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  1. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

    When we moved from Germany to Spain one of the things we really loved about our new city (Algeciras) was the market - El Mercado de Abastos. The first time we went there we thought it was a weekly market - but no, it's there every day except Sunday with a huge selection of fruits, vegetables, olives, meats, and most glorious of all - fresh fish and seafood.  Not only is the stuff fresher than the supermarket, it's cheaper and it's fun to wander around. Once a week they ALSO have a weekly market that is mostly clothing, bedding, gadgets, etc. although there are also some food items - that's held at the bull ring. I can see why you miss this.
  2. That would make sense and explain why all those potential apartments and offices are sitting empty.
  3. I'm glad to hear they're putting some of the ex US army buildings to use in some places. We used to drive past a huge complex between Babenhausen and Aschaffenburg that was abandoned and obviously falling into disrepair. I never figured out why they were not turned into apartments, offices, etc. I think at one time a small part may have been used to house refugees, but they're gone now too. I would imagine by this time there would be a good deal of deterioration - it's a shame considering how much demand there is in that area for affordable housing.  
  4. We are moving to Spain in November. We checked with the Spanish equivalent of the Auslanderbehörde and they specifically said we need an S1 form from Germany. (We are both retired, and I'm insured with my husband by TK). We went to our local TK office last week to request the S1 form. The representative we spoke to had never heard of it, but he called his colleague and let us speak to him over the phone. We explained the situation and were told that what we actually needed was the E 121, which had replaced the S1. We received the E 121 form today, but when I did some checking it seems that it is really the other way around - the S1 replaced the E 121 several years ago. I find it strange that TK is still using the E 121 it if it has been superseded. Did we just happen to get an incompetent TK employee, or are German Krankenkassen still using the E 121?