   Is there really no other damn place in Germany (or in Europe) outside of a populate city to enjoy their aircrafts?  
  8. Honestly, it has been a total circus this entire morning. From ADAC and DRF circling around the area and gardens 5-6 times, and at least another 5-6 different kinds of private small aircrafts "having fun" just above our heads. And they keep going every few minutes or so. What the hell really? Is noone being bothered by this? Am I the only one sitting under a hotspot of air-activity?
  9. today's new catch (wasn't noisy as it was flying high, but I was just curious..)   Looks like a private flight with a Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft type, which crossed Bogenhausen and landed at Oberpfaffenhofen. Apparently it flew out of least someone is having fun!   I wonder is this some sort of private rented ride or someone local who actually owns such an aircraft (looks like prices are around 15 million, so probably affordable by some).
  10.   Quite. There's practically no information whatsoever that I know of, other than this thread. Neighbours seem to be almost oblivious to it (or rather tolerating and suffering in silence, as usual). Which is rather ironic when being among people that regularly complain to each other about the noise of toilets flushing after 22:00..   That's kind of the issue too, plus the lack of authoritative information on what is going on and what to expect next. If a problem is not being identified and recognized, then there's no problem to speak of...and a few years later people have perhaps already "adjusted" to it. Apparently this isn't a severe degradation of the quality of life for the affected residents (and again, I stress that this started at least one year before covid). I really wonder if any local authority is even aware that this is actually a problem at all.   Many of those flights are routinely crossing right above the rather ultra-rich parts of Mauerkircherstraße and surrounding streets, with the kind of "villas" inhabited by (what I would assume) the kind of owners that would already be in the courts litigating. Who knows though, maybe they've already been there and failed.
  11. Today's addition (just now): Klinikum Freising to Muenchen Klinik Bogenhausen:
  12.   Right! Bushfires were the only rare and odd occassions in the past where I had even come close to noticing helicopters flying above a city (not in Germany though).   But to have this as routine rather than the exception across such a densely populated area... Especially since this apparently keeps only getting worse (more frequent) during the last few years - enough to be noticeable to the point of being in constant agitation whenever we hear any sort of engine at this point. It is nerve-wracking. When they are crossing above us, it sounds like we're about to be bombarded.   I've also read that the average altitude for helicopters is 10,000 ft, and that indeed the higher altitude puts more pressure on the helicopter. Still, between 10,000 and 2,000 one would think there's enough flexibility to avoid disturbing the residents on a constant basis. I've noticed that flights above 3200 ft or so are almost unnoticeable.
  13. So here's one by ADAC which flew over us some 15 minutes ago (photo attached, more details can be found at the link).   It's flying out of Landshut and landing at the Harlaching Klinik.   Seems to be going "out of their way" to fly close and above the Isar and closer to the more populated neighborhoods, even ending up making a small circle above Perlacher Forst to land to the destination.   I don't get why, but then again what do I know about flying.
  14. @HEM thanks, that's all very, very interesting info (makes one want to learn much more about flying!).   It still doesn't quite answer the main pain-point here: so could you actually fly your sailplane, let's say at 2000 ft within a densely populated area (such as the center of Munich)? Not just theoretically but rather if this would be allowed (given the noise and related hazards for the citizens).   It seems from the descriptions that some of the airspace classes are defined in relation to proximity to airports etc. It is not clear to me what applies to dense, populated urban areas.