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  1. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

    I resigned on paper, and the CEO today told me I no longer need to come in and I have been freigestellt. But they gave me no written document saying so. Are they obligated to give me one?
  2. Where to get your logo/website done?

    On a slightly related note, does anyone know the procedure for registering a logo in Germany, so no one can later claim copyright violations?
  3. I resigned with email last month and now the company wants me to sign an Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) which I find very strange. When I have already resigned why would I need to sign an Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract)?  They did not specifically reply to my resignation email, but in a later email and in the termination contract itself they are referring to the resignation email. Does the count as confirmation of receipt and the termination contract holds no value?   Can anyone recommend an employment lawyer in Munich who can help with the issue ASAP?