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  1. Riots in Stuttgart

      The discussions on the thread started off fairly well then they veered off for the worse.   Fact: There was a large proportion of ethnic Germans arrested. This thread: "Somehow only the foreigners are responsible for the riots or that many of the ethnic German perpetrators are not real Germans."   This thread: "Merkel policy of 2015 is the cause of this mess." Fact: No one can prove for a fact the number of the Stuttgart riot perpetrators who came to the country in the wave of 2015, if any.   Maybe we should desist from political discussions on Toytown. Otherwise its getting closer to Daily Mail each day.
  2. Riots in Stuttgart

    By the way regarding foreign qualifications,  STEM degrees are recognized 1 to 1 in Germany. Regardless of where you did it it from. If you pursued the degree in a major language like English (as it happens in almost all ex English colonies), you don't even need to translate the degree to German or do the annerkenung. I believe this relaxation of rules has alot to do with keeping  STEM salaries low and reasonable, as by now Germans  would have been asking for 100k salaries, if foreign STEM degrees were not accepted.   I saw somewhere in this thread that Syrian degrees are garbage. Whoever wrote that never studied with a Syrian. My Masters Engineering studies in a top 10 German  University had a couple of Syrians. They had Bachelors degrees from Syria. They aced their studies easy with mainly 1.0s or 1.3s . Matter of fact, most foreigners even from third world education systems found the studies relatively easy here. And I reiterate, this is a top Uni.
  3. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      I read somewhere that on average immigrants tend to hate other immigrants, most times even more than the natives.
  4. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    I want you guys to watch the new hit HBO short series "The Plot against America".   its an alternative history series directed by the genius TV show maker, David Simon, the guy who created the wire.   Its about what would have happened if a Nazi called Charles LIndbergh,  a real historical figure,  had won the election against Roosevelt, thereby not involving America in the second world war, and then turning USA into a Nazi state.   The series will drive a chill in your bones. its definitely written with the current American and Europe's political climate in mind. It reminds the viewers of the dangers of fascism and right wing mentality, as it seems that most people seem to be forgetting, or even now  celebrating right wing actions.  
  5. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    You cannot be Black and be a Trump supporter.   If you are then you are completely deluded. Fit to be in a mental home forever. With no hope that you will ever recover.   Its like a Jew being a Nazi supporter.   Somethings are mutually exclusive.