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  1. Hi, Please see the following link.   I have registered for this service with AOK and get around 500 Euro from them every year. Do I have to declare this amount in my tax statement?   Best regards, Su
  2. Hello,   I am setting up a new account on the ELSTER online platform. I came across a request for giving consent to the "Vorausfüllen der Einkommensteuererklärung". I am ok with giving my consent but will I be able to make any changes to the prefilled data in my form (in case there is a mistake) before final submission?   Regards, Su
  3. Hello,   I have made more than 60 monthly pension contributions and hence not eligible for a refund. I will be relocating to India in a couple of months. Germany and India have a social security agreement but I have no idea about the provisions of this agreement. Does anyone have this information? Can DRV transfer my contributions to Government of India's Employees Provident Fund Organisation?   Regards, Su
  4. It works fine when I access the above link on my phone through AusweisApp2.
  5. Hello,   I want to sell my camping equipment, klettersteigset and klettersteiggurt. Does anyone know some website where I can put up these items for sale?   Regards, Su
  6. Hello,   I want to create an online account on DRV but get an an error when I click on "Erstmaliges Registrieren" on the following webpage.   Did anyone of you also had this problem and knows how to fix it?   Regards, Su
  7. Hello,   I am not sure whether I have already completed the five-year qualifying period for the Rentenversicherung.   My employment history in Germany is given below- (A) January 2015 - October 2019: Full-time employment, 58 months total (B) November 2012 - August 2014: 400 Euro per month minijob, 22 months total, 64 hours per month (C) November 2013 - January 2014: HiWi at university, 3 months total, 20 hours per month   The Dropbox link to my Rentenversicherungsverlauf is given below-   Sorry couldn't attach the file in the forum because I didn't know how to reduce the image size to 0.24 MB from 1.55 MB.   Could you please let me know if (B) and (C) will be added to (A)? I need this information in order to know if I will be eligible for a refund of my contribution to RV two years from October 2019.   Regards, Su