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  1. Young Man Loss of Health Insurance / Job

    Do you want him to go and live with your parents or with his mothers parents?.   Looks like he is undergoing a mild form of depression, don't be too hard on him. He is still young. He will put his life and shit together when he matures in three or four years. Many young adults do worse things than what your son is doing.     
  2. Being fired whilst sick and out of the country

    You seem to be really stressed. That job is not good for your health. Nothing is more important than your health.    Finish the sick leave of three weeks then go back to work and hand in a notice. Hopefully within the notice period you may find another job. It all goes south from here. If you don't resign yourself, they may fire you.    
  3. No doubt the prospects are quite many in Engineering and Compsci and the German language level required is low or even zero.   However, the low wage issue exists even for Engineering and Compsci graduates apart from a few lucky ones.