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  1.   Yes, you're right. We should all live 24/7 with earplugs or just get lobotomized. Because this is so much fun, and we have nothing better to do in life.
  2. ..and here's just one of the many "fun flight" paths in its full glory. Most obviously without any purpose, this is without a doubt a leisure thing (for those at the cockpit, that is).   That's a Partenavia P68C, "HB-LUZ", SFS60, for the flight aficionados.   Is there really no other damn place in Germany (or in Europe) outside of a populate city to enjoy their aircrafts?  
  3. Honestly, it has been a total circus this entire morning. From ADAC and DRF circling around the area and gardens 5-6 times, and at least another 5-6 different kinds of private small aircrafts "having fun" just above our heads. And they keep going every few minutes or so. What the hell really? Is noone being bothered by this? Am I the only one sitting under a hotspot of air-activity?
  4. today's new catch (wasn't noisy as it was flying high, but I was just curious..)   Looks like a private flight with a Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft type, which crossed Bogenhausen and landed at Oberpfaffenhofen. Apparently it flew out of least someone is having fun!   I wonder is this some sort of private rented ride or someone local who actually owns such an aircraft (looks like prices are around 15 million, so probably affordable by some).
  5.   Quite. There's practically no information whatsoever that I know of, other than this thread. Neighbours seem to be almost oblivious to it (or rather tolerating and suffering in silence, as usual). Which is rather ironic when being among people that regularly complain to each other about the noise of toilets flushing after 22:00..   That's kind of the issue too, plus the lack of authoritative information on what is going on and what to expect next. If a problem is not being identified and recognized, then there's no problem to speak of...and a few years later people have perhaps already "adjusted" to it. Apparently this isn't a severe degradation of the quality of life for the affected residents (and again, I stress that this started at least one year before covid). I really wonder if any local authority is even aware that this is actually a problem at all.   Many of those flights are routinely crossing right above the rather ultra-rich parts of Mauerkircherstraße and surrounding streets, with the kind of "villas" inhabited by (what I would assume) the kind of owners that would already be in the courts litigating. Who knows though, maybe they've already been there and failed.
  6. Today's addition (just now): Klinikum Freising to Muenchen Klinik Bogenhausen:
  7.   Right! Bushfires were the only rare and odd occassions in the past where I had even come close to noticing helicopters flying above a city (not in Germany though).   But to have this as routine rather than the exception across such a densely populated area... Especially since this apparently keeps only getting worse (more frequent) during the last few years - enough to be noticeable to the point of being in constant agitation whenever we hear any sort of engine at this point. It is nerve-wracking. When they are crossing above us, it sounds like we're about to be bombarded.   I've also read that the average altitude for helicopters is 10,000 ft, and that indeed the higher altitude puts more pressure on the helicopter. Still, between 10,000 and 2,000 one would think there's enough flexibility to avoid disturbing the residents on a constant basis. I've noticed that flights above 3200 ft or so are almost unnoticeable.
  8. So here's one by ADAC which flew over us some 15 minutes ago (photo attached, more details can be found at the link).   It's flying out of Landshut and landing at the Harlaching Klinik.   Seems to be going "out of their way" to fly close and above the Isar and closer to the more populated neighborhoods, even ending up making a small circle above Perlacher Forst to land to the destination.   I don't get why, but then again what do I know about flying.
  9. @HEM thanks, that's all very, very interesting info (makes one want to learn much more about flying!).   It still doesn't quite answer the main pain-point here: so could you actually fly your sailplane, let's say at 2000 ft within a densely populated area (such as the center of Munich)? Not just theoretically but rather if this would be allowed (given the noise and related hazards for the citizens).   It seems from the descriptions that some of the airspace classes are defined in relation to proximity to airports etc. It is not clear to me what applies to dense, populated urban areas.  
  10.   I suppose this sounds right in the practical sense (e.g. anyone can play around with a drone or flying toy at low altitudes, without having to coordinate).   But it doesn't make sense to me that anyone can fly an actual helicopter around the city at this range while no authority is responsible for it whatsoever (not requiring communication and coordination doesn't obviate the need for having some authority that is responsible for those altitudes or citizen issues that may arising from flights in those ranges). Some sort of authority must be able to respond to what is going on above our heads on a daily basis - whether this should be the DFS or Stadt Muenchen or whoever is irrelevant.   What does that mean that "noone" oversees airspace up to 14,500 ft MSL? Can anyone then just fly some jet or chopper non-stop over the city every day at such low altitudes tyrannizing the residents with no consequences whatsoever?    
  11. @kaju many thanks for the detailed info and resources! I think you're spot-on even without being present in Munich :-) In particular, it seems like an "unfortunate" combination of all of what you've mentioned. It just seemed relatively sudden change and not gradual - I think we first observed it during summer 2018 or 2019. I had even contacted DFS which is supposed to be overseeing all airspace traffic, and they had no explanation for it. Anyway.   In particular, I've definitely observed much more private flights of the kind that fly out of Schleißheim (at least I see the same kind of aircrafts that I see in the photos, which I mentioned as "amateur"). Those are a bit less audible because the fly at higher altitudes (3500ft seems right), but still.   DRF and ADAC helicopters seem to be the culprit here, especially since they are seen at very low altitudes (as mentioned 550-600m so we're talking less than 2000ft). Surely they must have a good reason for flying so extremely low across such a densely populated area, but it still seems rather odd that this has become a routine rather than an exception. Maybe indeed those are rescue missions related to Großhadern clinics and the proximity to Oberpfaffenhn.  
  12.   Thanks for the info. Yes indeed the majority seem to be ADAC rescue units, but it wasn't obvious what their destination was.   May I ask how you found out such specific information (e.g. Interior Ministry rescue helicopter?)   Also, I don't get what changed through the last few years. Did they change routes? Is there a new closeby destination? To which major hospitals are those ADAC units actually headed so that they have to cross above Mauerkicherstrasse and at such low altitudes?
  13.   I suppose it depends on your proximity to the regular routes. I meant mostly Schwabing-West and parts of Schwabing-Freimann that are the closest to the Gardens (not sure if there's a more specific name or that region).   I'm living on the other side of the Gardens, and just yesterday and today there have been constantly flying across, visible and audible within and across the Gardens. If they were occassional then one would not even observe it. But when it becomes 15-20 flights within the same day.. it becomes disturbing.   At least the noisiest ones impacting us here seem to be flying on a straight line across above Mauerkicherstrasse all the way to the south (at least until Ismaninger Str).
  14. I doubt this has anything to do with VIPs, since the flight routes appear circular and repetitive, but who knows.   I have seen before in the news complains about police helicopters during night hours around Schwabing area, which apparently was indeed due to some incidents there around the clinic (I think). But those are rare occassions and justified rather than frequent and daily routines.   I'd also not like living near anything that has a landing pad.. which is why I have been living peacefully for many years in those Munich neighbourhoods, before the flights started going really frequent during the last few years. Now it looks like the whole "heart" of Munich is plagued with those flights, yet no mention of it anywhere (even pre-covid...)   Most of those flights can be tracked and identified (with sufficient patience...) through although there is still really no explanation for it.
  15. Hi,   Just curious since I was not able to find any information online either in forums or German news.   For the last two-three years or so, there has been a very large amount of flight traffic over central Munich (e.g. clearly very audible and observable across at least Schwabing and Unterföhring areas, since they fly across the English gardens from north towards south).   The flights are non-commercial and with very low altitudes (aroun 500-600 meters), and they appear to be mostly rescue helicopters as well as some other "amateur-like" small planes. The helicopters are especially noisy (exactly because of the very low altitudes..), and they don't seem to be associated with any specific events (they seem to be making rounds around Munich and Oberpfaffenhn airport.. so it looks like some kind of "routine"). So this has absolutely nothing to do with the Munich international airport.   Especially on days with good weather (and obviously around summer months), we are having around 15-25 flights over our heads on an almost daily basis, and the associated noise that goes with it.   It seems rather strange that there is no mention of this anywhere, especially since it clearly impacts very expensive (and otherwise extremely quiet!) Munich neighbourhoods. Quite honestly having 15 flights over our heads even once would be alarming (I'd think there's a forrest burning somewhere..) let alone this happening on a routine basis and noone even blinking an eye about it. It feels like we're living inside an airport runway.   Anyone knows anything about it, or any ideas how to find more information on why this has been happening?