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  1. A1 certificate

    I needed both A1 and Leben in Deutschland certificates after having Blue Card for 33 months. (I haven't studied in Germany, and moved to Germany directly for work) I took the A1 Certificate exam from Goethe and Leben in Deutschland from vhs. The exams are quite easy but it took forever to get the results from BAMF due to pandemic so it is important to apply as soon as possible. Everybody might have specific cases and I heard that some people were not even asked these documents but since it is up to the person handling your case the best is to talk to them directly. However the form I had to fill out specifically was asking these two documents so I think they are more strict now.
  2. Leben in Deutschland Test Results

    It is more than 8 weeks now so I called them and they told me it is possible that it could take up to 10 weeks due to the current situation. They also asked me to write a letter since they don't answer questions on the phone or email without any ID confirmation. How long would it take for them to answer letters? Should I just wait and hope that it arrives? I was hoping this would be a faster process since I also have a deadline and didn't expect to wait for the results for that long.
  3. Thanks, according to vhs it takes 6-8 weeks and I called BAMF on Friday. They told me due to pandemic now it takes 8-10 weeks so I guess I just have to wait.  Maybe it is different for each state. 
  4. I have a blue card as well and I have been here more than 33 months. I also have been told that the rules have changed this year (as of 1st of March) and I have to get "Leben in Deutschland" certificate to be able to get the PR. I guess it depends on the person handling your case, and she told me I cannot get PR without this exam so I didn't have any other choice. The exam is easy itself but I guess due to the current situation getting the results take forever, it is more than 8 weeks for me and I still haven't received the certificate. 
  5. I live in BW and took the test on 16.09 but haven't received the results yet. I contacted the local vhs and they told me the results will be sent by BAMF via post so they cannot really help... Does anybody know if it is normal and I should wait a little bit longer, or should I contact BAMF directly? I couldn't really find a valid email address so I guess calling them is my best option?   Thanks a lot!