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  1.   DRV confirmed the following- A)  01.02.15 - 31.10.19: 57 months B)' 5 months [based on some points system] C) 3 months   I completed 60 months on May 31, 2019 and hence ineligible for a refund.   Regards, Su
  2.   Thank you very much for responding to my query!   A) That was my mistake. I started in February 2015. This would make it 57 months by end of October 2019. Do I have to add more months for the bonus money paid by my employer (example: amount of 622 Euros in December 2017)? 'B) For now I will assume these don't count. C) Ok, I will add these 3 months to (A). Assuming that the above inferences are correct, I am considering resigning by end of September 2019 to keep my total to 59 months.   As per your recommendation I have made an appointment with the DRV for Kontoklärung in mid-August to find out the facts.   Regards, Su
  3. Hello,   I am not sure whether I have already completed the five-year qualifying period for the Rentenversicherung.   My employment history in Germany is given below- (A) January 2015 - October 2019: Full-time employment, 58 months total (B) November 2012 - August 2014: 400 Euro per month minijob, 22 months total, 64 hours per month (C) November 2013 - January 2014: HiWi at university, 3 months total, 20 hours per month   The Dropbox link to my Rentenversicherungsverlauf is given below-   Sorry couldn't attach the file in the forum because I didn't know how to reduce the image size to 0.24 MB from 1.55 MB.   Could you please let me know if (B) and (C) will be added to (A)? I need this information in order to know if I will be eligible for a refund of my contribution to RV two years from October 2019.   Regards, Su